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Content Ideas to Fill Your November Email Marketing Calendar

140+ Creative Content Ideas to Fill Your November Email Marketing Calendar

We are fast approaching the intense fall and winter holiday season, which is the peak time for ecommerce. Each year, people start preparing earlier and earlier. In 2023, for example, 42% of U.S. consumers started their holiday shopping in late September. However, the majority of shoppers, 81%, plan their biggest purchases for the key ecommerce events in November — Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

During these events, consumers' inboxes are flooded with dozens of promotional messages across multiple channels. So it's better to make sure your marketing messages won't go unnoticed by potential shoppers. Use your November newsletters to wish your subscribers happy holidays and to show them products they might want to add to their wish lists to buy during the biggest sale of the year.

If you're looking for interesting newsworthy occasions for your campaigns, here's a selection of international and national holidays.

November Campaign Ideas to Get in Touch with Customers

November marketing strategy rests on three big whales. Black Friday is probably the main craze almost all over the world. First celebrated in the US only, it soon conquered Europe, Canada, Australia, Mexico, and keeps on taking over many other communities.

Though Thanksgiving is believed to be a typically American holiday, many other nations also celebrate it, and some of them do it in November as well. For example, the Japanese celebrate Kinrō Kansha no Hi, the so-called Labor Thanksgiving Day, on November 23. The Netherlands, Liberia, and Brazil tell their thanks on the same day the Americans do, so don’t miss a chance to engage with your customers who reside there.

There is also Small Business Saturday and Giving Tuesday, which aren't that massive events yet but still deserve your attention. European companies may focus on Guy Fawkes Night or Bonfire Night — a popular British festival held on November 5. Though many traditions have changed with time, people still like to grill sausages over the fire and roast potatoes on the coals.

Guy Fawkes Night promotional email

What’s more, November is also the World Vegan Month. With healthy eating issues on the rise, any producers of eco-friendly, gluten-free, plant-based, whole grain-supported, animal-loving and environment-protecting products have the upper hand this month.

During November, the United States celebrates NoSHAVEmber, a month when men and women do not shave or cut their hair at all. This is aimed at charity. People donate the money they save on visits to barbers and hairdressers to foundations that research various types of cancer. This occasion can be used to promote products that will help a person keep up with their hygiene and take care of their hair without going to the beauty salon, etc. A very similar event is Movember, which is held in many countries. During November, men grow mustaches and raise funds to increase awareness of men's health issues.

Turkeys and fireworks aren’t the only bread and butter that can feed your business in November. We’ve put together a list of holidays for each and every of 30 days of November. Hopefully, some of them will spark a creativity uptick and help come up with the right November marketing idea.

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Day Holidays to Look for in November 2023

Nov 1

  • All Saints Day (International);
  • World Vegan Day;
  • International Pet Groomer Appreciation Day;
  • National Calzone Day (US);
  • Cinnamon Day (US);
  • Scented Candle Day (International);
  • Author's Day (US);
  • Social Worker's Day (UK);
  • National Vinegar Day (US);
  • National Brush Day (US).

Nov 2

  • International Stout Day (the first Thursday in November);
  • Cash Back Day (US) (the first Thursday in November);
  • Thanksgiving (Liberia);
  • London Poppy Day (UK);
  • World Ballet Day;
  • El Dia de los Muertos (Mexico).

El Dia de los Muertos

Nov 3

  • Culture Day (Japan);
  • Housewife Day (US);
  • Fountain Pen Day (International; the first Friday in November);
  • Accessory Day (US);
  • Smart Home Day (International);
  • Sandwich Day (US).

Nov 4

  • National Candy Day (US);
  • Roast Dinner Day (UK);
  • Common Sense Day (US);
  • World Numbat Day (International; the first Saturday of November).

Nov 5

  • Guy Fawkes Night;
  • American Football Day;
  • National Chinese Take-Out Day (US);
  • Zero Tasking Day (US).

Nov 6

  • All Saints Day (Colombia);
  • National Nachos Day (US);
  • Job Action Day (US);
  • Recreation Day (Australia; the first Monday in November);
  • Play Basketball Day (US);
  • Saxophone Day (US).

Nov 7

  • National Day of the Kladdkaka Cake (Sweden);
  • National Bittersweet Chocolate with Almonds Day (US);
  • International Merlot Day.

Happy Merlot Day

Nov 8

  • World Urbanism Day;
  • World Day without Wi-Fi;
  • World Pianist Day;
  • ​National Cappuccino Day (US).

Nov 9

  • World Freedom Day (US);
  • Tempranillo Day (Spain; the second Thursday in November);
  • British Pudding Day (UK);
  • World Quality Day (the second Thursday in November);
  • Go to an Art Museum Day (US);
  • Global Leasing Day;
  • World Usability Day (the second Thursday in November).

