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January-February 2024

Yespo System Update for January-February 2024

In this article, we have collected the most important updates for January and February. We’ll also introduce you to the new In-App message editor.

You can view previous updates by following this link.

In-App Drag'n'Drop Editor 

Previously, In-App messages could be created in an HTML editor that required users to know the code. The new drag-and-drop editor allows you to create visually appealing messages without coding easily.

You can simply drag and drop elements such as buttons, images, and text blocks into the editor and immediately see the final result.

Drag'n'drop editor

More about the updated editor >


Checking Checkboxes

We have added a new Check the checkbox list fields option to the Condition block in the workflow editor, which has three options:

  • Check if there is a checkbox field in the contact card (checking for empty value)
  • Check for specific checkbox field options
  • Check for one of the specific checkbox field options

Only checkboxes already created in the Additional fields section are available for checking.

Check the checkbox list fields option

This option allows better segmentation of the database and personalization of offers for customers.

Using Time Zones

We have added the ability to set the launch by the contact’s time zone for the Current day/time and Start on date blocks in the workflow editor.

Using contact's time zone

This allows communication with the contacts when they are more likely to be active.

All about workflows >


Improved Placement Process

Now, you can immediately test a built-in widget when choosing a placement location if the script is installed.

Testing widget

The Test widget button is displayed after entering the selector. The rules will be ignored when showing.

Adding Background Text

Having selected any text, you can turn on the Background switch in the settings panel and specify the desired color.

Adding background text

Calling Informer

It is possible to add several HTML elements for HTML element click-based widget triggering.

Widget parameters

This allows you to configure the display of one widget at different locations on the site rather than creating multiple identical widgets.

Index Tags

We have added styles to display text as superscript and subscript. These options are often used to highlight individual characters, for example, to indicate units of measurement or write simple formulas as m² and x².

Text decoration

Social Component

Now it is possible to quickly add links to social media to attract website visitors. Select the Social component and add a link to your pages. If the list does not contain the required platform, you can add your own.

You can also add a link to the site so that users can share it in their posts.

Social component

Subscribing Through Widgets

Now, when a contact subscribes through the widget and Yespo creates a new contact, the Clicked activity is added to the created contact card.

Previously, this first subscription activity was not attached to the contact, but only the following ones.

Contact activity

Other Updates

Updating Receiving Recommendations

Two options for receiving recommendations have been added for the Contact recommendations based on web tracking resource:

  • by externalCustomerId
  • by cookies

Options for receiving recommendations

This will allow more accurate identification of the user, e.g., by externalCustomerId, which allows you to avoid duplication.

Export Mobile Device Data

The contact's unique deviceId is saved in the contact's card if you have configured the SDK. You can now upload it to BigQuery and PostgreSQL to analyze and optimize users' mobile experience.

Data export

Want to learn more about the Yespo Omnichannel CDP and our business efficiency solutions? Send an email to or book a demo. If you cannot find a certain functionality in your account, or if you have any questions about working in the system, please write to the support chat.

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Natalie Ustymenko

Head of Direct Marketing

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