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Email Marketing Event Calendar: 100+ April Content Ideas

Email Marketing Event Calendar: 100+ April Content Ideas

Fool’s Day and Easter (falls on April 17 in 2022) are two shopping occasions marketers will be looking for in April. However, spring arrival also remains a big event to celebrate, especially for the residents of the Northern hemisphere who have been dealing with cold short days for long winter months. For them, April email campaigns make a great opportunity to present new ways of seasonal renewal, be it for home, design, lifestyle, or business solutions.

A rebirth experience also resonates with April emails because April 22 is International Earth Day. Moreover, in April many countries celebrate Arbor Day, Gardening Day, or Plant a Tree Day, so it’s a perfect month to declare your sustainability policy and conservation activities (I'm sure you do some).

If none of this is applicable to your business, check the below list of ideas for April email marketing campaigns and plan ahead your spring marketing strategies.

Day Holidays and Events to Look for in April 2022

April 1

Fools' Day;

Edible Book Day;

Cognac Birthday;

Arbor Day (Tanzania).

April 2

International Children's Book Day;

World Autism Awareness Day;

Thai Heritage Conservation Day (Thailand);

International Pillow Fight Day;

National Peanut Butter and Jelly Day (US).

April 3

World Party Day;

Tweed Day (US);

Geologist Day (first Sunday of April);

National Chocolate Mousse Day (US).

April 4

World Rat Day;

Children's Day (Hong Kong, Taiwan).

April 5

Arbor Day (South Korea);

National Maritime Day (India).

April 6

International Day of Sport for Development and Peace;

World Table Tennis Day;

Tartan Day;

National Fisherman Day (Indonesia);

New Beer's Eve (US).

April 7

World Health Day;

Motherhood and Beauty Day (Armenia);

Flag Day (Slovenia);

Women's Day (Mozambique);

National Beer Day (US).

April 8

International Romani Day;

Hana Matsuri (Flower Festival), (Japan);

National Empanada Day (US).

April 9

Day of the Finnish Language (Finland).

April 10

Builders' Day (Azerbaijan);

Children's Day (second Sunday of April), (Peru);

Siblings Day (US).

April 11

International Louie Louie Day;

World Parkinson's Day;

National Cheese Fondue Day (US);

National Pet Day (US).

Pet Day email example

April 12

International Day for Street Children;

World Aviation and Cosmonautics Day;

Day of Science (Kazakhstan);

Day of Space and Rocket Industry Workers (Ukraine);

Children's Day (Bolivia).

April 13

Asian New Year (South and Southeast Asia);

Teacher's Day (Ecuador);

Thomas Jefferson's Birthday (US);

National Peach Cobbler Day (US).

April 14

Pan American Day;

Day of the Georgian Language (Georgia);

Youth Day (Angola);

Black Day (South Korea).

April 15

Universal Day of Culture;

Good Friday (two days before Easter);

World Art Day;

Day of Love (Georgia, Kazakhstan);

Children's Day (Spain);

Espresso Italiano Day (third Friday of April), (Italy).

April 16

Holy Saturday (day before Easter);

World Voice Day;

World Circus Day (third Saturday of April);

Environment Day (Ukraine).

Police Day (Armenia).

April 17


Women's Day (Gabon).

Easter email

April 18

International Day For Monuments and Sites;

World Amateur Radio Day;

Invention Day (Japan).

April 19

Dutch-American Friendship Day;

National Amaretto Day (US).

April 20

Chinese Language Day.

April 21

World Creativity and Innovation Day;

National Tea Day (United Kingdom);

Queen's Birthday (UK);

National Tree Planting Day (Kenya);

Book Day (Vietnam).

April 22

Earth Day.

Earth Day email example

April 23

World Book Day;

English Language Day;

St. George's Day;

Navy Day (China);

Children's Day (Colombia);

National Cherry Cheesecake Day (US).

April 24

Easter (Western Christianity);

World Day for Laboratory Animals;

Fashion Revolution Day.

April 25

World Penguin Day;

DNA Day (US);

Red Hat Society Day;

Arbor Day (Germany).

April 26

World Intellectual Property Day.

April 27

Freedom Day (South Africa);

International Noise Awareness Day (last Wednesday of April);

King's Day (Netherlands).

April 28

World Day for Safety and Health at Work;

April 29

International Dance Day;

Arbor Day (Colombia);

Shōwa Day (Japan).

