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April 2023 Yespo CDP Updates

April 2023 Yespo CDP Updates

In April, Yespo technical specialists updated our system to make your work even more convenient. In this article, we have collected the most important updates. Most of them are related to widgets, segmentation, and API. Also, get ready to meet a new feature release and some changes in the settings.

You can also follow this link to discover the updates made in March.

New Release of the Month – In-App Notifications Editor

In-Apps are the messages that the user receives when interacting with the mobile application. These messages are opened after tapping on the mobile push. For In-App messages, we implemented a dedicated editor which greatly simplifies the process of preparing newsletters.

With In-App functionality you can:

  • Deliver personalized content directly to the mobile app
  • Attract more attention to your offer using a combination of mobile pushes and In-App
  • Deliver a positive customer experience of interaction with the product.Personalized offer

Discover the detailed instruction


Recommendation filtering via JavaScript API

Filtering recommendations via the JS API eliminates the need to change the filtering rules in the data source in Yespo every time.

In this way, you can display products on the site, filtering the issuance of recommendations based on data from the feed or user contact data stored on your side. For example, you can filter recommendations by city of residence, clothing size, favorite brand, promotional offer, etc.

You can also find the description of the functionality and request examples in the instructions.


Country code priority and sequence for phone numbers

For the "Phone" field, you can now set the priority of displaying countries in the list and allow displaying only the codes of the selected countries.

After saving the changes in the editor, the settings will be saved at the organization level. When creating new widgets with a "Phone" field, the settings saved for this organization will be applied to them.

Widget creation

Floating widgets overlapping protection

From now on, you can add several floating widgets to the site. We embedded the following rules to prevent them from overlapping with each other:

  • the display of a floating widget is skipped if it overlaps another widget,

  • if the display conditions of several floating widgets match at the same time, then the widget with fulfilled conditions of the "On pages" group has a higher display priority,

  • if the display conditions of several floating widgets match at the same time and they have the same priority, then the widget to be displayed is chosen randomly.

Such widgets overlap prevention is automatic.

Other widgets updates

  • Limitation of animation repetitions

For launchers and buttons, we added a limit on the number of animation repetitions. By default, the specified number of repetitions is 3, and the maximum value is 5.

Setting up widget animation

  • Adding images via URL

The image saves an external URL, allowing you to keep links to sources such as promotions or products on the site up to date

Adding images via URL

  • A new template type

When creating a new widget, in the Choose Appearance tab, inline widgets with container width have been added.

New template type

  • Hiding the sidebar

To simplify working with the widget, you can collapse/expand the left panel with components.

Hiding the sidebar

  • Different links for different language versions

For example, you can use it if you need to navigate to different pages of "Privacy Policy", "Terms of Promotion", etc.

Different links for different language versions

More about creating widgets


Updated validation rules

Validation rules for some parameters have been updated in the system. 


  • You can use all symbols except < ; ' \ / | " ` ' ^ ? ! , >

  • The maximum value length for this field is 100 characters.

These rules apply to eventTypeKey and keyValue parameters in resources:

The rules are also relevant for the formType parameter in the Subscribe contact method and when creating an event type in the personal account.

Creating a new event type

Resource Delete contact by externalCustomerId

This is a new public API resource for extracting a contact by externalCustomerId, which is passed through the query parameter in the URL.

Optional query parameter erase permanently removes all contact data. Its default value is false.

More about the resource


Segmentation by App Inbox

The App Inbox channel has been added to the conditions for segmentation by message events.

App inbox segmentation

New operator

We have added a new operator "between" for searching contacts by the number of events.

"Between" operator

More about segmentation

Other updates

Deleting the email sender in the settings

If you want to remove the sender used in the letters, the system will offer to replace it with another one. If there is only one sender in the organization, it cannot be deleted.

Deleting the email sender

More about senders

Choice of currency for newsletters income

We added the ability to choose a currency that is different from the currency of the organization when calculating income from newsletters. This can be done in the "Income currency" settings. Only orders in the selected currency are included in the income.

By default, income is calculated in the currency of the organization.

Choice of currency

Now, income from newsletters can be calculated for the App Inbox channel as well.

More on income visualization

Deleting images in App Inbox

In the editor, we have added the ability to select/delete previously uploaded images.

Deleting images in App InboxContact details in reports

You can now view a contact's activity in a report in the same way as in a contact card.

Contact activity

Cleaning old duplicates

We have added the ability to delete previously created contacts and keep fresh ones. Previously, it was possible to delete only new contacts.

Deleting duplicates

SMS processing

We added the possibility to configure Acemount Media SMS processing.

More in the instruction

If you would like to know more about the system or its individual features, write to or sign up for a demo. If your account does not have any of the functionality described above, feel free to get in touch with our support team at

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