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Multilingual Emails

New Solution Helps Save +20 Hours a Month via Multilingual Campaigns

Multilingual communication with clients is a widespread business situation. To speak in the native language of your customers is especially important for companies that are present on the international market or run business in multilingual countries.

Every country has its own language policy which is to be followed for campaign creation. Many countries, such as Canada, the Netherlands, and Belgium, have more than one official language and several regional language varieties that sometimes should be taken into account when choosing the email language. Companies that function in countries with one state language also need to be ready to get multilingual if they want to expand their market presence.

Speaking with the target audience in their language enables easier perception of information and helps build trusting relationships. But despite numerous benefits, multilingual campaigns can be a real challenge for email marketers. You need to control and minimize errors when creating a huge number of emails, build different segments and make sure they target the right recipients. The more languages you work with, the more time it takes to manage corresponding campaigns. Or does it?

Reach International Subscribers with Multilingual Messages

Having responded to the growing need for multilanguage support, we have presented a new automation solution - Multilanguage.

This tool simplifies design, planning, contact data collection, and workflow launch. An email marketer no longer has to deal with data abundance, long lists of messages, numerous segments, complex workflows, and large reports that need to be analyzed: most of the routine has been reduced to a great extent.

Use Multilanguage for Global Response!

Benefits of Multilanguage

According to our information, 8 out of 10 companies use at least two languages for their campaigns. This doubles the time spent on each campaign, and the percentage grows in proportion to the number of used languages.

Multilanguage enables to reduce work time by 12%, which makes 20 hours a month! You can definitely spend this time with greater use - do more testing or come up with new creative templates. Our CDP is the only email service provider that has added a multilanguage module to the system, and it can bring our customers the following benefits.

1. Language data is recorded for 100% of contacts.

The contact profile became more informative, and now has a language field.

Language field

Where the information for this field is taken from:

  • Language details can be included in the contact base file and imported into the system;
  • The preferred language can be detailed in a subscribe/unsubscribe form, email survey, or in a customer’s personal profile on the company's website.
  • The system fills the field based on the browser language.

Learn more about how to fill the language field for multilingual messages.

2. There is one message template for all languages instead of a long list of campaigns.

Drop-down language list

Why it's convenient:

  • The necessary message is easy to find. There is no need to scroll through pages to collect all the components of one email campaign. Multilingual campaigns are labeled with a special sign - a globe; the figure next to it indicates the number of languages added.
  • You can view added languages in the general list.
  • You can go straight to editing the necessary template by clicking on the corresponding language in the drop-down menu.

It's also easy to work with Multilanguage in the drag-n-drop editor. To create a multilingual message, click on the globe icon:

Multilanguage icon

First, specify the default language. It will be used for campaigns for those contacts who haven’t specified language preferences.

Default language

Next, add a language from the drop-down menu. You can add unlimited languages and create as many campaigns as needed.

How to add a language

Important! The content and structure of the campaign may be identical or completely different, as offers for the regions may vary.

3. You can develop a multichannel strategy.

Multilingual messages can be created in any of the channels: Email, Viber, WhatsApp, SMS, Mobile Push, and Web Push.

If you have multichannel workflows, all communication will be carried out in one language regardless of the channel. The language of the message for a particular contact is set automatically at the time of sending. You don't need to create additional segments and workflows.

Multilingual messages

4. You no longer need to create complex workflows.

If the company sends campaigns in 5 languages, the corresponding workflow would look as follows:

Complex workflow

To send a campaign in the required language, you need to set a number of check events. Multilanguage has made the workflow launch less complex. Now the campaign sent in 5 languages would look as follows:

Simplified workflow

Instead of check events, you add only one block - Email. In the settings, choose the previously created multilingual message template, and the system would automatically create the campaign in the necessary languages in one of the following ways:

  • language info is taken from the specified event;
  • language info is taken from the contact profile;
  • campaign is sent in the default language unless otherwise is specified.

5. View reports for different languages in one tab.

All marketers often struggle with inconvenient analytics. Numerous tabs, fragmented data, incomplete analysis that needs unification: such analytics takes much time and effort while it should be simple and fast. That's why multilingual messages have the advanced reporting with all the statistics within one tab. You can switch between the languages in one click.


6. Campaign management is optimized to the full.

This paragraph kind of concludes of all of the above. Multilanguage has made campaign management both simple and rational:

  • no extra switching between pages;
  • minimal errors during planning and launch;
  • all report data is available in one tab;
  • information on the subscriber's language preference can be taken based on their browser history.

It’s hard to deny that messages sent in the customer's language give any business more chances to succeed. Multilanguage by our platform makes communication with a multilingual audience easier and more convenient.

Combined with Advanced Segmentation, this tool can take your email marketing strategy to a new level of sales with the help of more personalized offers.

Additionally, users of the Crowdin localization platform can set up integration with Yespo. This allows you to translate email campaigns automatically.

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