April 30

International Jazz Day;

World Veterinary Day (last Saturday of April);

Children's Day (Mexico);

Teachers' Day (Paraguay);

Honesty Day (US).

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Email Subject Lines for April Marketing

Hope some of the above email marketing ideas will help steer your imagination the right way. And here is a list of April email subject lines to make your open rates bloom this April.

  • The BIG April Getaway – unbeatable savings!
  • TITLE Nationals: The Place To Be This April;
  • Discover somewhere special this Easter;
  • Our Most Popular Surf Packages for April;
  • Let us whisk you away to picture-perfect Sirmione this spring!
  • Where to head for the heat in April;
  • Easter in Wales, daffodils and egg hunts!
  • The Oily Rag – April Edition;
  • Ends Midnight: April Kitchen + Bath Event;
  • April Showers | Shop Rainwear;
  • April showers bring…
  • April has been full of announcements, but this is THE;
  • Give a fashion-forward farewell to April with 25% off;
  • Customer Favorites for April;
  • Adios April. May's Almost Here So Check Out What Snacks Are Coming;
  • April's over already! Here's a 10% discount to end the month;
  • April's A-list;
  • April Vip Day! Start From 60% Off;
  • Every-bunny has a favorite! Whats yours?
  • April Showers Bring...Floral Bags;
  • April’s FINAL Blowout. Breeze right in;
  • Limited Offer In April Has Been Released! Hurry Now! ⏰
  • ☔April Clearance, 20%off is ready for you…☔️
  • Yay—our April catalog is here!!
  • The April showers solution;
  • Thanks Earth, you rock!
  • Your April Agenda (and what to wear) is here!
  • April's Cool Get an Extra 10% OFF On Nearly Everything!!
  • Celebrate Earth Month with the Plant the 10 Trees Campaign;
  • 4 must-haves in your house this April!
  • Seek out adventure in our April arrivals.

For more holiday-specific April email subject lines and inspiration check out 45+ Subject Lines to Inspire Your April Fool's Day Email Marketing and 100+ Great Easter Email Marketing Subject Lines.

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8 Creative April Email Marketing Ideas

Now let’s take a look at how you can spruce up email content this April. The advice here would be simple to follow – use bright colors, add spring-related elements, and put seasonal items on display.

1. Choose the right template.

You need a good canvas to squeeze all your ideas in. Choose the template that will be easy to adjust to your tasks and edit without code.

In our drag-and-drop editor, we offer 480+ free HTML templates that you can filter by keywords (Easter, Fool's Day, etc.). The editor is a block builder that allows to build templates of ready blocks and add or delete any element(text, CTA, image, video) in several clicks.

Email template examples

450+ HTML templates in a drag-and-drop editor

2. Promote seasonal essentials.

Camping, gardening, trekking, BBQ – there is a number of activities associated with spring. If you produce any products or services applicable for such activities, put them upfront or run a separate campaign with a focus on them only.

Content topic ideas

3. Add floral imagery.

Nothing sets the spring mood better than an elegant bouquet of flowers. If your service hardly resonates with any floristic patterns, consider using at least one element (petal, blooming branch, leaf, etc.) to give your campaigns a bit of springtime vibes.

April content ideas

4. Give useful tips.

Gardening advice, styling sessions, spring skin care routine, sun protection, renewal design – explain the subscribers how to use your product this month with maximum effect.

April content ideas

5. Solve the problem.

Wind, rain, and mud are among the main threats to outside activities in spring. Outline those advantages of your product that help handle the situation – for example, keep feet dry or hairstyle wind-proof.

April campaign ideas

6. Set the time limit.

To speed up the decision-making process, create a countdown timer or offer a limited edition collection. Most often, the fear of missing out prompts people to set their minds faster.

April campaign ideas

7. Launch April showers.

“April showers bring May flowers” refers to email marketing as well. April showers is a term used as a referral to winter clothing and clearance, hot spring deals, and springtime sales. Offering good April discounts? Make sure your audience knows about it.

April sales ideas

8. Show what’s trending.

Call it whatever you want – April bulletin, A-list, Best of April, April top deals, etc. The main ideas of such campaigns are to underline your brand’s current trends and top offers.

April sales ideas

Seasonal emails are a great opportunity to get in touch with the subscribers and welcome the new month with bright and catchy campaigns. A smart subject line, custom images, and lucrative deals would let the brand's personality shine with new colors provided you start planning ahead straight away. And be sure, April showers will bring result flowers.

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