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News, January 2022

Our platform's updates, January 2022

This month, we launched three new features that will help automate communication as much as possible, and we also worked on improvements for subscription forms and App Inbox.

You can find our December news here.

? Three new cool features


Surely you know firsthand about the convenience of adding products to your favorites on various sites. But it is crucial not only to add such mechanics to the online store but also to ensure communication after the client has become interested in these products.

Now, our platform makes it easy to do this with new recommendation algorithms that you can use in emails and on the website.

Wishlist recommendations

  • Notify customers who have added a product to their wishlist when it is out of stock or back in stock, when the price has changed, etc.

  • Use product recommendations. For example, offer similar in-stock items in a preferred size or at a lower price.

Connect different channels to reach more audiences and hit their interests exactly.


We've added a new condition Regular demand for advanced segmentation.

Regular demand

The algorithms analyze regularly sold categories (diapers, hygiene products, food, etc.) and automatically calculate the repeat purchase period. For each site, categories and calculation parameters will be different.

Based on the results obtained, you can create a segment and launch a triggered campaign containing the product your contacts buy and supplement it with recommendations.


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Parametric segments

The functionality is similar to building dynamic segments, but segments of a new type are created not by additional fields but by event parameters.

Parametric segments are meant to be used in workflows because they will be updated automatically based on events and don't have to be rebuilt each time.
For example, you can create a segment The number of some events > ${count} and pass the desired value ${count} through the event.


  • The same parameter can be used in different conditions.
  • You can combine parameterized and other conditions within one segment.
  • Parametric segments can be used in workflows for Send to segment blocks for all media channels.

The functionality is provided upon request to our support email.

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? App Inbox

Now you will see a warning in workflows if a script is not modified for this channel or there is no template for message appearance.

Warning in workflow

Also, we add a new Site → App Inbox section to the system where you can apply for a consultation or request early access.

More about App Inbox>>

Subscription Forms

Text styles

By default, each form inherits the text style set on the site as the main one. You can set custom styles for different form elements in the form content settings, including color, style, alignment, etc.

Text styles

Selected colors

The following options are now available in the color selection menu:

  1. Manual selection.
  2. Insert code.
  3. Last used colors.
  4. Swatches.

Color selection menu

Docked options panel

To prevent the floating panel from overlapping the content when editing the form, it is now located below the top menu. Functionally, it hasn't changed.

Docked options panel

Auto-add hover effects

When creating a form, a button color changes on the hover automatically. The color is selected based on the color of the button.

Auto-add hover effects

This effect can be changed or disabled in the form settings.


If you delete a message, event, or segment associated with a subscription form, a warning will appear in the message list that the form may not work correctly.


More on forms>>

Other Updates

New task for the Condition block

The task allows you to check if the contact's CustomField matches the passed value in the event field.

Condition block

For example, if you run a workflow on an event, you can use this task to identify a contact by ContactId/email/phoneNumber and validate its value against a field in the event. Then, the Yes or No path is triggered depending on the match.

Contacts statistics for Mobile Push

We've added the Mobile Push tab to the Contacts → Analytics section. You can see there the contact growth overview and the subscriber engagement overview.

Contacts statistics for Mobile Push

Transferring orders with fractional quantities

This feature is relevant for companies that sell products in fractional units. For example, when a user can add a 25.5 sq.m tile to the cart.

Search bar for recommendation algorithms

When you select an algorithm for creating a data source, you can search by its name or ID.

Search bar for recommendation algorithms

Switching between language versions without saving

When changing versions in multilingual emails, three options are now available:

  • stay in this version;
  • leave without saving;
  • save and move to the next version.

Switching between language versions

Please email us or book a demo to learn more about custom features. If some features aren’t available for your account, please contact our support.

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