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Yespo System Update for October 2023

Yespo System Update for October 2023

In October, our specialists made changes to the system to make your work more convenient. In this article, we have gathered important updates, most of which relate to widgets, and segmentation. You can review the September updates via the link.

Work with Segments

Segmentation by Activity in Widgets

We have added the possibility to segment contacts by the following activity in widgets:

  • views,
  • link following.

The following conditions are available for creating groups:

  • event count,
  • widget type,
  • widget,
  • widget language,
  • CTOR (for link following only).

Segmentation by events in widgets

This will allow for more flexibility when:

  • receiving contacts who performed certain actions with the widget on the site,
  • uploading received groups to CRM or analytical systems,
  • setting up further communication with interested users.

More about widgets >

Segmentation Conditions Display by External Sources

If you build a group using conditions from data sources, the conditions will be displayed in the segment card.

Segment conditions

If the data source is deleted, an error will be displayed in the generated segment.

More about external data sources >

Export contacts to a list

From now on, you can export contacts from a dynamic segment to a list directly from the list of all segments. The new list will have the name of the initial group from which the export took place.

Contacts export

Segmentation by Devices

We have added the ability to segment contacts by DeviceID (and its attributes), which comes from the mobile SDK.

Instead of the “All contacts with mobile application” condition, there are now two conditions:

  • All contacts with token
  • All contacts with device.

Segmentation by device

Other Updates

Export Messages and Workflows to BigQuery

To upload data to BigQuery, we have added the export of the messages and broadcast tables, which contain complete information about a certain message or campaign.

Data export

More about data transfer >

Data export

Multilingual Widgets Analytics

If you create multilingual widgets, you can view analytics for each language version separately.

Widget analytics

More about multilingual widgets >

Adding Addresses for Billing Notifications

Notifications about the balance and payments are automatically sent only to the account owner's email. To specify additional recipients:

  • Go to account settings.
  • Select the "My Account" tab.
  • Specify the necessary emails separated by a comma in the corresponding line.

Account settings

If you would like to know more about the system or its specific features, write to or sign up for a demo. If your account does not have any of the functionality described above, feel free to get in touch with our support team at

Stay updated with our new features, many exciting things are coming up!

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