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System Updates of April 2021

System Updates of April 2021

See the overview of new functionality and important updates in our platform.

You can find our March news here.

New API Resource for Product Recommendations

Through the Contact recommendations based on web tracking resource, you can use product recommendations not only in emails and on the site but also in other channels:

  • Messengers;
  • Call centers;
  • Pickup points,
  • Mobile apps.

This will allow managers and operators to generate repeat sales by offering products based on the customer shopping history.

Simplified Sender Registration through Infobip

When you create a sender for Viber messages and choose Infobip as a service provider, you need to complete only two steps:

  • Add a sender name;
  • Enter the login and password of your Infobip account.

Sender name parameters

More on sender registration for Viber.

Extra Layer of Security

To manage user access to your account, there is a new access level – Export Orders. It gives users with the roles Marketer without contacts export and Auditor access to Orders and export data.

More on user management.

Event Editing

You can create and edit events in a sidebar modal. Also, events are now assigned to the workflow in the workflow only which helps avoid errors.


Blocking of Emails Sent from Public Domains

Starting on May 1, 2021 mail.ru will block emails that use public domains (Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook) as sender addresses.

In Reports, you’ll see an alert for an email with the Undelivered status if you send from the unverified domain to addresses on the mail.ru domain:

  • mail.ru;
  • list.ru;
  • bk.ru;
  • inbox.ru.

Error example

To ensure proper deliverability, we recommend that you use your corporate domain as a sender address, having verified it with DNS records.

White Space for a Preheader

When creating emails in the editor, you can add white space for a hidden preheader.

Preheader settings

It allows separating the subject (with or without a preheader) from the email copy in the Inbox.

Preheaders in the Inbox

Anchor Links

Add anchor links to help people navigate through the email. By clicking the anchor link, the user will be directed not to the external site but to the section within the email.

This feature is useful for long emails like

  • Digests;
  • Product catalogs;
  • Emails with numerous sections, etc.

Anchor links in email

More on how to add anchor links.

To learn more about custom features, please email us or book a demo. If some features aren’t available for your account, please contact our support.

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