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60+ Subject Lines to Inspire Your April Fool's Day Email Marketing

A good marketer takes advantage of any opportunity to reach out and attract more customers. And April Fool's Day is one of such opportunities. It's full of fun, pranks, mischief, and jokes, and I see no reason why you shouldn't include it in your email marketing campaigns.

And a good email deserves a good subject line. Check these April Fool's Day email subject lines to pull off any crazy idea you can come up with. After all, it's Fool's Day and your email marketing can afford a bit of weirdness and silliness.

Don't forget though that each joke should have a purpose and lead to a real deal. These subject lines will help make your emails sound refreshing but not senseless.    

Our Deal Is No Joke

  • No Joke! Flash Sale, Today Only! 20% off for April Fools’ Day;
  • No Joke! Open to Reveal Your Exclusive 1-Day Offer... 
  • It may be April Fools day but our prices are no joke! 
  • No joke, your April Fools’ Day deal is 40% off! 
  • No joke. Take 40% off for April Fools’ Day! 
  • This is not a joke! 30% OFF your purchase;
  • Last Chance for April Fool's Sale! ? ?
  • No foolin’! FREE Shipping + Food on SALE! 
  • No Sale Today — Just Kidding! 
  • 1 day only | Less pranking, more saving.?
  • April Fools’ Day—but this sale is no joke! 
  • No Joke! 21% OFF Coupon Inside;
  • Foolishly low prices!
  • ? I Pity The Fool Who Misses This Deal!
  • Jokes On Us! ? Savings Inside;
  • No joke, you get FREE shipping;
  • No joke: save up to 50% (today only);
  • This Flash Sale is NO Joke!
  • ? Mystery Sale ? April Fool's Day ? 15% OFF ?
  • We Couldn’t Fool You ?
  • No Joking, 20% Off Today!
  • It’s no joke: 41% off! 
  • You'd be a fool not to book these offers! ?
  • It may be April Fools, but we're not joking...
  • 25% off Batik! No Fooling! 
  • You Get The Last Laugh, 20% Off;
  • ?  April Fools ? Good Deals Don't Wait;
  • The Bad News: We’re Out of Deals ?
  • April Fools’ Day Sale — No Pranks, just Real Offers. This Weekend only! 
  • No puns, just foolishly low prices on comics. Save up to 75%! 
  • ?Wait! We're Not Joking...

April Fool's Day email campaign

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Helping Spend April Fool's Day

  • April Fools’ Practical Jokes that Teach Science;
  • 3 Lasting Benefits To April Fools’ Day Prank Marketing;
  • OMG these pranks are too good ??
  • Cool science tricks for April Fools’ Day!  
  • April Fools Videos: The Brownlees secrets!
  • This Will Make You "Chuckles" and "Snickers;"
  • Why Do We Even Celebrate April Fool’s Day?
  • Don't Let Confusing Labels Fool You;
  • Let this Day Be a Fun Day ? GLoW iN THe DaRk PJs;
  • April Fool's prank ideas! + 40% off with code SPRING40;
  • Our no-fools guide to staying at home ✨
  • The Bad News: We’re Out of Deals. The Good News: It’s April Fools Day...
  • Time to Roast & Toast Your Friends!
  • 20 Ways to Have a Great April Fools’ Day! 
  • Do you need a good laugh?
  • April Fools Cracker! ??

April Fool's Day email promo

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Not a Word about Jokes

  • A day fit for a clown;
  • What did one plate say to the other plate?
  • You're not going to believe what's inside...
  • Gotcha!
  • Little Plants & Little Laughs;
  • Prank All Over Me;
  • Introducing our new bra range for DOGS ?
  • We all need a reason to smile right now ❤️
  • It's past midday, so you know there's no pranks inside...?
  • You might not want to hear a joke...
  • Happy Halloween ?
  • Seriously...
  • This isn’t a prank, it’s your lucky day;
  • Now Is a Really Good Time to Have Breakfast for Dinner;
  • 5 things that are making us ?
  • Happy April Fool’s Day!

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