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May 2023 Yespo Updates

May 2023 Yespo Updates

In May, Yespo technical specialists updated our system to make your work even more convenient. In this article, we have collected the most important updates. Most of them are related to widgets, segmentation, and workflows.

You can also follow this link to discover the updates made in April >>>


Error statuses

In workflow launch history, we have added a description of errors that may occur before launch or during the submission process. Now, if the message in the workflow is not sent due to lack of funds, because of blacklisted contact or the contact’s lack of a media type, etc., a corresponding error will be displayed in the block parameters.

Error status display

Syntax validation

We have also added syntax validation in workflow blocks for fields with variables. This will help avoid mechanical errors when entering variables manually.

Syntax validation

Highlighting errors in the event history

If the event does not contain a required parameter or such fields are invalid, then an error will be displayed in the list of events.

Displaying errors in the event history

Workflow launch IDs

To export http webhook, RabbitMQ, BigQuery, and PostgreSQL data, a new workflowInstanceId parameter is supported - the identifier of a separate workflow run. It can be used to download and then group mailing lists within a single workflow.

More about workflows >>>


Response time

The display logic has been changed for the response time report for email and App inbox. Previously, the time of the device was used to plot the graph, now it is the time zone of the user.

Responce time

​​Period for growth dynamics

Also, we have added the ability to set periods for the "Contact Base Growth Dynamics" chart on the contact page. This will allow you to analyze the growth and outflow of the contact base more conveniently.

Contact growth base dynamics

Activity dynamics

In the "Activity dynamics" reports for triggered campaigns, the display of relative values was added. This information will make it easier to follow the dynamics of problems or, on the contrary, successful tests with emails.

Activity dynamics

Contact base structure by App inbox

In the section “Contacts” → “Analytics” → “Contact List Overview by Activity”, activity has been added to the App inbox channel.

Contact base structure by app inbox

SMS processing

Processing is an option for sending SMS messages through a service provider in our system. The following updates have been added.

Two new providers

  • Kyivstar. Connection requires SenderName, Client ID, and Client Secret.
  • Twilio. Connection requires SenderName, Account SID, and an authorization token.

New providers

Tags for Hyber

In a request to the Hyber provider, the transfer of message tags for SMS and Viber was added.

If there are several tags, they will be substituted with a comma: tag=tag1,tag2,tag3.

This allows you to analyze each sent message separately.

More about setting up SMS processing >>>


Prohibition of public domain email addresses

In the subscription forms, we added the ability to disable subscriptions with free emails. This is relevant for companies that collect user business addresses.

Prohibition of public domain adresses

Domain error display

The email field is configured to validate the input of public domains. If the domain is entered incorrectly, such as, a tooltip will be displayed.

If the option "Do not allow email addresses from public domains" is enabled, the tooltip is not displayed.

Domain error display

New rule for calling widgets

In the settings, we have added the condition “Stop showing after N seconds if there is no interaction with the widget”. Below are its peculiarities:

  • The option is available for Call Buttons, Floating Box, and Floating Bar.
  • The rule is disabled by default.
  • The time frame of 5 to 300 seconds can be set.
  • The widget disappears within the current conditions (if set to show once per session, the widget will be displayed during the next session).

Widget calling new rule

More about widgets >>>


Grouping a set of activity conditions

Now in the group card, you can:

  • group activity conditions
  • change the main condition while maintaining other conditions if it fits the new main condition.

Grouping a set of activity conditions

This feature works similarly to web tracking conditions, so all conditions are treated as “OR”.


In the contact card, we added the display of geo-tracking data, if it is connected. The following fields are displayed:

  • City
  • Region
  • Country
  • Updated date


More about geo-tracking >>>

“Between” operator

We've added an additional operator for activity by events → number of events.

Operator "between"

More about segmentation >>>

Other updates

App Inbox

  • Now, following the link from the message text is supported.

App inbox message

  • Also, new TTL values are added — 60 and 90 days.


Data sources

We've added the ability to manage the required parameters in recommender data sources.

Previously, when setting up a recommendation letter using velocity, it was not possible to set a parameter that would be responsible for what to do if there were no recommendations. By default, the email was not sent.

Now, in velocity, you can set a false value to send the email even if there are no recommendations.

  • Like all velocity code, this command can be written in a hidden part of the code. It will look like this: $!datasource('source_name').required('false').
  • The new command allows you to set options for individual data sources.

More about setting up recommendations in triggered campaigns >>>

Notification about the number of promo codes

Now you can set up a notification that the number of promotional codes of a certain type is less than the set limit.

Notification about the number of promo codes

These notifications work in the same way as the other two types of notifications (event and label control): once a day, the number of promotional codes is checked. If it is less than the limit, a message will be sent to you.

Only active promotional codes are taken into account, that is, not yet used.

More about setting up notifications for trigger control >>>


We have changed the validation rules for the eventKeyForNewContacts parameter in the public API methods:

The following rules have been added:

  • All characters are available except <; / | " ` ' ^ ? ! , >
  • Maximum length is 100 characters.

Email status

When sent to a contact that was both unconfirmed and blacklisted, the NOT_CONFIRMED status was previously displayed. The BLACKLISTED status will now be displayed initially.

Email status

Mobile SDK

For the "Mobile push" block and in events coming from the SDK, the appId parameter is supported. Its use is relevant if several applications are connected to the account and you need to determine which one to send to.

Appld parameter

Application setup

We have made the following changes to the application settings:

  • Improved device selection. Additional contact details are displayed in priority: full name, email, phone, and device ID.
  • Also, a contact view in the sidebar has been added.

Application setup

If you would like to know more about the system or its individual features, write to or sign up for a demo. If your account does not have any of the functionality described above, feel free to get in touch with our support team at

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