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DeepStateMap Case

DeepStateMap Case: How to Achieve x3.9 Widget Conversion Boost

A widget is an effective tool for attracting the attention of website visitors. The DeepStateMap project successfully uses it to achieve several important goals: engaging users in their social networks, encouraging international readers to donate, and even calling on the Russian soldiers to lay down their arms. Read more about the strategy of using Yespo widgets in our article.


DeepStateMap.Live serves as a valuable platform, ensuring users stay updated on the ever-evolving front line and dynamic military operations within the Russian-Ukrainian war. By providing real-time data, this online map keeps users well-informed regarding the latest developments in combat zones and helps to gain a better understanding of conflict dynamics.

Traffic and engagement


The platform was experiencing significant traffic, boasting approximately 26 million monthly sessions. DeepStateMap.Live team decided to search for an alternative solution as far as existing services were either costly or couldn’t provide crucial functionality and features like content blockers, localization, and Single-page applications (SPAs).

SPAs, which load all needed code on one page, offer efficiency by removing unnecessary item uploads and maintaining existing URLs. This kind of website structure is not widely supported by most services. The systems providing the necessary features require big budgets. This was not possible for DeepStateMap's not-for-profit endeavor taking into account its high traffic.

In their seeking to enhance conversion rates and explore new possibilities and features, DeepStateMap approached Claspo. The project team discovered a unified solution that offered easy widgets installation and configuration, providing the functionality they needed within their budget.


It is one of the projects of martech companies family. Its functionality is built into the Yespo system.

Solutions and Results for DeepStateMap

Claspo team offered three widgets options, which were approved and added to the project website.

1. News widgets elevate conversions by 3.9x

News widgets

DeepStateMap achieved a remarkable 3.9 times increase in conversion rates with news widgets. It’s mobile-adaptive popups with a single button, leading users to a Telegram channel with regular and timely news updates.

With SPA support, Claspo's script performs securely and loads faster, contributing to the conversion growth from 0.370% to 1.438%.

Our conversion rate increased by 3.9 times thanks to the SPA supported by Claspo. The script works more correctly, is more stable, and loads better. We really enjoy multilanguage widgets and geotargeting!

Marketing Specialist, DeepStateMap

The Claspo’s capability to work with SPAs was a crucial factor in DeepStateMap's decision to choose the platform. It helped cut back page views and, consequently, their costs.

Automate communication with your audience and optimize marketing costs

2. Widget for donations: breaking barriers using multilingual feature

Widget for donations

DeepStateMap solved the challenge of multilingual support, an area where many other platforms feel uncertain. They added a floating bar to the site that stays in the user's line of sight while scroll-down, encouraging support for the project through donations. Although the adjustments made were not substantial, the conversion rate experienced a slight improvement, rising from 0.59% to 0.6%.

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3. Geotargeted content blocking: widget for Russian militaries

Special widget for Russian militaries

The project team had a specific plan to build a full-display popup exclusively geared toward Russian Federation’s armies, encouraging them to surrender.

We needed to set up geotargeting, but Claspo didn't have that option in its arsenal. However, the product built and customized this feature specifically for us in less than a month.

Marketing Specialist of DeepStateMap

To achieve this, they implemented a popup on the site that blocked the entire content and created a second button, providing users with the option to close up the widget. So the targeted visitors, specifically Russian citizens, were left with only two opportunities: shut down the site or interact with the popup window. This method succeeded in a 32-fold conversion growth from 1.44% to 46.9%.

The next step for DeepStateMap is to carry out A/B testing for different kinds of widgets, button forms, and design modifications to develop further and improve the platform.

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