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Head of Direct Marketing

eSputnik News, March-April 2022

Our platform's updates, March-April 2022

This time we launched two new features at once, which will help automate communication as much as possible, and we also worked on improvements for subscription forms and App Inbox.

You can find our January news here.

? New Cool Features


Wishlist allows shoppers to create and save collections of products they want to buy in their accounts. Based on these lists, you can launch omnichannel message chains based on the product status:

  • adding to favorites;
  • the product from the favorites is in stock;
  • reduced price for a product from the favorites;
  • reduced price for a similar product from favorites, etc.

Using this functionality increases the likelihood that the site visitor will return and complete the order.

Functionality is included in the Enterprise plan.

Wishlist example

Use wishlists for customer retention!


Informers are interactive widgets that allow you to inform customers about promotions, discounts, new arrivals, or future events directly on the site and increase their engagement.Informers

Informers features

  • Not intrusive. Informers grab the attention of your site visitors but don't overwhelm other content.
  • Multifunctional. You can use informers to collect email addresses, attract customers on social networks, post survey links, etc.
  • Easy and fast creation. Take advantage of ready-made templates in the Drag'n'Drop editor, flexible settings for the informer appearance, and a wide range of conditions for its display.
  • Unified installation script. You can use it to display other form types on the site.

The functionality is already available in your account in the section Site → Forms → Informers.

Product recommendations in the app

Offer your app users products that they will definitely want to buy.

Algorithms allow you to display collections of

  • similar products to replace the missing one;
  • related products;
  • more expensive products to increase the order amount;
  • products based on the history of customer views and orders, etc.

More on receiving recommendations to a mobile app >>

Tracking for mobile apps

Mobile tracking allows you to analyze user behavior in a mobile app and automatically generate personal message content based on ready-made algorithms:

  • abandoned view;
  • abandoned cart;
  • price reduction of the viewed product;
  • price reduction for a similar product;
  • price reduction for products from the abandoned cart, etc.

With it, you can also collect activities and segment contacts according to additional conditions:

  • page view;
  • purchased goods in online and offline stores;
  • viewed product cards;
  • abandoned cart;
  • abandoned view.

To enable tracking, please contact us at our email.

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Other Updates

Search in App Inbox

When choosing a contact to send a test message, you can search by contact ID, email, phone, first name, and last name.Search in App Inbox

Timer block

Now you can use two settings of the “Timer” block:

  • Wait time until the next workflow step. From the list, you can choose how the pause will be measured: minutes, hours, days, months.
  • Wait until. At this point, you can select the day of the week and the time when the sending should take place. This option is suitable for launching regular automatic campaigns.

For correct work you must select at least one condition for the delayed send of the message or both at once.Timer settings

More on Timer block >> 

Income display

We've improved the calculation methodology and changed the settings page for the Revenue from campaigns feature. Now it shows:

  1. A field that displays whether orders are being transferred or whether they need to be further configured.
  2. Switcher to show/hide the amount of revenue in the reports section.
  3. Description of the counting model for orders transferred to our platform.
  4. Switcher for setting for each channel used, where you can set:
  • an event that connects the message with the sale (Delivered, Opened, Clicked, Sent);
  • the time between event and sale (5 days, hour, week).

Revenue from campaigns

More on displaying revenue >> 


  • We moved the editing panel to the right, and you can choose base components on the left.Editing panel
  • You can set styles for the selected text.Text style
  • We updated basic template designs for all types of forms.Template designs
  • We added image rounding.Image rounding

More on forms >> 

Please email us or book a demo to learn more about custom features. If some features aren’t available for your account, please contact our support.

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Natalie Ustymenko

Head of Direct Marketing

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