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Yespo System Update for March 2024

In this article, we have collected the most important updates for March, including the changes in the Event types section, launching In-App by rules, etc.

You can view previous updates by following this link.

Event Types Section Update

The updated Event types section provides flexible analysis tools and reveals a complete picture of relationships with workflows and groups. We've added several convenient options:

  1. Filtering events by activity.
    Filtering events by activity
  2. Displaying dependencies of event types. Dependencies are relationships between an event type and a workflow or a conditional group. You can also filter the list of events that:
    - trigger or stop the workflow,
    - are used for segmentation in conditional groups,
    - have no dependencies yet.
    Displaying dependencies
  3. Simple transition to conditional groups. If there are several groups, their number is displayed. By clicking on the dependency, a list of groups opens where you can view their terms or go to editing.
    Transition to conditional groups
  4. By pressing three dots, you can:
    - delete the event,
    - go to the history of the event,
    - validate the event,
    - view the event structure for which segmentation is enabled.
    Additional possibilities
  5. In the event line, you can view:
    - number of events transmitted in the last 24 hours,
    - number of workflow launches per 24 hours of a specific event,
    - errors in 24 hours.
    Data in the event line

More about events >

Widget and In-App Builder

Stroke Setup

Now you can set the parameters for all sides together or for each separately.

Stroke setup

Saving and Draft Usage

All changes in the editor saved without application remain a draft and do not apply to the widget on the site or preview. The latest version (from the draft) will appear when you enter the editor.

Widget draft

Navigation in Widget Settings

A lower panel has been added to the widget editor, which displays the widget pages. When you select a page, the interface automatically leads to it.

Widget pages

Launching In-App by Rules

Previously, an In-App message could only be sent when linked to a mobile push. Now they can be displayed in the app automatically according to the displaying rules.

This is applied only with SDK starting from 2.0.0 version of iOS and 2.0.1 of Android. 

Other features:

  • works with any type of message (HTML or created in drag-and-drop editor);
  • only published messages are displayed in the app;
  • it is impossible to publish messages without the displaying rules;
  • it is enough to update the SDK on the application side;
  • it is possible to stop showing In-App on the side of the application — see the instructions.

In-App triggering

More about In-App displaying >

Other Improvements

Web Push Analytics

We improved the reports for web pushes in the following tabs:

  • Platforms and OS
  • Browsers

There still can be unidentified data, but the number is small.

Web push analytics

Location and Language Gathering for Identified Website Visitors

Data about location and language are now gathered for contacts, identified only by webcontact event. Data will be added if these fields are still empty in contact profiles.

Contact profile

Search Saving in the Workflow Section

When you exit workflow editing by saving or reverting the page, the search query is now saved in the workflow list.

Workflow section

Revenue Export to BigQuery and PostgreSQL

You can now update existing entries in the revenue table, for example, if the total price parameter is changed.

The data is updated every day along with the upload of new orders.

This only works for orders after 08.03.2024.

Data export

Scheduling Campaigns According to Contact Time Zone

For all media channels, you can activate the "Use contact’s time zone" option during campaign scheduling.

Campaign scheduling

For example, if you schedule a 15:00 campaign, a contact will receive it as soon as it is 15:00 in his time zone.

Contacts who do not have a time zone will receive a campaign according to the time zone settings in your account.

In reports and scheduled campaigns, such campaigns will be marked with a special icon.

Marked campaign

More about scheduling >

Updated Contact Identification by UTM Tags

If a contact follows a link with tags on a website, contactId will be received by the following priority:

  • etm_term — if there is utm_content=Yespo-$contactId,
  • utm_source=Yespo-$type + utm_content=$contactId — if in utm_source Yespo value is specified (if you need you can change it, then contactId will be received by tags with higher priority).

More about contact identification >

Extended Message Analytics

For all types of messages, the Message analytics graph has been updated:

  • Data are presented as a linear graph with points.
  • We added displaying of data in % after mouse pointing.
  • Spam complaints and errors are now displayed on a separate chart below.


More about campaign analytics >

Want to learn more about the Yespo Omnichannel CDP and our business efficiency solutions? Send an email to or book a demo. If you cannot find a certain functionality in your account, or if you have any questions about working in the system, please write to the support chat.

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Natalie Ustymenko

Head of Direct Marketing

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