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Cyber Monday Email Newsletter – Tips and Examples

Cyber Monday Email Newsletter – Tips and Examples

Cyber Monday is a shopping holiday invented by American marketers, derived from Black Friday. Traditionally, Black Friday is associated with crowds of people rushing around shopping centers in pursuit of discounted goods. Cyber Monday moved the grand sale event online – on this day, discounts apply only to the online stores range. In most cases, the price is cut by 50-80%.

Cyber Monday Sale

The date of this promotion is flexible and follows Black Friday. For example, Cyber Monday 2023 will take place on November 27th.

The high sales season starts with Black Friday and Cyber Monday. During this period, customers will receive a lot of different promotional letters, and therefore it will be very difficult to attract their attention. Let's look at what can make your Cyber Monday newsletter interesting and attractive to subscribers.

Personalized Recommendations

You can grab a person’s attention and encourage purchases if you offer something that is actually relevant to them. Personalizing your emails will help with this. To make this approach work, you need to not just address the subscriber by name, but recommend products that are interesting for them. They can be selected based on customer behavior analysis on the website/app and in mailings. When suggesting personalized product recommendations, take into account the following factors:

  • transitions to categories and individual products pages;
  • abandoned views and carts;
  • search queries on the site;
  • adding a product to favorites and comparison lists;
  • purchases: order contents, cost, etc.

You can create recommendation blocks by suggesting the products popular among buyers with similar tastes or add bestsellers if there is not enough information for a personalized selection. The product recommendation algorithms implemented in the Yespo system also have flexible rules to manage the composition of the recommendation: you can prioritize or exclude products and brands in accordance with current business goals. Find out more about setting up in our instruction.

You can add individual offers to your Cyber Monday email or recommend entire sections of your online store. Place high-quality photos of key products in each category and indicate the highest level of discounts.

One of the most effective strategies to increase the conversion of recommended blocks is the use of the same algorithms on the website and in newsletters.

Gift Selections

Often during this sales period, people look for gifts for New Year and Christmas in advance. A gift guide can be an interesting and converting idea for your newsletter. In this case, personalization also makes sense. For example, these could be gifts for:

  • men/women;
  • boys/girls;
  • housewives;
  • fans of a specific brand (for example, Apple);
  • people with some hobbies (fishing, mobile photography, handicrafts, etc.).

Therefore, segment your subscriber base and send the relevant selections to specific segments based on their data. For example, you can send a letter to married women recommending gifts for men and children. Alternatively, you can send an email with links to several selections of gifts so that the reader can determine what they are interested in.

Email with gift selection

In addition, make a selection of products that do not cost more than a certain amount. It will be useful to clients who understand how much they are willing to spend on a purchase but have not decided on a gift.

Email with gift selection by price

Such tips and selections will be useful and interesting to your subscribers and will help highlight the products you are betting on.

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Launch Email Series

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are busy times, but warming up your customers in advance still makes sense. So, develop an email series to gradually lead your subscribers to purchase. For example, create a sequence of several emails that will build excitement before the final sale step-by-step. An approximate mailing plan could look like this:

  1. The first message announces that the Cyber Monday promotion will start soon. Send it the day after Black Friday. Inform the date and timing of the sale. Send this email to all subscriber segments.

Cyber Monday pre-sale email

You can also encourage active buyers by sending them an email with an exclusive offer – early access to the sale. Do it a few hours before the official start of the promotion.

Early sale acess email

2. Send your next message on Cyber Monday. This email may contain the most attractive offers. This letter is aimed at a core segment of the customer base.

Cyber Monday sale email

3. In the final email, remind that there is very little time left until the end of the promotion and it’s better to hurry up with the choice.

Discount expiration reminder email

Drive Sales with Bonuses

During the high sale season, many customers plan to buy several items at an attractive price. You can encourage them to buy even more by offering additional benefits. Interest your subscribers with “1+1=3” promotions, a promotional code for a discount on their next purchase, a gift when purchasing an item (for example, a memory card for a smartphone), or an additional discount when purchasing goods for a certain amount.

Cyber Monday deals are a big draw on their own but don't underestimate the bonus of free shipping. You can offer it not to all users but, for example, to those who purchase goods for a certain amount. When purchasing several items, a person will be glad to save at least on shipping. Often this tactic helps increase the average order value significantly.

