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System Updates of January 2021

System Updates of January 2021

Read the overview of new functionality and important updates in our system.

You can find our December news here.

Account Updates


Adding senders for Viber

Apply to create a new sender or add an existing Sender ID directly from your account.

Apply for adding

Sending via processing

If you already have a registered sender, you can add it to your account in our system. Select your Viber service provider and set up the necessary settings.

Viber service provider

Web push

Two-click subscription with your domain

Now you can use your own domain when setting up Double Opt-In. If you have an active two-click subscription using a subdomain (https://subdomain.example.com), you can switch to your domain.


  • The push subscriber list will be saved. Those who subscribed through the subdomain will continue to receive web push notifications after switching to the domain.
  • Web push token collection is only available for websites that use the HTTPS protocol.

Web Push settings

You can start customizing prompt appearance immediately after adding the site.

Web push subscription widget

The user can turn on notifications by clicking on the widget (bell) if they were blocked, or return the subscription request if it was previously ignored. You can use this feature to grow your token list faster.

Web push subscription widget


The collection of web push subscribers is only available for sites using HTTPS and Double Opt-In.

More about all settings

Functionality Updates

Duplicating appearances in Recommendations

Now, when you copy the appearance in the Appearance tab, the editor immediately opens.

Appearance tab

Data transfer to recommendation systems

Contact activity

You can receive on contact activity with v1/event and transfer it to other systems. This feature is useful

  • to track the behavior of your mobile app users;
  • when it is more reliable to send events from a website via v1/event instead of using web tracking;
  • so as not to configure transfer to 2 different systems (our platform + another recommendation service).

Sending orders

You can send all orders uploaded to your account to third-party recommendation systems. All orders sent to our system by resources v1/orders, v1/events, v1/past_events will be automatically sent to another recommendation system as well.

More on sending orders via v1/event and v1/past_events

Last post

Data sources

Setting display priorities

With rules for data sources, you can prioritize the display of particular products by setting conditions. The higher the rule is in the list, the higher its priority.


You need to show only products from the Pants category; if there are none, then Clothes; if there are none, then T-shirts and so on.

Setting display priorities

As a result, you get:

Product algorithms

Easy rule management

You can now drag & drop rules under Show more products if the card contains 2 or more conditions.

Mapping rules update

We've changed field mapping for assigning events to contacts, we changed the check of match fields. Now you cannot use the standard event parameters, because

  • these fields are already searchable by default,
  • if you re-set the standard parameter, the system will search for a match only by it, limiting potential contacts.

Mapping rules update

More on segmentation by events

Blocked when being sent segment

For building dynamic segments, we’ve added a condition to select contacts unavailable during the campaign sending. You can choose:

  • period,
  • campaign type,
  • specific message,
  • domain, etc.

Blocked when being sent segment

Available for accounts with extra features enabled.

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