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June 2023 Yespo CDP Updates

June 2023 Yespo CDP Updates

In June, Yespo technical specialists updated our system to make your work even more convenient. In this article, we have collected the most important updates. Most of them are related to widgets, scenarios, and reports.

You can also follow this link to discover the updates made in May >>>


Annoyance Safeguard

This feature allows for decreasing site visitors' annoyance level and setting silence intervals between displaying widgets. This is useful if two or more floating widgets are displayed simultaneously or alternately. The feature is relevant for:

  • Floating box
  • Floating bar
  • Popup

By default, this feature is enabled with a pause between widget displays of 3 minutes.

You can set the pause in seconds, minutes, and the number of viewed pages on the site.

Learn more about annoyance safeguard >>

Slider – Our New Component

A slider allows you to add multiple identical elements to show the user more offers. You can customize the forward\back buttons, the display, and the appearance of the entire component.

Settings on the General tab apply to the current slide.

Slides can be swapped, added, deleted, duplicated, and renamed.

New component - slider

Number of New Contacts

We have added information about the number of contacts created through subscription forms.

Contacts that were created through forms before this functionality was implemented are displayed under a question mark.

New contacts data

New Image Formats

Two new image formats are now supported: WebP and AVIF. They are designed to create smaller files while maintaining high image quality.

New images format

Showing Widgets to a Specific Segment

In the "Display conditions", we have added an opportunity to choose a segment of contacts, who will see the widget.

This feature works for identified contacts: subscribed to any widget or web push, subscribed, or clicked on a letter.

Showing widget to a segment


Launch History

Added waiting sign to a block

If sending during business hours is selected in the block parameters, then a corresponding mark will appear on the block icon.

Waiting sign

Workflow stop description

The workflow run history now shows the reason why the workflow stopped if it happened under a stop condition.

Workflow stop description

More about stop conditions >>

"Before the start" Events Checking

You can set the workflow to stop after checking for an event that occurred before the workflow started. By default, this period is not set, so the event is checked only from the moment the workflow starts.

The option is available for:

  • workflow start ("Start" block, "Timer")
  • block “Check event”

"Check event" block changes

Block "Sent?"

In the workflows, a new block was added – the condition "Sent?" to check whether a message has been sent.

New block - Sent

Discover more about a new block >>>

General Date Format

A new date format of the form YYYY-MM-DD and YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm is supported for events and scenarios. The changes are applicable for:

  • checks for "Date" and "Date/Time" variables when validating event parameters passed via contactJson,
  • transfer of additional fields to the block "Create contact", "Update contact", "Update contact fields".

The new date format was always supported for the "Start by time" and "Condition" blocks.

Public API

Update for Generate Event

In the Generate event, the required parameter keyValue is now optional.

If you don't pass this parameter, it will be automatically filled in based on one of the locators passed in params by the following priorities:

  • contactId;
  • externalCustomerId;
  • email;
  • telephone;
  • pushToken (web or mobile).

If none of the required locators is passed, error 400 and the text “Set keyValue or one of the contact identifiers like externalCustomerId, email, etc” will be displayed.

Two New API Resources

We have added two new resources for adding and removing contacts from the group:

You can transfer a list of contacts either by contactId or by externalCustomerId (only one parameter is possible in one request). The limit for resources is up to 500 contacts in one request.

Updated Limits

A limit of 10 requests per second has been added for the Get Contact’s message history resource.


Displaying Message ID in Reports

ID will appear in bulk and trigger reports for all media channels. This option will allow you to quickly copy and search exactly the sent message.

Message ID in reports

Unloading the Number of Purchases

On the general list of reports, you can click to view purchases and download the list to a group or file of purchases that were linked to a specific newsletter. Contacts with purchases can be exported to a group or a CSV file.

Unloading purchase data

Export from the Table of Clicks

We have added the ability to export contacts to a CSV file. The export is carried out by sending an email letter with a file of exported contacts.

The option is available for users with export rights.

Contacts export to CSV

Web Push

Displaying the Number of Web Push Tokens

In the "Settings" → Web Push section for configured projects, the number of contacts with collected push tokens is displayed.

Number of users with push tokens

Discover more about web push settings >>>

Sending Pushes to All Domains

If several domains are linked to the account, you can select all domains at once when planning push notifications delivery to all contacts.

Sending pushes to all domains

Other Updates

Secure Link

The new type of link can be activated with the "Secure link" checkbox. This will prevent automatic or bulk access to the link to protect against unwanted activity. For example, this is relevant in confirmation letters.

Secure link checkbox

Additional Fields for Recommendations

We have added the ability to use CATEGORY_PARENT and CATEGORY_GRANDPARENT in data source rules, which allows you to not change the feed and use the top levels of the category for display.

Additional fields for recommendations

More about data sources rules >>>

Warning About Unavailable Links

If there are broken links in the message, the editor validates them and displays them when editing or trying to send the message. The warning is supported for all message types that may contain links. It does not prohibit sending a message and is designed for your information.

Unavailable link warning

The Name of the Message in the Dynamic Content

You can now use the message name %MESSAGENAME% to personalize your message. It is supported for all types of media and mailings.

Dynamic content message name

If you would like to know more about the system or its individual features, write to or sign up for a demo. If your account does not have any of the functionality described above, feel free to get in touch with our support team at

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