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Promptly inform your site users about significant changes, current promotions, and announce upcoming events
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Informer — a notable clickable banner that pops up on selected pages, reporting key news.
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Frequently Asked Questions
For installation you use a script that needs to be added to your website once. It is a single Yespo script used for web tracking, recommendations and forms.
The Drag-n-Drop widget builder offers several options for informational notifications: inline, pop-up, floating box, or floating bar. All widgets are responsive and support multilanguage. You can add basic components to the template: text, pictures (PNG, JPEG, SVG, GIF), promotional code, and timer. And also, choose the main color of the banner or use an image as a background.
You can set the parameters for displaying informers based on your goals. For example, set the viewing depth, and the element will appear when the user scrolls the page to the specified percentage, etc. In the display conditions, you can specify the display frequency, select pages and audience.
The system collects statistics about the number of widget views and clicks. You will also see the conversion rate — the ratio of views to clicks. Statistics can be viewed for the entire time since the launch of informers or a certain period.
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