Special Program to Support Projects Making the World a Better Place

What We Offer

We provide a full range of tools to build and maintain a proper communication with your subscribers:

  1. Unlimited web-push notifications for the website.
  2. Unlimited emails for unlimited contacts.
  3. Unlimited triggers, autoresponders, workflows, and analytics.
  4. Free support for adding subscription forms to your site.
  5. Free support for integration with our system.
  6. Free support for designing a template based on your project style.

What Projects Can Participate

Any educational and social IT projects designed to improve people's lives are most welcome to apply:

  • IT clusters, hubs, coworking spaces.
  • Professional development projects: business schools, educational campaigns, etc.
  • Social projects (educational, scientific, and cultural) and non-profit platforms sharing our values.

Benefits of Our Program

Take your project to a whole new level using a full suit of our tools:

  • Build a subscriber base and increase subscriber engagement.
  • Combine different communication channels.
  • Automate communication by setting different workflows for any event.
  • Build dynamic segments based on the customers’ behavior and interests.
  • Analyze your subscriber base: its growth rates and sources, and the subscribers’ interests and activity.

How to Apply

Your project should match the above list of projects applicable for participation, and should not contradict our Terms and Conditions.

  1. Send an application to info@yespo.io, including your contact details, website and a short description of your activity.
  2. Schedule an interview and get your participation confirmed.
  3. Provide an ID (a passport for a physical person; company details for a legal entity).
  4. Sign the contract.

Informational Support Terms and Conditions

  1. Available Double Opt-In.
  2. Information on partnership published on your site (our logo and active website link).
  3. Information on partnership added to the email footer (sent by us).
  4. Manual moderation of all emails.
  5. Agreed regular references to the partnership in articles, posts, and email campaigns.
  6. Unlimited program duration: automatic renewal every month provided all the conditions are met.
  7. No abuse of the provided resources: spam, irrelevant campaigns, advertising campaigns of other projects that do not meet the program, adding contacts beyond the subscription from, use of the purchased base, etc.
  8. The program is terminated if any of the above conditions is violated.