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Survey forms for collecting customer data

Survey Forms : How to Learn More about Your Clients

You can learn more about your clients, their preferences and interests with the help of email survey. Since mail clients are still skeptic about forms added to the body of message, we need the following items to provide email marketing survey:

  • a message motivating to spend some time and answer the questionnaire;
  • email survey form

How to send a survey via email and make it effective 

Google Forms

Free creation of polls for Google accounts owners. Functionality is not very extensive yet, but there are ready-made templates and option to create own design themes.

I guess you will be interested with such a detail as fields autofill configuring in Google Forms. It means that, for example, when email is sent via our system - Name and email shall be inserted automatically if they are saved in system. You have to use "Get pre-filled link" option to configure settings.

Google Forms

A form appears where you have to insert data for the fields to be filled automatically when client opens his form. Fields you want to be empty do not need to be filled. Then, service will generate a special link of this type: 

You have to use this link in your email but parameters you inserted should be replaced by variables of our system. Variables are available by using buttons and Personalization dropdown list in message editor.

Personalisation in eSputnik

If you only need to substitute an email address, here is the way: change email address in link to variable %EMAIL% by editing HTML code 

If you need to substitute other fields, the code will be:|%&entry.1261441066=%EMAIL%")-->Fill the form


Advanced way to embed a survey in an email. You can perform A/B testing of questions and pictures, set different ways to collect answers, get the detailed responses analysis. For beginners, there are ready-made templates and advices helping to create forms.

Free accounts are limited by some features and number up to 10 questions. Having a premium account you can use extended options; for example, substitution of variables to email survey as it was previously described for Google Forms.

Survey Monkey

But how email survey answers will get into our CDP?  

There is no need to insert answers manually or even import as file, zapier will transfer all the responses to our platform automatically.


Follow the simple registration process and log in all accounts you need, such as Google Account or our platform. 

Creating a new Zap

Then, you need to choose the form to transfer data from it and set the fields relevance for our system. Each new response will be registered in map and transferred to our system immediately. You don’t need to control this process manually or mess with files upload/download. Obviously, such a luxury comes not for free, so free users have up to 100 tasks limit. It means that one email survey filled by one person is considered as one task completed. For premium users number of requests is unlimited, and data is transferred from the file not once every 15 minutes but just as you configured.  

Here is your special zapier invite to be introduced:

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Natalie Ustymenko

Head of Direct Marketing

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