"Communication Without Borders" program from Yespo omnichannel CDP for media and educational portals

What the program entails

Yespo Omnichannel CDP supports educational portals and media, offering a comprehensive range of services for free and with a 50% discount for quick launch and ongoing communication with the audience:

  • 50% discount on web push messages for the website.
  • 50% discount on email campaigns for the entire contact base.
  • 50% discount on widgets.
  • Unlimited use of triggers, workflows, and analytics.
  • Free support for multilingual campaigns.
  • Free integration of geo-data for segmentation.
  • Free assistance in setting up a subscription form for your website.
  • Free assistance in setting up integrations with our system.
  • Free assistance in designing a master template in the style of your project.
  • Free connection of subscription categories.
  • Free assistance in applying for AMP in emails and developing gamification.

Participants' opportunities in the program

Develop your project at an entirely new professional level using the full functionality of our service:

  • Increase the subscriber base and ensure their engagement.
  • Combine different communication channels to improve interaction with the audience.
  • Automate communication by setting up different message chains for any event.
  • Form segments based on customer actions and preferences.
  • Easily analyze and control the subscriber base: sources and growth rates, identify user groups: active; interested; less active; and those who need to be reactivated.

Which projects can join the program and how to participate

Target projects are educational portals and media publications that adhere to the terms of use of our customer data platform.

To participate in the program, fill out the form.

Go through an interview and get confirmation to participate in the program.

Terms of Program Offering

  • Double opt-in for contact collection.
  • Placement of partnership information on the website (logo and a link to the Yespo website).
  • Adding a note about cooperation in the email footer (sent by the Yespo system).
  • All mailings will undergo manual moderation.
  • Periodic reporting about the partnership in articles, social media posts, and newsletters with an agreed frequency.
  • The duration of the program is unlimited, i.e., subject to compliance with all conditions, the program is automatically extended monthly.
  • Misuse of provided resources is prohibited: sending spam / messages on topics unrelated to your project's theme / advertising other projects clearly not meeting the service usage terms; using a subscriber base purchased/collected by other companies, etc.
  • The program will be terminated if any condition is violated.

Parties can terminate cooperation within the program at any time.