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What You Need to Know About Spam [Infographics]

All email marketers know how crucial deliverability is to the success of your marketing campaigns. This indicator is determined by numerous parameters, and a spam complaint rate is one of the most important. The lower it is, the better your sender reputation is in front of email clients and their spam filters.

And since information on spam is rather voluminous, we’ve prepared an infographic sheet, covering the key details: what is spam email, how emails go to spam, what are spam filters, most common spam words, spam report reasons and how avoid being blocked, email spam checker tools to validate your contact list. You’ll also learn the differences between spam and email marketing and why these are totally different practices.


Understanding what spam is and how to avoid being blocked as a spammer gives your emails a better chance when landing to the Inbox. Moreover, now you know what to pay attention to when choosing an ESP (email service provider), as its deliverability is what helps your emails get past spam filters.

By the way, our platform not only ensures high deliverability, but also provides full reports on how many contacts are blacklisted, unavailable, or inactive. This is as important to access the result of the campaign and see when your contact base needs validation.

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Iuliia Nesterenko

Technical Writer

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