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System Updates of June 2021

System Updates of June 2021

See the overview of new functionality and important updates in our system.

You can find our April news here.


Now you can create different forms (subscription, registration, application, etc,) and add them to your site in several clicks.

  • Native forms

Create forms in your account and place them anywhere on your website without changing the website code.

Native forms

  • Integrated forms

Integrate with other services (Tilda, Wix, etc) using the webhook.

Integrated forms

Before publishing the form, you need to

  • Create additional fields in our system. They should be similar to the fields of the form. All simple type fields (fields that include text, number, date, date and time, separator) and checkboxes, drop-down lists, subscription categories are available for mapping.
  • Create a confirmation email for Double Opt-In.
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We’ve added several features to enhance your work with forms within the system:

  • Subscription confirmation: New link type in the email editor.
  • Integrations: New section in the personal profile settings that displays all current integrations.
  • Transfer of subscription categories for forms.
  • Analytics. tab, which displays requests, new contacts, updated contacts, etc.

Functionality Updates

Offline and online orders

You can separate online and offline orders when sending the order data through resources v1/orders, v1/event. All method parameters remain unchanged. There is a new check using the source field.

  • if online or offline is specified, the corresponding value will be added to the database;
  • if the field is dull or invalid, online will be added to the database by default.

More on public API

You can also build segments using online/offline orders and order status as conditions,

  • If the initialized order status is added as a condition, you can get all contacts with order_status = initialized, as well as all contacts without order_status.
  • If there no condition order_status is added, then you can get all contacts (with statuses and without statuses).

Order status

Subsegments in dynamic segments

You can go directly from card with conditions to the subsegment. Click the arrow icon to open a tab with the subsegment.


More on dynamic segments

Temporary blacklisting of an email address

Contacts that get delivery errors due to temporarily unavailable email addresses (full email box, inactive email address, etc.) are moved to the temporarily blacklist:

  • First error: blacklisted for a day,
  • Second error: blacklisted for 2 days,
  • Third error: blacklisted for 3 days,
  • Fourth error: blacklisted — for 90 days.

Contacts are automatically removed from the blacklist once a day, at night, and are put back to active contacts.

More on the blacklist

Promotional and transactional messages for Viber

You can send two types of Viber messages through Processing: promotional and transactional.

A promotional message can contain text, an image, button and link.

Promotional Viber

A transactional message contains only text. Before sending, the message template should be approved by the provider.

Transactional Viber

API keys

You can assign users with a new type of  the access rights for API keys — Access to messages. It allows users to manage only message sending.

Access to messages

More access rights


The Timer block has been added to the email editor. You can drag it to the email template and set:

  • End date and time,
  • Counter appearance,
  • Link to the site, etc.


How to use a timer

Additional actions for reports

  • The View icon has been added.
  • In the general report list, you can stop or restore the campaign.

Additional actions for reports

More on reports

Displaying ID in all lists

The segment ID has been added to all sections with segment selection. On all pages where there is a choice of segments, a segment id is added:

Displaying ID

Unsubscribe rate in the report

Unsubscribed has been added to the indicators in the Display drop-down list. It’s disabled by default.

Unsubscribe rate

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