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Updates of July-August 2021

Our Updates of July-August 2021

This time, most of the changes concerned online forms: we simplified their creation and integration with your site.

You can find our June news here.

? Forms Updates

1. Country code in the Phone field

If you use the Phone field, the country code specified in the organization's settings will be automatically added to it. You can change the default country code if needed.

  • When users fill in the form, they can select any code from the drop-down list.
  • The system removes spaces and all characters except numbers in the input field to avoid errors in the phone number and to unify the data.

Country code

2. Uploading and customizing images

When selecting the form appearance with an image, you can upload your images or use the built-in photo bank for the form with images. All pictures can be reused in other forms.


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3. Multilingual forms

As with messages, web push subscriptions, unsubscribe pages, etc., you can use multilingual settings for forms.

The appearance of the form is set to the default language and automatically applied to other languages. You only need to change the copy to the corresponding ones.

The system displays the form in the language of the site according to the lang attribute in the HTML tag, if this attribute is absent, – according to the language of the user's browser. In other cases, the form is displayed in the default language.

Multilingual forms

4. Recovery of drafts

If you exit the form editor without saving the changes, the next time you open it, you'll see a notification about an unsaved version and can restore it.

5. Background images

You can use background images for the entire form or its containers, such as buttons, etc.

Background images

6. Double Opt-In 

Forms have enabled Double Opt-In by default, and a confirmation email is automatically added for them:

  • If the organization already has a confirmation email, the system will opt for it.
  • If the organization doesn't have a ready-made email, the system will opt for a basic template.

Basic template

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Account Updates

Integration with Horoshop

You can set the transfer of contact data and orders from the site built on Horoshop without coding. To do this, provide a link to your website and enter the username and password for your account in Horoshop in Settings → Integrations in our platform.



  • Contacts are transferred when users register on your site, as well as when placing an order.
  • Use the Add orders API resource to transfer orders.

New HTTP data source

New data source helps to use data from external sources to create personalized campaigns.

HTTP data source

Multilingual web push subscription

You can set multilingual request prompts for subscriptions via the widget.

  • To determine the user's language, the system checks the lang attribute in the HTML tag of the site or the language parameter in the page link (/en). If there are none, the system takes the language of the contact's browser as default.
  • In cases when it's impossible to determine the user's language, the system displays a request prompt in the default language.


The language defined when users subscribe to web push notifications is saved in their contact profiles.

Functionality Updates

Removing spaces in additional contact fields

Spaces before and after the text are cut out in additional contact fields, for example, " dress " is converted to "dress". This happens when importing contacts, including via API.

Removing spaces in additional contact fields will allow you to build segments more accurately.

BigQuery export complement

Now you can upload error codes for Viber/SMS when exporting to BigQuery.

Error code

More on BigQuery integration>>

To learn more about custom features, please email us or book a demo. If some features aren’t available for your account, please contact our support.

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