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MustHave Case: Achieved 240% ROI with Informers

MustHave Case: Achieved 240% ROI with Informers


Increase sales and improve customers interaction with the website


Implement widgets-informers

Period of using Yespo at the moment of publishing

August 2022 - June 2023


MustHave marketing team


100k, 44% of active customers


The usage of informers with advice on choosing jeans and skirts length

A year ago, the Ukrainian clothing brand MustHave discovered the new functionality of Yespo — informers. The company’s team decided to try them in order to improve customer interaction with the website and increase profits at once. In the fourth month of using this widget type, MustHave got their first sales. The main goal they achieved was high profitability and abandoned products decrease.

The Results

MustHave widget campaign results

With the help of our widgets, MustHave achieved the following results:

  • The 6.44% decrease in the abandonment rate

  • The 10.2% increase in pages visits

  • 240% ROI during the paid period of using informers and 750%, including the test period

  • There are 2-3 associated conversions for every direct conversion delivered by informers.

Integration with the Website

MustHave has been working with Yespo for about 5 years. During this time, the brand connected the web tracking technology, which allows for personalizing customer communication. Since Yespo uses a single script for web tracking and displaying widgets, it eliminates the need to generate and install code for informers. Because of this feature, you can create widgets and publish them on the website immediately.

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How MustHave Uses Informers

Here is what Anna Betz, co-founder of the MustHave brand, says about the categories of informants they use:

1. Informers about the length of the product

"We take into account the customers' opinions, so our jeans and some skirts are presented in two length options. However, not all users are aware of this, so we add an informer to the product page. It says that this particular model is available in a different length. The widget has a button that redirects the user to a page with an alternative length. For this type of informers, the click-through rate is above the site average.”

Skirt length informer example

2. Informers with general information

“We use such widgets to inform our customers about important details at the stages when they are most likely to have questions. We clarify the promotion conditions on its web page, explain possible changes in the payment process on a checkout stage, confirm the availability of a specific size in a chosen store, and so on. In this way, our website isn’t overloaded with information, but the likelihood that the customers will get answers to their questions increases.”

An informer encouraging a customer to make an action

3. Internal linking informers

“This type of informers brings the major part of sales. We use them on both popular product pages and pages with high bounce rates to encourage customers to view other items or categories that could be interesting to them.”

"Complement your look" informer

4. Promo informers

“We don’t use such widgets too frequently since in most cases, we inform our customers on promotions using banners and newsletters. However, before significant and regular promotions, like Black Friday or the MustHave brand’s birthday, we launched such informers to warm up the customers’ interest.”

Back Friday countdown timer informer

How MustHave Analyzed Informers’ Performance

In Yespo, a report with statistics on views, clicks, and conversions is displayed on the dashboard of created informers.

Informers statistics dashboard

To track clicks in external analytics systems, you need to set UTM tags in links on informers or activate the "Tags" switch.

How to enable UTM tags
Then, the UTM parameters will be automatically substituted according to the end-to-end settings in the account.

Standard rules of UTM parameters

Parameter type

The value that will be substituted




id of an informer in an account


name of an informer in an account


According to an informer type: DETACHED, BUILT_IN, FLOATING_BOX or CONTENT_LOCKER

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How Informers Impacted Company’s Efficiency Indicators


MustHave analyzed the performance of informers from the very beginning of their usage, however, the company got the first sales from them three months after their implementation.

"This is not the main sales channel, but we track the role of informers in associated conversions: they bring us 2-3 associated conversions for every direct one.” - Anna Betz, co-founder of the MustHave brand.


Due to the informers, the company sees positive trends in terms of page dwelling time, pages viewed and bounce rate improvement:

  • The abandonment rate decreased by 6.44%.

  • The number of page visits increased by 10.2%.

  • Unique views increased by 12.6%.

Engagement growth during the usage of informers

Conversion rate

The pop-up with a spring sale promo where the company offered 30% off for their best sellers had the best conversion rate.

Spring offer informer

The chart below shows the conversion rate difference between the last best-performing pop-up and this one.

Widget name



30% off for bestsellers



length 12411



length 12012



length 11756



length 12315



length 13193



length 12333



length 13192



length 12276



Ukrainian [new]




“Considering only the months we pay for using informers, it comes out to 207-240% ROI depending on the month. If we consider the entire period of use (with a free period), then our ROI from using informers is 750%" - Anna Betz, co-founder of the MustHave brand.

MustHave Plans for the Future

“Now, our main priority is to develop and release a new website for our store. However, recently we faced a question of how to pay customers attention to the fact that some of our items are made from environmentally certified materials. After a discussion, we concluded that using informers is the best solution for this task, and we will add them to our website very soon. Summing up, widgets-informers allow us to communicate with our website visitors quickly and effectively”.

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