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Best Email Subject Lines for Mother’s Day

115 Email Subject Lines for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is an international holiday celebrated in many countries. Typically, it falls on different dates in May:

  • First Sunday of May in Hungary, Portugal, Spain, etc.
  • Second Sunday of May in US, Canada, many European countries, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, South Africa, etc.
  • Last Sunday of May in Algeria, France, Morocco, Tunisia, etc.
  • Some countries celebrate this holiday on May 8, 14, 15, 16, 19 22, 26, 27, and 30. (See the full list).

Whatever the date though, marketers start preparing Mother’s Day ideas way before May. And alongside email design and content, writing an effective email subject line is an issue also worth your attention.

Most Popular Mother’s Day Subject Lines

In May, you’ll hardly find a brand that doesn't run special Mother’s Day greetings and sales. As a result, 80% of subject lines in your inbox would contain such words as sale, discount, free, extended, gift, % off. Which isn't bad as people will expect gifts and promo codes from you. However, a bit of ingenuity will be helpful to make your emails noticeable in the Inbox stuffed with alike messages.

  • M❤️m Deserves Another Day & So Do YOU! Up to 60% Off Sale); 
  • 30% Off = Your Mother's Day Treat (a little early!);
  • Spoil your mum with this amazing gift on Mother's Day!?
  • This just in: You can STILL surprise Mom (and save 20%);
  • HOURS LEFT— Our Extended Mother’s Day Sale ends tonight! 
  • Your spa day = 20% off;
  • 100 Gifts Just For Mom ❤️
  • Treat Yourself, Mom! One Day Only—50% off site-wide!
  • Mom, your happiness's our goal! THE SECOND ONE'S 50% OFF;
  • $1,000 Giveaway! #MomsLifeIsTheBestLife! 
  • Moms are the best! | let's celebrate with 25% off today! 
  • Mamma Mia Flash Sale 25% Off Today Only;
  • Mommy Dearest: 25% off Juice!
  • Extended: 20% Off Mother's Day Sale! 
  • Shop with your Mom + 20% OFF;
  • Last-minute Mother's Day gift;
  • Celebrate Mom with FREE shipping! 
  • 20% Off Sitewide for Mother’s Day! 
  • Ending Soon | A Mother's Day Special;
  • Happy Mother's day!!! ❤ Last chance for 15% OFF;
  • Happy Mother's Day! Final hours to receive a FREE Zingo Scarf with your order;

Mother's day email example

  • FINAL DAY TO ENTER our Ultimate Mother's Day Giveaway! 
  • Our Mother’s Day Sale Starts Now! 
  • Are you ready for Mother's Day? Here's 25% off! 
  • Your Mother’s Day gift, delivered instantly;
  • Mother's Day Sale LAST CALL: 65% OFF! It's Now or Never! 
  • A virtual beauty session with Mom (on us);
  • Last Day To Save 25% On All Orders... Happy Mother's Day! 
  • Get 50% off and more for Mother's Day;
  • International Mother's Day | 15% off;
  • FINAL HOURS: Mother's Day deals and FREE 2-3 day shipping;
  • LAST CALL! Mother's Day Savings;
  • They’re almost gone! Mother’s Day deals you don’t want to miss! 
  • MAMMA MIA! Giveaway Alert! 
  • Just in time for Mother's Day Sale! 
  • Celebrate the day. Gift inside. 40%... 
  • 48 Hour Mother's Day Sale!
  • 20% Savings + Free Shiping For Mother's Day;

Mother's day letter idea

  • For Mom: Flowers that will last a lifetime;
  • Missed to Gift MOM This Mother's Day? Don't Worry;
  • We have treats for Mother’s Day! ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
  • Happy Mother’s Day | Sweet sentiments from our staff;
  • Because You ? Them;
  • This Mother's Day, order a gift that's especially customized for mom! ♥ 
  • We're saying Happy Mother's Day with amazing deals!❤
  • It's the Day! Happy Mother's Day Sales! 
  • Happy Mother's Day! We want to pamper you!
  • Ain't No Mama Like The One I Got ?
  • ? Fresh Picked for Mom.

