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Black Friday

Black Friday starts the holiday sales season that lasts from late November to New Year's. On this day, mail boxes all over the world are literally heated by the number of incoming sales emails. A Black Friday email should be exact and beautiful so that subscribers will have the desire to open the online store and buy something.

Write the subject lines clearly

The subject lines are always very important, since after reading it a person decides whether to open the email or not. But in case of holiday emails, its importance increases a hundredfold, because the number of messages in mail boxes increases. The Black Friday email subject lines should grab attention. For instance, you could add intrigue — write that a subscriber will know about the bonuses when he opens a letter. Or lets focus immediately on the benefits and include in the subject lines the percentage of discounts on the day of the sale. Increase interest for the promotion by adding an element of urgency to the subject lines — let the client know that time is limited. Decorate the subject with emojis that match its meaning. You can also highlight some words in capital letters. But don’t overuse Caps Lock, otherwise it will look like you are shouting at your subscribers. The theme should not exceed 50 characters in order to display well on both PC and mobile devices.

Be sure to write a preheader, in which add a little more information to reinforce the message disclosed in the subject lines. The preheader length is 100-120 characters. For the mobile version of the letter, make a preheader up to 35 characters long.

Black Friday email design

Email for Black Friday should look beautiful and stylish, the letter should consist of the most interesting or popular products with good discounts. At the same time, there are no strict requirements for the design of such emails, and everything depends on your imagination and capabilities. Take a look at the Black Friday email examples in our collection. Many of them have a black background to emphasize the name of the sale. Other colors look much brighter on a black field, and pictures become more prominent, the reader's attention is immediately riveted to them. But note that white letters on a black background literally “burn out” your eyes. Try to experiment with the color of the font, for example, make it light gray. That will help take the strain off your readers' eyes and won't annoy them.

You don't have to make the entire letter in black, but select some blocks, for example, a banner and a footer. On the other hand make the CTA-buttons in a contrasting color so that they stand out well against the background of the entire email.

Make the main emphasis of the letter on the most important thing:

  • amount of discount;
  • amount of savings (for example, crossed out the cost of goods);
  • promo code;
  • duration of the sale.

You can find a ready-made Black Friday email template in eSputnik. You just have to choose a suitable email variant and modify it to suit your goals: add product cards, pictures, links, etc.

Launch a mailing chain

Many businesses run a series of promo-emails to maximize customer engagement. This strategy has more impact than Black Friday marketing emails which are sent directly on the day of the sale.

So, the first letter of the series you should send to subscribers 7-10 days before the start of the sale. You could announce the event, briefly write about products and tell about discounts.

The second email must be sent when the sale starts. It contains the details and conditions of the sale, the size of the discounts, promotional codes, information about the terms of the event.

In the third letter, subscribers are informed that there are only a few hours left before the end of the promotion, during which they can still have time to buy goods at good prices. It is sent to customers who haven’t bought something yet. A chain of emails will help you to warm up the interest of buyers, give them time to choose products and then not miss the sale.

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