Email Campaign Reports and Analysis

Convenient Reports and Maximum Detailing

Use delivery reports to make analysis, detect weaknesses and improve quality of your mailing. The detailed statistics are available in real time including number of opened emails and clicks-through, number of unsubscribes and more. Compare these data with approximate performance indicators provided by CDP. Export your reports for more convenient and detailed analysis anytime you need.

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RFM Analysis of the Contact List

Make your marketing offer truly unique! Segment your audience by its buying activity: how long (Recency), how often (Frequency) and how much (Monetary) did they spend. You can also segment your audience by its activity in the mailing — how long and how often different segments opened your mailings. Based on the data obtained, export contacts to segments and launch campaigns, taking into account the uniq characteristics of each segment.

Cohort analysis of subscriber's activity

Cohort Analysis of Subscriber's Activity

Analyze how long do subscribers gained via different channels stay interested in your emailings. For example, check the behavior of clients involved in the period of September sales after 2 months.

dynamics of contact list activity

Dynamics of Contact List Activity

Analyze your achievements not only within the same one mailing but also over a period of time: check the number of subscribers that received at least one email from you during the last month, and how many of them reacted in any way. Understanding the data on these two criteria you will be able to monitor the engagement of your clients in real-time mode. The platform features an option to monitor your strategic indicators in a convenient and easy way.

email map clicks

Visualization of Clicks to Website, or Clicks-Through Map

In our platform you have an option to receive a report on the number of clicks made through the links in your emailing messages, including a report on repeated clicks. A message model displays the location of links and indicates which of them are most effective. The activity map provides visual information and allows you to analyze which blocks and links of email work best and attract much client's attention.

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