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Black Friday Widgets: 11 Best Ideas and Designs

Black Friday Widgets: 11 Best Ideas and Designs

Black Friday is coming, so it's time to think about attracting as many customers as possible with this theme. Since the competition is increasing, this year you shouldn’t limit yourself to the usual bonuses shared in newsletters. In addition to them, use widgets on your website and interact with both anonymous and identified visitors.

According to statistics, during Black Friday, website widgets get 54% more reach than usual and collect 101% more newsletter subscriptions. That’s why in this article, we've gathered 11 ideas on how to create the perfect Black Friday widget that your customers will love.

3 Reasons to Use Widgets in Your Black Friday Marketing Strategy

If you think your Black Friday communication strategy is already complete and effective without website popups, below are three reasons to add them:

  • Easily collect a subscriber base. While website widgets allow you to get the email addresses of your visitors, you can also ask them to leave a phone number and communicate with them via SMS or messengers.
  • Grow your promotional offers reach. With informers (interactive website popups ) you can promote profitable offers and engage site visitors in interaction.
  • Collect additional customer data. Survey forms allow you to discover user feedback, their preferences, and other personal information.

Black Friday Widgets Examples

Let's take a closer look at widget ideas, possible designs, and the audience you can target for holiday offers.

1. Sparkle Visitors Interest Beforehand

A week before Black Friday, create a widget reminding your customers of upcoming discounts. Invite the site visitor to leave their email or phone number to receive sales alerts and an additional promo code. This will help not only increase the number of potential customers who will make purchases during the discount period but also collect contacts for further communication.

Widget example

Targeting option: show to all homepage visitors.

2. Offer Early Sale Access

Not all users want to wait until Black Friday to make a purchase. During the sale period, all companies will offer discounts, special bonuses, and favorable conditions. But maybe your website visitor is ready to make a purchase now? Early access to special offers can attract and encourage them to make a spontaneous order.

Widget example

Targeting option: show to all visitors to the catalog main page.

3. Create an Offer of a Day or Hour

Consider placing a popup on your website with a profitable offer that will be valid for a certain amount of time, for example, N hours or minutes. This will help create the FOMO effect. A countdown timer will add a sense of urgency. You can also add a cool logo of your brand.  

Widget example

Targeting option: show to all visitors on product category pages.

MustHave clothing retailer uses Yespo widgets for various occasions and marketing tasks. Thanks to this tool, the company reduced the bounce rate by 6.4%, increased the number of page visits by 10.2%, and got 240% ROI. The popup with promotional offers turned out to be the most converting for this brand.

Create a perfect widget for your website!

4. Attract with a Free Product

Incentivize your customers with an offer to get a free item when buying a certain number of units. Of course, not every type of business can afford such a strategy. However, "1 + 1 = 3" promos are in demand among buyers. The main thing is to inform them about the conditions of the special offer. For example, specify that the item with the lowest value is considered a gift.

Widget example

Targeting option: show to all homepage visitors.

5. Use Exit-Intent Popups with Discounts

According to statistics, more than 70% of visitors leave websites without a purchase. To retain them, create an exit-intent popup with a reminder of special offers. And add a bonus to convince your visitors to make a purchase.

Widget example

Targeting option: Show visitors who are trying to close the site.

6. Remind Your Customers About Special Offers

The visitor can close the popup with information about the promotion, but the floating widget will accompany them throughout the site and at the same time, will not spoil the user experience. Just remind the user that you have special offers and they are just one click away.

Widget example

Targeting option: show to all visitors on all pages.

7. Recommend a Category or Products

Take care of your website visitors and offer them a certain category or specific products that are currently discounted. Statistics show that 76% of online shoppers say that are more likely to buy brands that provide personalized offers. So, if a user has added a product from the "Body care" category to the cart, offer to view the "Face care" category.

Widget example

Targeting option: display to visitors who have added a product from the Body Care category to their cart.

8. Offer a One-Click Order

On Black Friday, most businesses try to attract customers with discounts, free shipping, and special conditions. If you offer one-click ordering, it can be decisive for a user who is choosing between you and your competitor.

Widget example

Targeting option: іhow to all visitors on product pages.

9. Show a Slider With Offers for Different Audience Segments

Usually on Black Friday, the company has promotions for different product categories and for different audiences. But how to inform the visitor about them, but at the same time not to spoil the user experience? The slider allows you to show several special offers. This Yespo widget can contain several slides that are displayed with a certain frequency in a given order.

Widget example

Targeting option: display to all visitors on directory pages.

Yespo CDP allows for widget display conditions customization. For example, you can set general rules such as country, hours, pages, etc. If you need to make a targeted offer, use the display setting for specific audience segments.

10. Remind about the Abandoned Cart

Abandoned cart notifications are already a must-have in online marketing. However, the user may not return to the site from the letter about the abandoned goods. An effective way to remind people about an incomplete order is to do it while the person is still in your online store. Create a widget with a reminder about the abandoned cart, and the information that the products are discounted only during Black Friday will be the motivation to complete the order.

Widget example

Targeting option: display to visitors who have added a product to the cart, but have not placed an order within 10 minutes, or are trying to close the site.

11. Advertise a New Range

Black Friday is a good reason to manage your stock more effectively and sell the products that are usually not in high demand. But given the fact that the users shop more actively during Black Friday, it is also a good opportunity to present a new collection or assortment and draw the attention of potential customers to it.

Widget example

Targeting option: show to all visitors on the main page.

How to Create a Black Friday Widget in Yespo

Yespo omnichannel CDP has a convenient drag-n-drop widget builder, where you can implement any idea for Black Friday. Choose the required type: subscription form, informer, launcher or age gate. The system allows you to configure different types of placement on the site: built-in, popup, floating bar, or floating box.

Creating a widget in Yespo CDP

Next, the marketer can create the necessary design and choose targeting and display rules without the involvement of other specialists.

Widget display conditions

In addition, Yespo omnichannel CDP has the option to A/B test the website widgets and choose which of the designs or display settings convert better.

The marketer can monitor the effectiveness of each widget using graphs and tables reports, with data updated every minute. To better understand how widgets work on your site, you can also set up a revenue display. Then, the report will show the number of purchases, the average order value, and the total revenue from a particular widget.


Widgets help collect site visitors' contacts, engage them to join your social media, receive feedback and additional customer data. We have identified 9 best scenarios for using widgets in eCommerce and added detailed descriptions and examples to inspire you.

Don't miss the opportunity to convert more site visitors into customers on Black Friday with our website popups!

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