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Original Subject Lines for Mother’s Day Emails

Surely, sales shouldn’t be the only focus of your Mother’s Day email marketing. Yes, the first thing people look for in emails is profit, but when you see 50 subject lines in a row saying Happy Mother’s Day Sales, you get kind of immune to all calls.

So don’t put all eggs in one basket and don’t rely on discounts only. Try to strike the different cords with emotive and touching words.

  • All Week Long... We're Celebrating MOMS!
  • Mother’s Day Gift Guide | For the one who keeps it all together …
  • Lo and Behold: Mom’s Day Celebration Begins! 
  • Mom Knows Best;
  • It's never too late to celebrate Mom;
  • Mom's Big Day Is Tomorrow!
  • Nothing but love for Mom ❤️
  • Happy Mother's Day To Tigers, House Cats and Humans;
  • Here's to Women Worth Celebrating;
  • They make the world go round ❤️ 
  • 28,991 ways to say… 
  • We call her amazing, you call her Mom ❤ 

Mother's Day email campaign

  • Her Day or Your Day, We wish you the best! 
  • Inspirational. Powerful. Unstoppable;
  • A Mother's Day Tale of Love and Survival;
  • Mums, aunties, grandmothers;
  • “The future is female . . . Happy Mother’s Day”;
  • To Our Inspirational Muses: Happy Mother’s Day;
  • Today and every day, we celebrate YOU;
  • Have a Blessed Mother's Day! 
  • Saluting the Everyday Heroes;
  • Don't forget to call your mom today!! 
  • Celebrate mom every day, not just on Mother's Day;

Mother's Day email marketing

Last post
  • Happy Mother's Day, Love For All The Moms;
  • A mom to be proud of! 
  • One Fine Thing: Meet the Monas' Mommas;
  • To All The Boss Moms, Future Moms, Mothers, Aunts, and Parents;
  • The M Dash: Mother’s Day Edition;
  • Here’s to Mom;
  • A Mother’s Day Message From Peter! 
  • Happy Mother's Day! XOXO;
  • Here's to the everyday icons❤
  • Make your mom smile bigger than the mountains! 
  • Mothers & Daughters;
  • Make Your Mother's Day! They're Special ❤ 
  • Spread the Mother’s Day Love;
  • Momma Cats And Human Moms Aren't All That Different;
  • Not All Heroes Wear Capes;
  • All those meals Mom made for you;

Mother's Day promo email example

  • To all you Mama's out there;
  • Mama, Mommy, Mom, Mamasita, Ma, Mother… 
  • Let's help Mom make the switch! 
  • A thank you to the coolest moms in the world;
  • Today We Celebrate Motherhood;
  • To all the Moms, Mothers, Moddies, Ninis, Bibis, Zazas and Parents;
  • Wishing you a sweet & happy Mother's Day;
  • To Our Moms, Daughters, Sisters, BFFs: Happy Mother's Day;
  • Mom Or Not, We Celebrate You;
  • It’s the mother of all holidays! 
  • Wishing All Mothers A Radiant Day;
  • Who Rules the World? Moms! 

 Mother's Day greeting email

  • Because Mom is always right;
  • Happy Mother's Day to all unapologetic moms! 
  • Celebrating mothers who do it all;
  • Mama, Woman, Goddess, Gaia;
  • What are the 3 words every Mom wants to hear?
  • Celebrate the power of moms! 
  • Mom, I Promise… 
  • “the hardest job I’ve ever had…” 
  • For the Unconventional Mom (and all Mom's) - Happy Mothers' Day!! 
  • 3 Ways To CeleBEARate Mother's Day! 
  • mom is where the heart is.

For a good result, launch drip Mother’s Day campaigns and use several approaches to email marketing subject line writing. A couple of weeks before the holiday, announce early sales, then send sales extended and right on a big day send a warm congratulations without any extra words or CTAs.

And if you need some inspiration in terms of email design, check our Mother’s Day email examples and see what campaigns are worth mimicking.

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