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How to migrate email marketing to eSputnik

Case Study: How to Migrate Email Marketing to our service


Knygarnia “Є" is a Ukrainian chain of bookstores. The company’s primary focus is promoting literature in the national language. The bookseller has brick-and-mortar stores and an online store where readers can purchase books at a bargain price, pre-order exclusives and find old editions.

The company turned to our service for project support to change ESP smoothly, get peer review, apply advanced functionality, set up basic triggers and regular promotional emails.


  • Transfer the email list from the previous service.
  • Set up domain settings and deliverability.
  • Configure digital signatures.
  • Verify the domain.
  • Set up senders.
  • Control the reputation.
  • Design a new email template.
  • Install the web tracking script.
  • Set up the collection of web push subscribers.
  • Redesign a subscription form.
  • Transfer order events.
  • Choose a pricing plan for email campaigns.
  • Set up product recommendations on the site.

We started work on May 24, 2021, taking two months of support to complete, 40 hours of loading the agency team in each.


We don't recommend starting a migration before big sales or holidays. You'll have to use both services for some time, so choose the calmest period for migration.


Email Template Redesign

The client wanted to redesign the email template since the old one was created by a marketer in the previous service, whereas the our agency can delegate this task to a professional designer.

The old template looked like this:

Previous email template design

We’ve prepared a brief where the client marked the blocks of interest. So we were able to quickly create a new template with a minimum number of edits.

New email template design

While the designer was working on the template, the marketer was simultaneously preparing the necessary technical tasks and supervising the settings in our service.

Domain Verification and Setting Up DKIM, SPF, DMARC, and MX records

We highly recommend all clients use their own verified domain when running email marketing campaigns. It is necessary so that the emails don’t end up in Spam or aren’t rejected by mail servers.

Knygarnia "Є" followed our instructions and made records to verify the domain using the "Full" option.

What we’ve got:

  • Emails on errors and complaints are automatically forwarded to email to process the delivery results.
  • Campaigns are signed by DKIMs of our service and the client's domain.

To control reputation and deliverability, we requested access to Google Postmaster.

Adding Email Senders

Email clients monitor the sender reputation based on statistics, filter emails and sort them into folders such as Inbox, Promotions, Spam. As a rule, this distribution depends on how other users have previously dealt with letters from this sender.

Discover top tools to check sender reputation>>

To ensure that the reputation gained in the past doesn’t affect future campaigns via our service, we recommended adding new senders:

New senders

When the necessary emails addresses at the client's domain were created, we added them to the account in our service (Settings → Senders → Email → New sender). After that, the client verified them.

New senders

Read more on adding/changing senders in this article>>

Setting Up Web Tracking

Web tracking is a tool for tracking visitors' actions on your site. Behavior data is used for triggered campaigns such as abandoned carts, abandoned views, etc., and allows AI algorithms to generate product recommendations on your site.

This manual describes how to set up web tracking step by step. First, the client installed the script on their site, uploaded a product feed to the account in our service and set its update frequency. 

Feed data

Then, our integration team (iTeam) set up tracking of user actions on the website using CSS selectors.

Setting Up Web Push Subscription

To collect new subscriber tokens, you need to connect your site to the account in our service. To do this, add a script to all site pages where you want to show the permission request prompt. After that, you can customize the appearance of the prompt.

Read the guideline>>

We chose the Custom dialog option for a double opt-in subscription. This is how it looks on the site:

Web push subscription

At first glance, the Widget prompt has several advantages:

  • Allows you to display the request text in the selected website language;
  • You can set up an unlock reminder;
  • You can add animation.

The client considered that the Custom dialog type is more familiar to the audience. In addition, the site has a Ukrainian language version only. And the unlock reminder with an animated widget can annoy visitors and overlap the content on mobiles.

As a result, the web push subscriber list tripled in two months.

Contact List Transfer

We requested the segments to be transferred in CSV format. From the previous service, we received the following data:

  • emails;
  • phone numbers;
  • names.

In addition, all contacts must be valid and have read emails for at least the last year.

Our manual helped the client upload files to our service on their own.

Contact list transfer

Subscription Form Redesign

The site had an inline subscription form that took up a lot of space. We concluded that it needed to be improved.

Previous version of the subscription form

We suggested to

  • make a redesign,
  • change the call, show the value and benefit for users in it,
  • add information about consent.

New subscription form

Note ✍️

You can create a subscription form for your website in our builder. Read more in the instructions>>

Transferring Orders to our service

Before preparing a technical task, we analyzed for what purposes we need to transfer orders and which data we plan to use from them.

Order events were needed to launch a welcome series, collect feedback after completed orders and for reactivation. Therefore, we advised setting up order transfer via the orders method. It has a standard set of fields and allows to create new contacts.

If you want to transfer more data or apply segmentation by events and their parameters, we recommend using the instructions for transferring orders via the Generate event resource.

Segmentation by Events

Pricing Plan

The company sends more than three bulk campaigns per month and plans to run triggered campaigns. Therefore, we chose the Optimal. Unlimited messages plan. Payment here depends only on the number of contacts with email addresses.

Pricing plans

Product Recommendations on Site

To implement product recommendations on the site, we prepared a brief where the client had to specify/select:

  • Page types for placing recommendations;
  • Suggestions for the appearance of product cards;
  • Algorithms for product selections;
  • Titles for blocks with recommended items.

The completed brief served as a technical task for the iTeam, which was engaged in setting up product recommendations. The block appearance was created by the in-house designer of our agency.

Recommendation block

Learn more about the benefits of Product Recommendations on Site


Thanks to thoughtful planning and active participation of specialists from Knygarnia "Є", in two months of cooperation, we managed to:

  • develop and approve a new email template;
  • set up domain verification and add senders to our service;
  • set up the collection of web push subscribers;
  • install the web tracking script and agree on the setting of product recommendations;
  • start setting up the order transfer;
  • redesign the subscription form on the site;
  • transfer the contact base from the previous service;
  • choose the pricing plan for email campaigns.

We are pleased with the work done on the transfer of email marketing to our platform. Thanks to this, we got more subtle tools for working with our subscriber list. Migration positively affected both the improvement of key metrics (Open Rate, Click-Through Rate, Unsubscribe Rate, etc.) and the general growth of the contact base. 
Margarita Nalisna, Marketing Manager at Knygarnia “Є”

After moving to Yespo CDP, the company Knygarnia "Є" implemented the Advanced triggers in the email channel, which stimulated additional profit. The share of sales from such triggers increased from 0.6% to 1.3% in 5 months. To further improve results, the Professional triggers were also implemented, which on average contribute an additional 1.1%.

The company has been using such workflows for the third year, testing hypotheses and experimenting with channels and algorithms for product recommendations. The ROI from using this functionality reaches 605%.

Need help transferring email marketing to our platform or want to activate triggers? Contact the Yespo agency – we will work with you to create a personalized plan and assist in its implementation.

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