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Email Marketing Event Calendar for May

Event Calendar for May: 115 Marketing Ideas & Email Examples

As we approach the last month of spring, marketers start looking for email content ideas for May. Labour Day, Mother's Day, and Victory Day are the most popular holidays in May but not the only ones. You can choose from the below list of events applicable to your business, and craft the corresponding email campaigns.

Below, you'll also find 9 creative marketing ideas for May emails covering the content and design trends. And if you need last-minute help beyond email ideas, save this email marketing cheat sheet with useful resources.

Day Holidays and Events to Look for in May 2024

May 1

International Labour Day;

May Day (EU);

International Sunflower Guerrilla Gardening Day;


Lei Day (Hawaii);

World Laughter Day (first Sunday of May);

Loyalty Day (US).

Labour Day email example

May 2

World Tuna Day;

Day of Madrid;

Flag Day (Poland);

Labour Day (Australia);

National Education Day (Indonesia);

Eid al-Fitr;

Teachers' Day (Iran).

May 3

Sun Day;

World Press Freedom Day;

Constitution Memorial Day (Japan);

Constitution Day (Poland);

Turkism Day;

Fiesta de las Cruces (Spain).

May 4

International Firefighters' Day;

Star Wars Day;

Youth Day (China);

Bird Day (US);

Teachers' Day (Jamaica);

Greenery Day (Japan).

Star Wars Day email example

May 5

International Midwives' Day;

International Day of the Portuguese Language and Culture;

Europe Day;

Cinco de Mayo (US, Mexico);

Children's Day (Japan, South Korea);

Liberation Day (Denmark);

Hidirellez (Turkey);

Constitution Day (Kyrgyzstan).

May 6

International No Diet Day;


National Nurses Day (US).

May 7

Press, Language and Book Day (Lithuania);

World Naked Gardening Day (first Saturday of May).

May 8

World Red Cross and Red Crescent Day;

Buddha's Birthday (East Asia);

World Migratory Bird Day (second weekend of May);

Mills Weekend (second weekend of May), (UK, Netherlands);

Parents' Day (South Korea);

Victory in Europe Day;

Veterans Day (Norway);

Mother's Day (second Sunday of May).

Mother's Day email example

May 9

Victory Day (Ukraine).

May 10

Independence Day (Romania);

Children's Day (Maldives);

Flower Festival (Azerbaijan).

May 11

National Technology Day (India);

Human Rights Day (Vietnam).

May 12

International Nurses Day;

Day of the Finnish Identity (Finland).

May 13

Children's Day (Hungary);

International Hummus Day;

National Apple Pie Day (US).

May 14

World Fair Trade Day (second Saturday of May);

Engineer's Day (Chile).

Use our email editor

May 15

Flag Day (Paraguay);

International Day of Families;

Persian Language Day (Iran);

Mother's Day (Paraguay);

Peace Officers Memorial Day (US);

Teachers' Day (Colombia, Mexico).

Family Day email example

May 16

Teachers' Day (Malaysia);

Biographer's Day (US).

May 17

International Day Against Homophobia;

World Hypertension Day;

World Information Society Day;

Galician Literature Day;

Navy Day (Argentina);

Firefighter's Day (Latvia);

Constitution Day (Norway).

May 18

International Museum Day;

World AIDS Vaccine Day;

National Cheese Souffle Day (US).

May 20

Malcolm X Day (US);

World Bee Day;

World Metrology Day;

European Maritime Day;

Doctor Day (Indonesia);

National Day (Cameroon).

May 21

World Whisky Day (third Saturday of May);

Culture Freedom Day (third Saturday of May);

Science Day (third Saturday of May), (Ukraine);

World Day for Cultural Diversity for Dialogue and Development;

Navy Day (Chile);

Independence Day (Montenegro).

May 22

International Day for Biological Diversity;

World Goth Day;

Harvey Milk Day (US);

National Maritime Day (US).

Goth Day email example

May 23

World Turtle Day;

Labour Day (Jamaica);

Students' Day (Mexico).

May 24

European Day of Parks.

May 25

Africa Day;

Bike Day (Canada);

International Missing Children Day;

Geek Pride Day.

May 26

Ascension Day (Western);

Independence Day (Georgia);

Mother's Day (Poland);

National Paper Airplane Day (US);

National Sorry Day (Australia).

May 27

Children's Day (Nigeria);

European Neighbors' Day (last Friday of May);

Mother's Day (Bolivia).

May 28

Republic Day (Azerbaijan);

National Brisket Day (US).

May 29

Republic Day (Nepal);

International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers;

World Digestive Health Day;

National Elderly Day (Indonesia);

Oak Apple Day (UK).

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May 30

Canary Islands Day (Spain);

Memorial Day (last Monday of May), (US);

Carpet Day (Turkmenistan).

May 31

World No Tobacco Day;

National Macaroon Day (US).

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9 Creative Marketing Ideas for May Emails

Now when you know when to write, let’s see what email content creation ideas you can adapt.

1. Experiment with fonts.

You don’t need many images or a complex layout to make your campaign look nice. Smart usage of fonts, colors and white space can do the job as well.

Mother's Day email example focusing on fonts

By the way, in our system, you can add any font you want in several clicks. They will get available in the editor right after you click final Save.

our email editor

2. Add animation.

Animated elements never leave the list of email design trends. They make any campaign look more festive and dynamic. Plus, animation is a life-saving marketing idea for small businesses that don’t have budget or technical possibilities to run a special photoshoot.

Ecommerce email with animation

3. Promote related products.

Think what products of yours may resonate with a particular holiday and come up with the corresponding launch. As an example: last year, GiftBasket launched a special pizza kit for National Pizza Party Day.

National Pizza Day email example

4. Add a countdown timer.

A good old countdown timer puts a focus on a time limit and prompts faster decision making. How to add one in your ecommerce email is clearly explained here.

Star Wars Day email with a countdown timer

5. Use a simple promo code.

Whatever occasion it’s dedicated to, make a promo code easy to use. A short memorable word like the below GOTH20 is better than say GthyFGthkjijip890mi.

Goth Day email

6. Run Best of May.

Or any other campaign focused on the best products of the month, Staff Choice, What You Liked This Month, Best Sellers of May, etc.

eCommerce email with sales

In our platform, you can create personalized product recommendations featuring bestsellers or popular products. Select the necessary recommendations algorithm, upload your site data source and assign it to the email template with recommendations. The system will automatically be adding items to emails based on their sute category and availability.

Selecting bestsellers for recommendations

7. Employ gamification.

A great content idea in itself, gamification is a useful tool to keep your subscribers entertained. It also increases the average read time and depth, prolonging the interaction with your brand.

Email with gamification

8. Run a challenge.

And speaking of entertainment, challenges are also a great way to engage your audience. Think what activity resonates with your company and offer small incentives for participation.

Email with the challenge

9. Add a video.

Use a how-to tutorial to explain how to use your product and give people more reasons to buy it.

Email with a video tutorial

Whatever campaign you send, make sure you segment your audience properly and optimize sending time. The right offer sent at the right time is what makes the most high-performing campaign.

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