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+28.4% in Revenue Thanks to App Inbox: ZOOTOVARY.COM Case Study

Competition for user attention is only growing. To increase the effectiveness of interaction with them, it is important to use as many channels as possible. According to statistics, omnichannel communications with consumers increase revenue by an average of 179%.

In this case study, we will explain to you how the Promodo agency increased the profit of by expanding communication through the App Inbox channel.

About the Project is a chain of retail pet stores in Kyiv, Ukraine, which also has its own courier delivery service in the city.

The company is actively interacting with its customer base, segmenting it with the help of Yespo CDP tools and using the following triggers:

  • “Abandoned view”
  • “Abandoned cart”
  • “Welcome series”
  • “Pet's birthday”
  • “A reminder to buy pet food”

The introduction of basic and personalized triggered campaigns helped increase monthly revenue from the email channel by an average of 30%.

Since omnichannel communication is an effective strategy in the fight for customer attention, the team decided to add a new communication channel, such as App Inbox, to improve customer interaction.

Primary Goals of the Project

  1. Set up the App Inbox channel.
  2. Enhance triggered and promo campaigns.
  3. Increase income by reactivating users.

App Inbox Features

App Inbox

messages are personalized notifications sent to the notification center in the client's personal account in the app or on the website. They have a specified validity period and are not deleted but saved chronologically if necessary.

The main App Inbox advantages:

  • Unlike push notifications, which users usually block in their browsers or through mobile app permissions, you can’t block the App Inbox channel. It allows you to reach all users identified by email or phone number and does not require a separate subscription.
  • App Inbox is not intrusive, as it has no additional sound signals and does not block part of the content on the screen, like web push. To see the notification, the user has to go to the notification center. Only the notification icon will be on the screen before that.
  • App Inbox is easy to customize and doesn't depend on the browser or OS.

Project Implementation and Results

The team decided to use the App Inbox channel for such campaigns:

  1. Enhancing the campaign with AMP interactive “Feed the cat”. Since App Inbox allows you to send messages to users identified by their phone number, it has become a cost-effective alternative to the more expensive Viber channel.

    Campaign with AMP interactive «Feed the cat»
    Subscribers liked the idea of playing the game to get a 5% discount on goods — the conversion rate of App Inbox was 48.1%, and revenue from the AMP campaign increased by 45.4%.
  2. Enhancing the main email campaigns. This brought the project +51,3% in revenue from the channel in 9 months of use, and ROMI was 7477.5%.

    Enhancing the main campaigns with App Inbox
  3. Triggered campaigns “Abandoned view” and “Promo code reminder after subscription”. Previously, triggered email campaigns were used only in email, but to implement omnichannel, App Inbox was added. For these campaigns, the channel proved its worth — revenue grew by 13.9%, and ROMI was 2775%.

App Inbox triggered campaign example for the "Abandoned view" event

Learn about the advantages of App Inbox


Within nine months of using App Inbox, revenue from retention campaigns at increased by 28.4%. This result inspired the team to look for new ways of how App Inbox could enhance the trigger chains.

If you also want to increase your business profits through omnichannel communication, book a demo with Yespo specialists. We will offer a solution that is relevant precisely to your company.

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