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Email Marketing Ideas for St. Patrick's Day

75+ Best Email Subject Lines for St. Patrick's Day

As St. Patrick’s Day is approaching, it's time to get ready with your lucky emails.  

Unlike Thanksgiving or Christmas, St. Paddy’s Day doesn't impose that holiday rush of big holidays. It's more about a fun time and a good excuse to meet with friends over a beer or two. Which gives marketers a great opportunity to try out new otherwise unfitting ideas.

So don’t be afraid to opt in for something new. But whatever your choice, you still need good St. Patrick's Day email subject lines. Below, I’ve put together the best subjects from my Inbox as well as examples and tips to give you some St. Patrick’s Day email marketing inspiration.

1. Green Is the New Black

On St. Paddy’s, green dominates the landscape, from decorations, food and drinks to green clothing and accessories. It’s the day when you can play around with all things green, for instance, offer discounts for green products you have in stock.

  • Today Only 40% OFF Entire Site, Green Friday  — Get your Green for St. Patricks Day!!! 
  • Free Shipping + 15% off + Shop Irish Drums and Green Gear for St Patricks Day; 
  • This St. Patrick’s Day, EAT GREEN and save green;
  • Color forecast: serene greens?
  • Celebrate St. Patrick ’s Day! Save some green with great deals! 
  • Here’s 20% off. Get your green on by St. Patty’s Day;
  • We’re Seeing Green (In the Best Way Possible);
  • Being green? Not easy. Saving 30%? Super easy?
  • Get ready for St. Patricks Day — Celebrate in Green;
  • It’s Time to Get Your Green On + Save $20! 
  • At up to 67% off, save some green on;
  • We’re Going Green For St. Patrick’s Day! 
  • 15% Off Everything Green...

2. Emojis Get the Green Light

Emojis make it easy for customers to spot your St. Patrick’s Day emails in their Inbox. Here’s where you can use emojis like a green heart, shamrock, four leaf clover, beer mug, clinking beer mugs and rainbow, just to name a few.

  • ☘️ 17% Off Coupon Inside — Happy St. Patrick’s Day! 
  • ☘️ ? ? ☘️
  • Shop up to 50% off NEW St. Patrick’s Day shirts!?
  • We're Feeling Lucky? Limited St. Patrick's Day Collection!
  • St. Paddy's Day Prep??
  • Lick Me, I'm IR⚡️SH.....??☘️
  • You're in Luck: St. Patrick's Day Sweets Are Here ?☘️
  • ? Celebrate St. Patrick's Day in style?
  • 25% off drinkware? Stock up for St. Patrick’s Day!
  • This Might Be Your Lucky Day?
  • 25% Off All St. Patrick's Day Tags ??☘️
  • St. Patrick’s Day SAVINGS! ☘️ 

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3. Luck Isn’t Just for the Irish

Another great idea to start off with your St. Patrick’s Day subject lines is to share a bit of luck with your subscribers. Luck comes in all forms: do a giveaway, run a lucky contest, or tell customers it’s their lucky day to get a discount.

  • St. Patricks Day Exclusive: Win a New Keurig K145 Bundle Plus Take 10% Off Sitewide;
  • PANDORA St. Patrick’s Day Picks are Here — Lucky You! 
  • Lucky You! Our 74% OFF St. Patrick’s Day Sale is Unlocked! 
  • LUCK OF THE DRAW | Draw a Lucky Clover and Save! 
  • ENDS TOMORROW | Draw a Lucky Clover and Save! 
  • The luck of the Irish is on your side;
  • Get 20% Off: Feelin' lucky? Yeah you are...
  • What’s Your Lucky Secret Savings? Click to See! 
  • Get Lucky! Open for XX% OFF;
  • Lucky Leprechaun Loot! Ties Start at Just $17;
  • We Found The Pot Of Gold!
  • Lucky you! Our St Patricks Day Special is on... 
  • Your Lucky Day — 15% Off Coupon! 
  • You’re about to feel lucky.

4. It’s All About Saint Patrick’s Day

No matter what type of industry you’re in, try to deliver some pieces of useful content with your St. Patrick’s Day marketing. Share related how-to guides, solutions on how to celebrate, what to wear or how to keep kids busy.

