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14 February (Valentine's Day)

How to prepare a newsletter for Valentine's Day

You should start your holiday campaign in advance so that subscribers have time to choose a gift, place an order, and receive it. On February 14, you will only be able to congratulate them, and it will be too late to sell.
To get your emails noticed among dozens and hundreds of others, look out for examples of Valentine's Day campaigns from famous brands.
We've put together some tips on how to make campaigns interesting for the recipient and effective for your business.

Segmenting the customer base

Be sure to segment your contact base. This can be done both by simple attributes, such as the gender and age of subscribers, and more complex ones, such as purchase histories and brand interactions.
Create separate emails with different appeals and offers for different groups of contacts. So, regular customers need a different approach than those who haven't bought from you in a while. These will get a better response than bulk campaigns to your entire contact base.

Creating an email sequence

Start a Valentine's Day campaign with emails reminding that this love-filled holiday is just around the corner and the readers should consider shopping. Prepare several emails of different content with Valentine's Day proposals for him/her and start sending them out in early February. In Yespo, it is easy to automate communication with customers and create the necessary flows in the workflow editor.
Make a plan for your promotional campaign, give people time to find the right Valentine's Day gift, and help those who are having trouble choosing.

Dilute your texts with interesting tips. For example:

  • how to prepare for a date;
  • what clothes to wear to a romantic dinner;
  • how to wrap a gift in an original way.

Mention facts and stories related to Valentine's Day, and recommend romantic movies to watch with your other half.

Ideas for attracting customers of different categories

Users who have recently purchased from you can be encouraged to place a new order. If you can't make significant discounts, offer small but nice bonuses to potential buyers:

  • free shipping;
  • useful collateral gifts;
  • raffle of an interesting entertainment for two;
  • a discount coupon for items purchased before March 8.

Closer to the holiday, add calls to action to your campaign to incentivize customers who put off purchases until the last minute: countdown timers, hot deals, etc.

Show creativity in copywriting and campaign design. Use high-quality photos and visual elements, don't overload the pictures with too motley color scheme.

Don't forget about those who don't know their partner's preferences yet and want to buy a successful gift. Valentine's Day letters can offer gift cards and e-vouchers. This is a great option for those who do not want to take risks and prefer to give practical things. Typically, gift card messages are placed at the end of the email.

Offering Valentine's Day gifts can be not only for couples but also for lovers of sports, travel, music, etc.

For those who are not yet in a relationship, suggest gift ideas for the purpose of pampering yourself and feeling joy.

For neutral appeals, these will do:

  • “10 perfect gift options for Valentine's Day”
  • “Are you ready for some great deals?”
  • “14% off all holiday merchandise”

Successful campaigns with Valentine's Day gift ideas will maximize effectiveness, build audience loyalty, and drive sales. Companies that explore the possibilities of content marketing and send emails to their customers in advance can increase product sales by 2-3 times!
And one more important point: create a sense of celebration in your subscribers, strengthen your relationship with them, and add positive emotions to their lives. And then the romantic mood will be ensured for both them and you!

Yespo offers hundreds of professionally designed email templates for Valentine's Day marketing ideas, all you have to do is choose your favorite. Connect the hearts of lovers and increase sales of your products and services!

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