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eSputnik System Updates of February 2021

System Updates of February 2021

Read the overview of new functionality and important updates in our system.

You can find our January news here.

Saved Logo for Gmail Promotions Annotations

You can upload different logos to use in Gmail Promotions Annotations. They will be stored in the system bank.

  • The previously uploaded images won’t display in the list.
  • The image uploaded last will be used in a new email.

Image bank for Gmail Promotions Annotations

New Statuses in Reports on Bulk Campaigns for all Channels

Now, when sending a campaign, you can see 2 new statuses:

  • The campaign cannot be sent due to the limitation of your current pricing plan. For example, some segments used in the campaign include conditions that aren’t covered by your subscription.
  • The campaign cannot be sent because some segments used in it include mutually exclusive conditions.

The check is done at the time of the campaign launch. In the report list, hover over the error status to see its description and the contact link.

Status description in Reports

UTM-Based Segments

We’ve extended functionality of Advanced Segmentation. Now you can use segmentation by UTM tags to build dynamic segments.

UTM tags as conditions for segments

Time to Live (TTL) for Push Notifications

Default Time to Live will now be automatically applied to triggered mobile and web push notification. You no longer need to set it manually in workflows, and the corresponding feature won’t be available in the message editor.

Time to Live for push motifications

Adding a Sender Name in the Email Editor

If you haven’t added a sender name in the account settings, you can do it directly in the email. You won't need to close the message and go to other tabs.

Open the necessary email and

  • Add a sender name.
  • Confirm it in the email that has been sent to your address.
  • Refresh the sender list in the editor.

How to add a sender name in the email editor

Notification Edit

Now you can edit notifications that control triggers instead of creating them anew.

How to edit a notification

Display of Subsidiaries in the Payer Account

In Payment history, payer accounts can now see all subsidiaries whose charges they pay.

Display of subsidiaries

Domain Warmup

If your domain’s DMARC record is in the strict alignment mode, you can see the current progress of the domain warmup.

Stages of the domain warmup


For the API Get catalog list method, values of the checkbox type can be returned differently. Instead of the value of 1 (if the checkbox is activated) and 0 (if not), you can transfer the value itself instead of the action confirmation only.

v1/addressbooks GET method

Display of a Message ID

You can see a message ID of sent single messages in all tabs that have a preview.

Message ID in preview

Important! The ID isn't displayed for test messages (except email) and for messages sent through the Send email message method.

To learn more about custom features, please book a demo. If some features aren’t available for your account, please contact our support.

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Technical Writer

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