  • No shenanigans! 30% off everything for 6 hours;
  • St. Patrick’s Day is just around the clover! 
  • don’t drink guinness in pants;
  • Hey HOU! Here’s Where to Celebrate St. Patrick’s;
  • St. Patricks Day Jerseys worn during warmups now available on NHL Auctions;
  • Enjoy a FREE Guinness with your roast to celebrate St Patrick;
  • St. Patrick’s Day Accessories Starting at 99¢! 
  • St. Patrick’s Day is Friday! Shop & Save $20! 
  • Your Secret Lucky Charm for a Perfectly Set Table;
  • Send Flowers For St. Patrick’s Day! 
  • A Morgan’s Festival Menu Fit for St. Patrick;
  • Shop Our New 2017 Spring Catalog! 
  • Unique Jewelry for Your Spring Events;
  • Top of the wine to you;
  • Get Ready for Spring! 
  • St Patricks Day at Foyleside Shopping Centre ;
  • St. Patricks Day Scramble;
  • Auroras Showing the St. Patricks Day Spirit | New Dream Chaser Debuts | 9 Must See Stargazing Events;
  • St. Patrick’s Day | Trace Your Ancestry | New Season of ’Dr. Oakley;
  • ☘️ St. Patrick's Day Baking Essentials ☘️
  • Shamrock Shake-Up: St. Patrick’s Day Recipes For Every Lucky Leprechaun;
  • Experiment of the Week — St. Patrick’s Day Science;
  • The Best-Ever Shamrock Shake & More Copycat Favorites;
  • 3 Layered Brownie Recipes + 5 Ways to Spike Your Hot Chocolate;
  • St. Patrick’ s Day Favorites: 15 Classic Irish Recipes;
  • Drive The Snakes Out- Message From St. Patrick! 
  • Extra Napkins Are Definitely Required;
  • 20 Beer-Infused Recipes for St. Patrick’s Day;
  • A St. Patrick’s Day Special Feature;
  • 16 Crafts You Haven’t Seen;
  • 30+ St. Pat’s Day Party Recipes;
  • St. Patrick’s Day Snacks and Treats;
  • The Slave Who Saved Ireland.

St. Patrick's Day email example by MeUndies

5. Deals and Discounts at the End of a Rainbow

Since there isn’t much of the buying-and-giving hassle for Saint Patrick’s Day, there’s no need to put much decision-making pressure on your subscribers. Offer your readers to save a penny or two by purchasing from you, rather than rushing them with countdowns and time-limited offers.

  • New NAMM Guitars + Irish Bodhrans for St. Patricks Day + 10% Extra Savings! 
  • Enjoy 17% OFF | Happy St. Patrick’s Day! 
  • No Shenanigans Here! 17% OFF for St. Patrick's Day! ?
  • Happy St. Patricks Day! 20% Off Continues;
  • St. Patricks Day sale starts today! 
  • Get 20% off. Make this the St. Pattyest St. Patty’s Day ever;
  • Happy St Patricks Day! 17% off + Free Shipping + Irish Instruments;
  • Free Clothing And Shoes For You To Review No Purchase Necessary Plus 50% Off St Patricks Day Sale! 
  • Don't get pinched! ? St. Patty's styles 10% off!
  • St Patricks Day Sale. 25% — 50% Off Top Styles;
  • St. Patrick Day Sale 50% off + Free Shipping. 24 Hrs Only;
  • 20% off this St Patrick’s Day! 
  • Save $250 Off your order instantly during our St Patricks Day Sale;
  • 10% Off St Patricks Day Party!

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6. Here’s to the Joy

Every day is a good day to try and establish closer connections with your target audience, and St. Paddy’s day is just another great opportunity to do so. Even if you don’t feel like sending a dedicated St. Patrick’s Day email, try throwing in a simple ‘Happy St. Patrick’s Day’ greeting to your regular newsletter.

  • Happy St. Patricks Day from Craghoppers;
  • ?Have a Shamrocking St. Patrick’s Day! ?
  • Happy St. Patricks Day! 
  • ? It's Your Lucky Day, friend!
  • Cheers to you! Happy St. Patrick's Day ?
  • Let the Festivities Begin! Happy St. Patrick's Day ?
  • ☘️ Wishing you good luck and GREAT CHOCOLATE;
  • Enjoy a taste of St. Patrick's Day!
  • Happy Early St Patrick's Day ?

St. Patrick's Day Email Templates

If you're looking not only for a good subject but for a good template as well, our service has 450+ free HTML templates to choose from. You can filter them by industries or search by keywords, for example, St. Patrick's Day, and select those that fit your current needs. 

St. Patrick's Day email templates

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  • Add personalized product recommendations;
  • Insert personalized promo codes;
  • Use AMP for email;
  • Create multilingual versions within one template, etc.

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St. Patrick’s Day emails can be a great contribution to your email marketing calendar. It's not much of a gift-giving occasion, but rather another reason for people to celebrate and treat themselves. St. Patty’s Day comes packed with good luck charms and all things green and Irish, and so should your emails.

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