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Easter is not only a religious holiday but also a reason to advertise your products and remind yourself to your subscribers. Are you wondering how to make easter email greetings? See how best marketers coped with this task.

What to Write About in Easter Newsletter


Since this holiday is not relevant for everyone, it's better not to focus on its religious content, but to limit to visually recognizable decoration, such as rabbits, chicks and eggs.

One of the best practices for easter email subject lines — to put information about sales in them.

Easter is one of the most important holidays for retailers — everybody is looking for gifts and thinking about how to celebrate it. Don`t miss this opportunity!


Tips for Design Easter Email


  • If you are going to fill the background of template or use images in it, then all the photos of the goods should be made on a transparent background in PNG format.
  • Turn on adaptivity for structures and all the images in the email so that the email is displayed correctly on mobile devices. 
  • Place different content blocks in different stripes of the template. For example, the first stripe for the menu and logo, the second - for the banner, the third - for product cards. Then if you need to hide some stripes when displayed on a mobile, you can easily do this.
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