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The MAUDAU case: How to increase sales of discounted products by 19% through widgets

Discounts are a powerful tool for ecommerce to attract customers, with 65% of surveyed consumers considering them the best incentive for repeat purchases. However, companies need to draw attention to these offers on their websites. Not everyone will navigate to the discounted products section, and you can only send promotional messages to those subscribed to newsletters.

Widgets on a website can effectively notify potential customers about beneficial offers. This article explains how widgets featuring promotional products helped MAUDAU increase their sales by 19%. The case was prepared with the participation of the Claspo smart pop-up system, integrated into the Yespo CDP, and the Promodo agency.

About the Project

MAUDAU is an online platform offering everyday items from various categories, such as food and drinks, electronics, home goods, cosmetics, etc. The company brands itself as a “market of important stuff.” Using the Yespo CDP functionality, MAUDAU communicates with its customers through the following channels:

  • Email
  • Viber
  • SMS

Besides direct channel interaction, MAUDAU also personalizes the customer experience on its website. Yespo’s AI algorithms allow to create blocks with personalized product recommendations on the website, in the app, and in newsletters.
These recommendations are based on customer behavior and preferences. MAUDAU uses personalized selections of products on its website.

Personalized product recommendations


Besides regular product categories, MAUDAU's website catalog includes a “Promotions” section. However, the marketplace team wanted to draw more attention to specific discounted items, so they used the informers for this purpose.


are clickable widgets designed to inform site visitors about important news, offers, and to enhance interaction with the company.


There are four types of widgets available in the Yespo CDP system:

  • inline
  • popup 
  • floating box
  • floating bar

To promote discounted products, MAUDAU created floating box informers on various product category pages. Three informers were displayed in the “Alcohol” category on different days:

Informers with promo offers

These informers appeared if a visitor stayed on the site for at least 30 seconds and moved the cursor to exit the page. The widget appeared once a day and would not reappear if closed by the user.

User interaction data with the informer is sent to Yespo to form a single customer profile. The customer data platform allows the use of collected user data for segmentation and personalization of future interactions.

Currently, MAUDAU uses more than 20 informers. To avoid overwhelming visitors with offers, it’s possible to set up irritation protection in Yespo. For example, only one widget per session is displayed for each product category on MAUDAU's site. This helps to inform customers about promotions while ensuring a positive customer experience.


On average, MAUDAU's widgets bring the following results:

  • Increase product views by 13% 
  • Increase cart additions by 13%
  • Increase transactions by 16%

Within two days, informers for three “Alcohol” category products exceeded the averages: 

  • Increase product views by 14% 
  • Increase cart additions by 15%
  • Increase transactions by 19%

Because of informers from Yespo CDP, more people saw MAUDAU's time-limited special offers. This led to more purchases.


MAUDAU plans to use a slider, a widget type showing multiple offers at the same time. They also aim to introduce popups for abandoned cart reminders. Yespo CDP allows doing this by targeting specific visitor segments. These segments are created based on the client's preferences and interactions.

If you want to use widgets to boost sales and enhance customer experience, book a meeting with our specialists. We’d be happy to explore options for your business.

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