Nov 10

  • International Accounting Day;
  • Forget Me Not Day (US);
  • World Science Day;
  • Marine Corps Birthday (US);
  • Vanilla Cupcake Day (US).

Nov 11

  • Origami Day (International);
  • World Shopping Day;
  • Veterans Day (US);
  • National Education Day (India);
  • Remembrance Day (Canada, UK);
  • Pocky Day (Japan);
  • Single's Day (China).

Single's Day campaign

Nov 12

  • Diwali (India);
  • Chicken Soup for the Soul Day (US);
  • Constitution Day of Azerbaijan;
  • Father's Day (Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden);
  • National Happy Hour Day (US).

Nov 13

  • World Kindness Day;
  • Sadie Hawkins Day (US);
  • Symphonic Metal Day (International).

Nov 14

  • World Diabetes Day;
  • Pickle Day (US);
  • Loosen Up Lighten Up (LULU) Day (US);
  • Children's Day (India).

Nov 15

  • America Recycles Day (US);
  • Republic Day (Brazil);
  • National Spicy Hermit Cookie Day (US);
  • Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day (US).

Nov 16

  • International Day for Tolerance;
  • Beaujolais Nouveau Day (France);
  • Use Less Stuff Day (US);
  • Fast Food Day (US).

Email with the Fast Food Day offers

Nov 17

  • International Students' Day;
  • Canterbury Anniversary Day (New Zealand);
  • Baklava Day (US);
  • Guinness World Records Day (International);
  • Take A Hike Day (US);
  • Homemade Bread Day (US);
  • Zinfandel Day (UK).

Nov 18

  • Mickey Mouse’s Birthday;
  • Apple Cider Day (US);
  • Family and Community Day (Australia);
  • Married to a Scorpio Support Day (International);
  • Latvia Independence Day;
  • National Princess Day (US).
Last post

Nov 19

  • International Men's Day;
  • Women's Entrepreneurship Day;
  • World Philosophy Day;
  • Soup Day (Germany);
  • Play Monopoly Day (US);
  • National Camp Day (US).

Nov 20

  • International Hug A Runner Day;
  • Name Your PC Day (International);
  • Peanut Butter Fudge Day (US);
  • Odd Socks Day (International; the first day of the third week in November);
  • Revolution Day (Mexico);
  • Universal Children’s Day.

Gift ideas for Universal Children's Day

Nov 21

  • World Television Day;
  • World Hello Day;
  • Gingerbread Cookie Day (US);
  • World Fisheries Day;
  • Red Mitten Day (Canada);
  • No Music Day;
  • Social Worker's Day (Poland).

Nov 22

  • DrinksGiving (US; the day before Thanksgiving);
  • Go For a Ride Day (US);
  • Love Your Freckles Day (International);
  • Humane Society Anniversary Day (US);
  • International Kimchi Day.

Nov 23

  • Labor Thanksgiving Day (Japan);
  • National Cashew Day (US);
  • World Watercolor Day;
  • Wolfenoot (New Zeland);
  • Thanksgiving (US).

Happy Thanksgiving!

Nov 24

  • World Information Day;
  • Celebrate Your Unique Talent Day (US);
  • Systems Engineer Day (International; the last Friday in November);
  • Teachers' Day (Turkey);
  • National Sardines Day (US);
  • Black Friday (International).

Main sale of the year

Nov 25

  • Shopping Reminder Day;
  • International Hat Day;
  • Small Business Saturday (US).

Nov 26

  • Shift Worker Sunday (International);
  • Cake Day (US);
  • World Olive Day;
  • Anti Obesity Day;
  • Stir-Up Sunday (UK).

Nov 27

  • Lancashire Day (UK);
  • Cyber Monday (International).

The peak ecommerce event

Nov 28

  • World Day of Giving or Giving Tuesday;
  • French Toast Day (US);
  • Red Planet Day (International).

Nov 29

  • Electronic Greeting Card Day (International);
  • National Lemon Cream Pie Day (US);
  • Square Dancing Day (International).

Nov 30

  • Cities for Life Day (International);
  • St. Andrew’s Day (UK, Romania, Greece);
  • National Computer Security Day (US).

November is already the heart of the high season that will last until the end of the year. Think ahead about the marketing campaigns you will launch during major holidays. For example, consider how to use widgets to make the most of the channel during Black Friday. If you are running a sale, make sure you notify subscribers of the time limit. Countdown helps you do that. Learn how to add it to your email here. You may also be interested in what gamification techniques you can use to entertain your customers and increase their engagement.

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