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Yespo System Update for May 2024

In this article, we have collected the most important updates for May. You can view previous updates by following this link.


Stop Conditions

Now, the workflow stops by the contactId, if it exists in the event, even if the events have different unique keys. If the event does not contain a contactId, the workflow stops by the unique key of that event. The contactId no longer needs to be specified in the stop configuration settings.

Start/Stop configuration

Display in the Message List

We have added the display of related workflows to the message list. To preview a workflow, hover over its name and click the corresponding icon.

Messages list

Sending Campaigns on the Contact's Time Zone

Contacts in the time zone where the sending time has passed will receive the message the next day at the same time (previously, such contacts would encounter errors).


Automatic Translations

The texts are automatically translated when you add a language version to the widget.

Widget translation


We have added new component Columns in the widget settings, allowing you to create forms with multiple elements in a row.

Widget columns

You can hide the columns when displaying on mobile or desktop devices.

Widget columns

You can choose a vertical or horizontal display of columns on a mobile device.

Widget columns

If a column contains an image with the vertical option enabled on mobile devices, the image size will automatically be set to 150px. The same logic applies if the image is set as a background.


Segmentation by Activity

Now you can segment contacts by the events such as Open, Click, and Delivery error in In-App messages.

Segmentation by activity


Subscriber Engagement

We have updated the subscriber engagement graphs:

  • a line chart instead of a histogram;
  • new metrics Unsubscribed, Reported spam, and Error;
  • the dates are displayed in the tooltip when hovering over the graph.

Engagement overview


Consistency Between API Resources for Order Automation

Now, when sending orders via API methods Generate event v2 and Add orders, one of the following parameters must be used as the contact identifier:

  • ${externalCustomerId} — external contact ID;
  • ${email} — contact's email;
  • ${phone} — contact's phone number.

Want to learn more about the Yespo Omnichannel CDP and our business efficiency solutions? Send an email to or book a demo. If you cannot find a certain functionality in your account, or if you have any questions about working in the system, please write to the support chat.

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Natalie Ustymenko

Head of Direct Marketing

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