Cyber Monday email with free shipping offer

Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) and Urgency

Write the email text in such a way as to trigger the reader's FOMO syndrome. Highlight the benefits they can receive, emphasizing that time is running out and they will have to wait a year for the next big sale.

Creating urgency in an email

Creating FOMO in an email

Simply put, create the illusion of urgency. Research has shown that the emphasis on a limited-time sale forced 48% of respondents to make a purchase earlier. For greater clarity, you can add a countdown to the message.

Countdown timer email

Crafting CyberMonday Email

Subject Line

Cyber Monday, Black Friday, and other holiday sales are times when shoppers' inboxes are flooded with promotional emails. A person will not open and read every letter, so it is very important to come up with a concise and captivating subject line.

According to research, 47% of people decide to open an email after reading its subject line. It must be:

  • clear;
  • understandable;
  • attention-grabbing.

Try not to overuse exclamation marks and do not write all text in capital letters. Make your subject line visually appealing with emojis but choose such emoticons that have not yet become too hackneyed.

Also, use any incentives that can attract the client's attention:

  • the highest level of discounts;
  • cashback to their bonus account;
  • free shipping.

As an option, you can intrigue the reader with the amount of the discount they will receive so that they want to open the message. For example, you could write: “The biggest sale of the year has started! Guess how much you'll save?" By opening the email, a person will find out the answer.

Creating intriguing email content

If you are making a final mailing a couple of hours before the end of the sale, then indicate in the subject line that Cyber Monday is expiring.

Email Design

Cyber Monday email design should be memorable. Consider using visual elements designed in a technical style but still, there are no strict requirements. The design of your Cyber Monday email depends on your brand style, imagination, and creative skills.


Don't limit yourself to just using a pretty picture, but add useful GIFs. For example, you can add a GIF with a changing product range (a bag or shoes changing colors or changing sets of cosmetics).

Cyber Monday animated email

Call to Action

The most beautiful email designs still require a call to action in order to not only be beautiful but also convert. Therefore, do not forget to highlight the CTA button. It should encourage the reader to go to the site and make a purchase.

In the Yespo editor, you can create beautiful emails quickly by building them brick-by-brick using drag and drop interface. There are also more than three hundred ready-made letter templates that can easily be adjusted according to your goal and brand style.

Omnichannel Marketing and Automation

During the high sales season, it is especially important to communicate with customers through all channels that are convenient for them. With Yespo, you can communicate with them via email, SMS, Viber, web and mobile push, App Inbox, and widgets.

Set up omnichannel communication workflows today!

Our system allows you to easily and quickly create automatic marketing communication workflows in different channels. For example, you can automate the sending of “Abandoned View” and “Abandoned Cart” emails. During sales, the client's attention is dispersed significantly since many companies offer favorable conditions at once. An abandoned cart notification will help you get the customers back to your online store. Also, don’t forget to add personalized recommendation blocks to your letter, offering relevant products.

Personalized product recommendations in email

A customized omnichannel workflow gives you more chances of reaching out to your target audience. For example, if a customer has added an item to the cart and didn't complete the order in 4 hours, the following workflow will run:

1. Sending an abandoned cart reminder.

2. Depending on whether a person followed a link in an email, they will receive one of two letters. The logic behind sending messages is similar, but their content is different.

3. For those who switched from the first email to the site, it is checked whether the order was placed. If yes, the workflow ends, if not, a web push is sent with a reminder about the abandoned cart.

→ If the web push is read, the workflow ends. If the subscriber didn’t do this, a final SMS with a time-limited promotional code is sent.

4. For those who did not go to the site in the first email, a mobile push with an abandoned cart reminder is sent after 3 hours.

→ If the message is read, finish the workflow, if not, wait 1 day and send a final Viber message with a discount on the abandoned product.

Omnichannel workflow example

A well-built omnichannel workflow will help catch the client’s attention, without annoying them with the same notifications in all channels. After the customer opens the message, the workflow stops automatically. This will also save money: if a person has already opened, for example, SMS, then there is no need to send a Viber message.


To prepare great emails for Cyber Monday, you need to start preparing a few weeks before the event. Come up with letter ideas, sketch out email content, and decide how to segment your audience in the best way. Yespo Omnichannel CDP will help you with all these tasks at once, ensuring that your marketing communication is concise and engaging across holiday promotions and day-after-day campaigns!

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