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System Updates of December 2020

System Updates of December 2020

Read the overview of new functionality and important updates in our system.

You can find our November news here.

Account Update

In 2018, Gmail began to highlight the emails in the Promotions tab that are more likely to be of interest to recipients. Moreover, now you can add

to such promotional emails, including the banner, discount, expiration date of the promotion, etc.

You can configure the appearance of annotation in our editor at the bottom of the sender info settings. Available settings (all of the fields are optional):

Setting up Gmail annotation

In the list of incoming emails, it will look as follows:

Annotation display

For more information read How to Create a Gmail Promotions Annotation for Emails.


Pricing Plans Updates

Subscription term

We've added information about the subscription expiration date for all channels to the main page and the Add Funds page. Now you can see there when your subscription will be automatically renewed or disabled.

Subscription details on the dashboard

Last post

Viber subscription

  • Now you can delete senders only if they aren't connected with a paid subscription for the current or next month.

  • You can select the sending method (for example, via processing) when creating a sender.

  • We've added information on the selected pricing plan and subscription for the next month.

Viber subscription

  • You can pay for a Viber subscription for the next month in your account. If there is not enough money, click on the button to add funds. After replenishment, the subscription will automatically renew.

Subscription payment button


Functionality Updates

In reports

  • New Browsers tab for web push notifications.

Statistics on browsers

  • New Device languages tab for email and web push.

Statistics on languages

  • Updated display of AMP reports. The data set hasn’t changed, but now it is designed as a line chart.

Updated AMP tab

  • In the report details, now you can copy the error description.

Copying error text

Update of the Start on date block

After updating, the time set in the block corresponds to the user's time zone. Previously, the time was set in UTC. If the workflow is launched via the API, the block will use time from the event.

Start on date block

Selected period saving

Now the system remembers the last selected period in the Contact activity tab.

Instant update in cohort analysis

At the present, cohort analysis data is updated instantly, rather than once a day.

Cohort analysis

API methods

We've added the from field for the Send viber message method. This parameter is required if your organization has multiple senders.

Sending web push notifications to segments

Now you can send web pushes from the Contacts → Segments tab. The functionality is available for the Advanced pricing plan.

Copying error text

Speed limiting for sending web and mobile notifications

By default, the system sends a message to the selected contacts instantly (As soon as possible). But you may need limited sending for some reasons. Then you can set the sending limit per minute, hour, day, or month for web and mobile notifications as for other media channels.

Sending limit options

Export data to BigQuery

You can export the mediaType for contactActivities.

Data export

Now you can export this parameter in two ways:

  1. Overwrite the existing table with all the data in it (via API). If an existing table contains data for more than 3 months, it won't be saved as it can be downloaded only for that period.

  2. Create a new Dataset ID in BigQuery and set up export with the required fields. It will preserve the original data table from deleting.

More on BigQuery integration

Saving deleted events

If an event was accidentally deleted in the Triggers → Event types tab, it will be restored in the Event types and Event history upon new sendings.

Event history tab

New conditions for dynamic segments

If you have Extra Features enabled in your account, now segmentation by domains, AMP, subscription categories, workflows, messages, system tags are available for building segments.

Advanced segments

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