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System Updates of September 2020

System Updates of September 2020

Read the overview of new functionality and important updates in our ESP.

You can find our August news here.

? Account Updates

Revenue From Campaigns

If you transfer orders to your account using any of the available methods, you can connect orders to campaigns. The reports will indicate how much income each campaign generated.

In the profile menu (top right), select SettingsRevenue From Campaigns and specify:

  • Event that connects the message to sale (opened, clicked, and so on);

  • Time between event and sale (no more than a week, 5 days, 24 hours, 1 hour, etc.);

  • Messages you want to exclude from reports.

 Income visualization settings

The data will be displayed:

  • in the list of reports (Campaigns → Reports);

Income visualization

  • on the specific campaign report page.

Displaying income in the report

And the best part is that this functionality is free.

Read more on how to set up Revenue from Campaigns

User Management

Now you can give access to your account with different permissions for different users. For correct work of the functionality, the account must have a user with the Admin role who can:

  • manage users within the organization (create/edit/block/unblock/delete);

  • edit user data;

  • invite new users to your account.

User role management

Read the instruction


Functionality Updates

New Operator for Dynamic Segments

The operator X time ago has been added to dynamic segment cards for regular date fields. For example, you can create a condition registered 30 days ago to send an email "You are with us for a month!"

Contacts in a dynamic segment based on this principle will change daily.

Building a segment with new conditions

Read about dynamic segments

Statistics on Dynamic Links in SMS

Now you can track clicks on dynamic links in the SMS, as well as use the received data to build segments by activity.

For example, you can send personalized content (a link to a shopping cart with a product) in SMS for an Abandoned Cart trigger.

Dynamic link report

Last post

Editing Contacts on Import

Press the Start the search of errors button after importing the contacts into the system. The system will find incorrect emails (for example, with a typo in the domain or incorrect characters) which you can correct immediately.

Correction of errors during import

MediaType Field for Get contacts activity

MediaType (email, SMS, Viber) field added for public API Get contacts activity. Now, upon a GET request to the Get contacts activity resource, the contact activity (opens, clicks, etc.) is identified by the communication channel.

MediaType Field

Dynamic Link Click Tracking

You can find general statistics for dynamic links on the email click map and conversion table.

The same statistics include clicks on links with protocols other than HTTP(s), for example, FTP(s), Skype, mailto, SMS, tel, and others. The block is displayed only if there are clicks on dynamic links.

Dynamic link reports

ContactId Substitution

Now the ContactId field is transmitted to all blocks in workflows (checks for entry into segments/data substitution from additional fields/sending a message by ID).

If the block contains an appeal to both the email and the contact ID, then the ID is in priority.


Interface Updates

Tag Hints

Now you can see hints for using tags. If you are not using this opportunity yet, then be sure to check it out. Tags will help to:

Tag hints

Learn more

New Colors in Diagram

Now each category in the statistics of contacts by activity has its own color and shade. Clicking on the diagram opens the parameters of a particular segment. For example, by clicking on Active, you'll see:

Contact list overview by activity

Upgrade your email marketing

Experiments Tab

You can see the definition of the best campaigns in the Experiment tab. Now, this happens in real-time (that is, the result can change) according to three indicators: Opens, CTR, CTOR.

Experiment Tab

More about subject lines testing

Orders Section

The appearance of the tab has been updated and the following features have been added:

  • reports over the period (all time, today, 7 days, etc.),

  • filtering by orders (categories, statuses, cost),

  • highlighting statuses,

  • export of received data.

Orders Tab

If orders are not transferred to your account yet, you’ll see an offer to integrate this option.

Page with integration links

More about order transferring


The Laboratory tab in the organization settings has become more detailed, and descriptions have been added to each functionality.

Laboratory Tab

Promo Codes Page

Now all information about promo codes is available on the Promo Codes page, including the list of active promo codes.

Promo Codes Tab

Instructions for transferring promo codes to the system

Special Request Inline

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