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TehnoYizhak Case Study: +20% to Profit Thanks to App Inbox

Task Improve customer experience and increase sales
Solution Implement App Inbox
Period Jan – May, 2023
Resources Integration team and customer success manager at Yespo, digital marketer at TehnoYizhak
Features Implementation of a new communication channel

Statistics show that users ignore up to 99% of web push requests, and 48% of them bounce. At the same time, emails that most companies love to send can get lost in inboxes due to the channel's popularity.

However, some notifications do not bother customers, are perfectly combined with other communication channels, and do not require a subscription. It’s App Inbox. In this case study, we will tell you how TehnoYizhak implemented App Inbox from Yespo CDP and what results they got.

About the Project

TehnoYizhak is an online gadget and accessory store chain whose team is always on top of marketing updates. The company has over 80 outlets in 18 cities in Ukraine and over 500,000 customers.


The brand was already sending out triggered and promotional messages via email and web push channels through Yespo CDP. When a new way of communicating with customers, such as App Inbox, appeared on the platform, TehnoYizhak's specialists decided to replace web push with it.

The idea of the channel bribed us with the fact that we would not spam and bother the end user.

TehnoYizhak digital marketer

The main tasks that have arisen:

  1. Set up App Inbox.
  2. Improve customer experience and increase sales through a new communication channel.


App Inbox

is personalized notifications with a specified validity period sent to the notification center in the customer's personal account on the website or in the application.

Creating an App Inbox message takes much less time than an email campaign, and communication on the website with the customer is instantaneous. The potential customer is still on the website or in the app and receives the most relevant offers.

In addition, there is no need to switch from one tab to another to use a promo code. For example, just click on it in the message. Less movement for customers means a higher probability of purchase.

To implement the App Inbox, the following steps were planned:

  1. Channel technical configuration.
  2. Creating promo messages.
  3. Creating triggered campaigns.

App Inbox Technical Configuration

Yespo's support team helped TehnoYizhak's specialists install the script needed to send notifications. Next, we configured the location and conditions for displaying future notifications on the website.

This is what the App Inbox notification block looks like for authorized users:

How App Inbox looks like on the website

When the user clicks on the bell, they see the entire message and the CTA button:

How a notification looks in App Inbox

Conveniently, all notifications about promotions are saved for the client even after they`ve been viewed.

App Inbox Notification

When creating an App Inbox, the marketer sets the message validity time in minutes, hours, or days. In addition, there are two options for displaying App Inbox messages:

  1. After the client reads the notification, it disappears and is no longer displayed.
  2. The notification disappears but remains in the notification feed. The user will see all previous App Inbox messages by clicking on the bell.

The TehnoYizhak team decided to send both triggered and promotional messages in the App Inbox channel.

Creating Promo Messages

In promo emails, the company announces massive promotions on the website and sends promo codes with a limited validity period.

TehnoYizhak's promo messages have a wider reach, so it was decided to send 2-3 promotional messages weekly. All of them are made in the same style and contain the brand logo:

Example of App Inbox message

Creating Triggered Сampaigns

App Inbox is used in the following trigger workflows:

  • “Abandoned view for the week”
  • “Abandoned cart”
  • “Reactivation to order up to 5000 UAH”
  • “Birthday discount”
  • “Discounts”
  • “New items”
  • “Product in wishlist”
  • “Order canceled”
  • “Order accepted”

The workflow for abandoned views

We've noticed that promotions have a greater reach and faster results, but triggered notifications allow us to send more personalized links — and that's important to us, too.

TehnoYizhak digital marketer


In 5 months, TehnoYizhak got the following results of sales from communication channels:

1. 21% of all purchases were made through App Inbox:

  • from mass campaigns — 77%,
  • from triggered campaigns — 23%.

2. 79% of the profit was received from emails:

  • from mass campaigns — 78%,
  • from triggered campaigns — 22%.

Email VS App Inbox Profitability

In 2022, TehnoYizhak used two communication channels: email and web push, through which both mass and triggered messages were sent. The profit rate was as follows:

  • email channel — 99,8% (80,7% from the triggered and 19,1% from the promo emails);
  • web push — 0,2%.

In 2023, the company implemented App Inbox instead of web push notifications. It generates 20% of all profit from communication channels.

Profit comparison from communication channels for 2022-2023

App Inbox also has a 23% higher ROI than email:

ROI by channels and months

Expenses for Channel

Expenses for App Inbox in January-May 2023 were significantly lower than the profit. For email, the situation is slightly different: it is also profitable but less than the new communication channel.

Profit VS Expenses comparison by channel

General Dynamics

For five months of using the new channel, the company has the positive dynamics:

  1. The average check in App Inbox triggered campaigns is 4.94% higher than in email. The situation with promotional emails is similar: in App Inbox, the average purchase price is higher by 5.5%.
  2. Although the Abandoned Cart emails conversion rate in the App Inbox channel is 7.14% lower than in email, the profit from App Inbox 4,58% higher:

Campaign profit level in channels

Plans for Future

We plan to continue using the App Inbox channel and always keep our finger on the pulse of Yespo's innovations. Personalized recommendations based on all consumer needs are the future. Offering customers the product they are interested in on time is already half the battle. Artificial intelligence will help us with this. The next step is likely to be informers on the website.

TehnoYizhak digital marketer


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