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Best Valentine's Day widgets

Nine Best Widget Ideas for Valentine's Day

Before Valentine's Day, ecommerce marketers are thinking about how to convert love into increased customer loyalty and sales. But there's another important task: how to make sure clients know about your special offer for Valentine's Day?

Add widgets to your website – they can help you collect contacts of website visitors, ask for feedback, inform about important news, promotions, etc. Widgets do not require a subscription or user consent to be displayed, so your offer will be seen by both anonymous and identified website visitors.

We have prepared 9 ideas for using widgets for Valentine's Day with detailed descriptions, examples, and tips.

How to Create an Effective Widget

An attractive design, a tempting bonus, and an apt CTA – without these components, a widget cannot be effective. Here are some other important but not obvious steps to success:

  • Customize the display conditions: think about the time of display, the location of the widget on the website, and the number of widgets on the page.
  • Choose your target audience: your offer will get a greater response if it is seen by interested users. Targeting can be customized by showing ads to specific segments of website visitors.
  • Test different options. Experiment not only with different content but also with different types of widgets and their display conditions.

Widget Ideas

Use our widget examples to get inspired to create your perfect, and most importantly, converting, Valentine's Day widget.

Get early access

For Valentine's Day, more and more companies are offering special discounts, promotions, product selections, or bonuses. Businesses from any industry can come up with an interesting strategy for attracting customers. Even pet stores or tool retailers are not left out.

To stand out among competitors, you can launch a widget with information about the promotion before Valentine's Day. Early discounts are a great motivation to make a desired purchase or gift for important people.

For example, the Ultrashop brand launched the “He + She” presale at the end of January. Many companies are still preparing for Valentine's Day, so such a campaign will definitely attract the attention of potential customers.

Ultrashop company widgetThe recipe for a perfect widget: tempting discount + early access to the promotion + thematic design.

Time limit reminder

The FOMO effect is still in effect! Motivate your website visitors to click your widget and view the special offer by limiting it to a certain time. Don't forget to tell your users about it – add the date of the promotion. This is how Y.ua emphasized urgency: 

Y.ua company widgetAnother effective way to play on the fear of missing out on a bargain is to add a countdown timer to the widget.

An example of a widget with a timerThe recipe for a perfect widget: tempting offer + FOMO effect + bright design.

Make a gift

Show your customers they are important to you: for example, run a "1+1=3" promotion, offer free shipping, or some other nice bonus. Any holiday is not only a reason to increase sales, but also an opportunity to win the trust and love of your customers.

For example, the Thomas Earnshaw brand offers website visitors to make a purchase and receive a second product for free. Information about this offer, in addition to the banner, was placed on a floating bar widget. It accompanies the website visitor on all pages, but at the same time does not interfere with the interaction with the content and does not cause irritation.

Thomas Earnshaw company widget

The recipe for a perfect widget: a gift offer + laconic design + successful placement.

Use animation

If you've already made a great offer, come up with an interesting text and CTA, agreed on the terms of the promotion, but want to add some zest, make the widget animated. For example, MAUDAU has created a floating widget that attracts attention with a bright discount and an animated gift box.

MAUDAU company widgetIf you want to display several products or special offers in a widget, you can use a slider:

An example of a sliderThe recipe for a perfect widget: emphasis on the discount + slider + bright CTA.

Create a perfect widget for your website

Create a collection

Choosing gifts is not an easy task. Take care of your customers and make their lives easier. Create a selection of products that are suitable for people with specific interests. Make a list of themed gifts that can be selected on your website. Offer ideas for celebrating Valentine's Day using your products or services.

The main thing is not to forget to inform your visitors about it using the widget. For example, Yakaboo has prepared a selection of books about love and relationship psychology for Valentine's Day.

Yakaboo company widgetThe recipe for a perfect widget: customer care + thematic design.

Recommend products or services

If you want to draw the attention of your website visitors to certain products, widgets are the perfect solution.

For example, for female visitors, you can display a popup with a link to a product category for men and vice versa. This way you can help with the choice of gifts.

If your company has special offers in stores in several cities, set up different widgets to display to site visitors based on their location.

These are just the simplest options for targeting widgets. Yespo CDP allows you to display them to specific contact segments using customer data on behavior, preferences, and previous interactions with your brand.

Example of targeting a widgetThe recipe for a perfect widget: targeting the audience you're interested in.

For example, MAUDAU uses widgets to draw the attention of website visitors to certain categories of products. Floating informers helped increase sales of discounted goods by 19%.

Engage mobile users

Smartphones are predicted to become the most popular channel for online shopping in the next 5 years. If you haven't yet paid attention to the adaptability of your website to the mobile version or don't have an app, it's time to think about it.

Widgets should also be adapted for display on smartphones. For example, as Techno Yizhak did. They made sure that the widget looked good not only on the desktop version but also on the mobile phones of website visitors:

Techno Yizhak company widgetThe recipe for a perfect widget: tempting discount + responsive design.

The effectiveness of widgets for mobile is also evidenced by statistics: on average, popups on smartphones have a 3.1% higher conversion rate than on desktops. In this article, we've collected a lot more interesting data: how different types of widgets convert, how CR is affected by display settings and content, etc.

Last post

Combine different types of widgets

A widget that pops up and overlaps the website content is not the only way to display widgets. You can create a whole sequence of different types of widgets that will encourage your website visitors to make a purchase. For example, start with an inline widget with an attractive image and inspirational text:

Target company widget To make sure your visitors remember about the promotion, add a floating bar that will be displayed at the top or bottom of the website and won't interfere with their interaction with the content:

An example of a floating bar widgetIf a website visitor removes the cursor from the website window, set up an exit pop-up with a tempting bonus that motivates them to make a purchase. Yespo makes it easy to set the necessary conditions for displaying widgets: on certain pages, for visitors from specific countries, after N time, etc.

An example of a popup widgetThe recipe for a perfect widget sequence: one theme + customizable display conditions.

Do not write about the holiday

Your competitors will probably offer "special discounts for Valentine's Day", "promotional products to please your loved ones", and "bonuses for Valentine's Day". If you suggest a different reason for a special offer on that day, you will definitely interest your website visitors. For example, Yakaboo has created a widget for Book Giving Day, which also falls on February 14.

Yakaboo company widgetThe recipe for a perfect widget: an unusual newsworthy event + a tempting promotion + a bright design.


Widgets are an effective tool for increasing the engagement of website visitors and converting them into customers. Online businesses of any industry can use this channel in their Valentine's Day marketing strategy.

To ensure that your widgets bring as many targeted actions as possible by February 14, take care of mobile responsiveness, targeting, and customization of display conditions. Don't forget to conduct A/B tests: this way you can choose the best widget option that will definitely attract the attention of a potential buyer.

Soon, your subscribers' inboxes will be full of competitors' offers, so you need to attract customers' attention and convince them to buy from you. Widgets allow you to reach both identified and anonymous visitors of your website with special offers.

Offering early access to a promotion, recommending products or categories, giving gifts to customers – the list of possible uses for widgets is limited only by your imagination and the time left before the holiday.

Get inspired by our Valentine's Day widget ideas and design your own! If you have any questions about how to use widgets effectively, please contact Yespo CDP specialists. We will be happy to tell you about all the features of this tool.

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