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1 April

For email marketers, April Fool's Day is a newsbreak for keeping in touch with subscribers, another opportunity to advertise their product and engage customers in communication with the brand. Below are some tips on how to маке great April Fool's email in 2019.

Design and content of April Fool's Emails

In the design of the fool's day email, marketers often use the yellow - because it symbolizes warmth, kindness, joy, and laughter. “Funny prices” or “No joke sale” almost always appear as the main message on the banners.  Try to avoid these clichés, otherwise, your newsletter will disappear in the mass of similar emails.


You can tell users an interesting or funny story and connect it with a holiday promotion. But humor is a tricky thing. So if you are not sure that your subscribers will understand and appreciate the joke, it`s better not to joke at all. Many bends use the fool's day simply for spring-like designed promotional email.


You will find both examples with jokes and regular promo In our collection - choose which option is more suitable for your business.


P.S. Email campaign is a great way to keep activity in your social networks where April Fool’s jokes will be more appropriate. Insert a short announcement into the email and add a link to the post or the spoof.


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