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Dnipro-M case: +1000% ROI Thanks to App Inbox and Personalized Recommendations


Dnipro-M is a Ukrainian company engaged in the production, sale, and service of construction tools. In Ukraine, its market share is about 30%. Also, this brand is represented in the Czech Republic, Moldova, Poland, and Georgia.


Since 2018, Dnipro-M has practiced omnichannel email marketing with Yespo. They used bulk and trigger messaging in email, web push, SMS, Viber channels. In 2021 Dnipro-M team started using a web tracking tool and advanced segmentation.

Web tracking

It is a technology that allows to track user behavior on the website. It also enables to create segments, work with them in different channels, send personalized recommendations, show recommendations on the website.

The website generates about 20% of all sales, so online marketing campaigns can’t be ignored. The company strived to improve retention and increase sales. Thus, they had to reconsider the existing strategy – move from bulk messages to personalized ones with relevant product recommendations. Yespo is perfect for such tasks: our system offers all the necessary tools, including omnichannel, advanced segmentation, event-triggered workflows, etc.


Retention improvement required a complete change of communication with customers. To solve that, Yespo marketers launched omnichannel personalized campaigns and refined product recommendations in emails and the website.

An important note: only 13% of all contacts had emails in their profiles, so it was essential to adopt an omnichannel approach with appropriate communication methods for each customer.

Abandoned Cart

Previously, this workflow included only a letter without product recommendations. It was sent 2 hours after contacts with abandoned shopping carts got into the segment.


First, Yespo specialists made the customer journey omnichannel. Second, they implemented product recommendations with Promodo colleagues. A new scenario of the workflow looked like this:

  • An email with the items in the cart and recommendations is sent out in 1 hour;
  • If the client hasn’t completed the purchase, they receive a web push with a reminder after 24 hours;
  • If ignored within the next 24 hours, the customer gets a Viber notification. It warns of high demand for the products, so they had better hurry up;
  • The last notification includes a motivational email if the system doesn’t see an order.


Abandoned Browse

The first version of this workflow just had a channel sequence (web push → email).


The Promodo team modified that by

  • changing the channel logic and order;
  • adding Viber reminders;
  • implementing A/B testing (letters with and without product recommendations).


Now, if the purchase isn’t made after 3 hours, the user receives a web push and a Viber message if the push notification is ignored.

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Price Drop

Price drops for abandoned carts, browses, and similar products work perfectly in emails, as users can see different options and recommendations at the same time. But the email database of Dnipro-M could be better, so marketers appealed to App Inbox.

Price Decrease for the Abandoned Cart and Browse

These workflows are triggered if the shopper hasn’t bought any product during a week and the price has dropped. Such a letter includes up to 6 last viewed or left products in the cart + up to 6 recommendations.

The sequence of message channels is as follows: web push → App Inbox → Email → Viber (after a day if the email wasn’t read).


The “Split” block allows conducting A/B tests that are a must-have in any marketing campaign.

Price Decrease for Similar Products

The workflow is automatically launched if the customer has viewed a particular item and, within 7 days after that, the price of a similar product from the same category and price range has decreased, or the discount percentage has increased. The system doesn’t send the message if the customer bought something from this category in the last week.


The letter consists of up to 6 items for a new price and up to 3 recommendations.

Product Recommendations on the Website

Dnipro-M also implemented product recommendations to help people find the necessary things among more than 1500 items. Our statistics say that this solution is able to generate 16% more sales with the same traffic volume.

Personalized offers for each client

Recommendation blocks were added on the homepage and product pages. The algorithms on the homepage are as follows:

  • Bestsellers – the most popular goods;
  • Promotional bestsellers – the most popular products at a reduced price;
    Promotional bestsellers
  • Special for you – bestsellers offered to a particular user (recommendations are based on the user’s purchases, personal data, and different actions made).
    Special for you

Algorithms on the products pages:

  • Complementary items – additional goods to the product being viewed;
  • Similar products – a set of recommendations based on items that customers with similar behavior buy.
    Product page


Thanks to event-triggered campaigns, specialists significantly increased sales (compared to October 2022):

  • 19x in abandoned shopping carts;
  • 10x in abandoned browses.

The App Inbox channel in price drop campaigns helped to increase their share in total orders:

  • 3x for similar products;
  • 5x for items from the shopping cart;
  • 20x for products viewed.

Recommendation blocks turned out to be very useful as well (compared to September 2022):

  • 2.4x on the homepage;
  • 2.2x on the product pages.

ROI of product recommendations increased by 23.5% compared to October 2022. ROI from using the PROFESSIONAL pricing plan was enhanced by 1000% in the same period.

We chose Yespo for marketing automation, unifying all data, and omnichannel. This platform meets all our requirements. Besides piles of useful features, it has favorable tariffs and Ukrainian roots (also an important thing).

We are so grateful to Yespo specialists: they are always ready to help and develop solutions that are not provided by the system. Moreover, we were the first among App Inbox testers.

In 2023, we plan to launch more automated workflows and reach the 80% mark in personalized communications. So, we are sure that Yespo will allow us to implement any marketing solution.

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