Special Program to Support Projects Making the World a Better Place

About Our Support

We provide a full range of services so that you can quickly start and maintain constant communication with your subscribers:

  • Unlimited web push messages for your website
  • Unlimited emails for the entire contact base
  • Unlimited use of triggers, workflows, and analytics
  • Free help with setting up subscription forms for your website
  • Free help with setting up integrations with our system
  • Free help with designing a master template in your project brand style

What Projects Can Receive Support

The target projects are:
1. Educational and social projects in the IT field aimed at improving people's lives:

  • IT clusters, hubs, and communities.
  • Professional development companies: business schools and other educational projects.
  • Social (educational, scientific and technical, cultural) projects.

2. Volunteer organizations and foundations — Yespo supports organizations that help Ukrainians.

What Opportunities Will You Get From Participating in the Program

With our support, you will be able to develop your project at a completely new professional level using all the functionality of our service:

  • Grow your contact base and keep them engaged.
  • Combine your communication channels.
  • Automate communication by setting up different messaging campaigns for any event.
  • Create segments based on customer actions and preferences.
  • Easily analyze and monitor your contact base — rates and sources of growth. In our system, you will be able to track behavioral dynamics, segment the audience, and work with each group separately.

How to Participate in the Support Program

Your project should be compliant with the list of our target projects and should not conflict with our terms of use.

  1. Submit an application to info@yespo.io with your contact details, website address, and a brief project description.
  2. Take part in the interview and receive confirmation of participation in the program.
  3. Provide identification documents of the participant (if you applied as an individual, provide passport and personal identification number; if you applied on behalf of a legal entity, provide your company details).

The Conditions for Getting Support from Yespo

  1. Your website should have a double opt-in for collecting contact data.
  2. You have to place information about our partnership on your website (logo, active link to Yespo website, and a brief description of the service).
  3. You have to add a short explanatory block to your newsletters about the Yespo support program.
  4. You have to add a cooperation mark to the email footer (sent by the Yespo system).
  5. You have to periodically announce our partnership in your articles, social media, and newsletters, according to the agreed frequency (applies to companies whose activities are related to IT).
  6. All messages will be manually moderated.
  7. The duration of the program is not limited. If all conditions are met, the program is automatically extended.
  8. It is forbidden to abuse the provided resources: sending spam, sending content on inappropriate topics, sending advertisements of other projects that clearly do not correspond to the essence of the program, adding contacts not through the subscription form, using the purchased contact base, etc.
  9. The program will be terminated if any clause of these conditions is violated.