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50 Thank You Email Subject Lines

50 Thank You Email Subject Lines

A subscription or purchase isn’t the only occasion to thank your customers – there are many reasons you might be grateful and willing to demonstrate appreciation. Sufficient info on reasons to reach out, main components of a good thank you letter and how to write one is given in this article Why and When: How to Write a Thank You Email.

And below we’ll focus on best thank you email subject line examples and take a look at the corresponding thank you letter examples. 

Thank you email subject line for signing up & welcome

  • Welcome to the Gang! (Wool and the Gang);
  • You’re on the list. Welcome to NYCgo. (NYCgo);
  • Thanks for connecting with us! (United Way Massachusetts Bay);
  • Hello there — thank you for signing up! (Vera Bradley);
  • Congrats, Your Sign-Up Was Successful! Here's a Special Gift, from Us to You (Williams Sonoma);
  • Thanks for Joining Our Flock! (Lehman's);
  • Good things to come (Rudy's Barbershop);
  • Congratulations, You're Now on The Coach Email List. (Coach);
  • Welcome to a world of adventure (KE Adventure Travel);
  • You've scored a code (Native);
  • You're on the list! (Lindy Bop);
  • You're in good company. (CBD Central);
  • Thanks for having great taste (Alex Mill).

Thank you sign

Thanks for your support

  • Let's Do It Again | Travel + Leisure's #1 Resort Hotel in California (North Block Hotel);
  • You showed up in a big way (Patagonia);
  • Because of you, we’re donating $300,000 (The North Face);
  • Thanks for helping us (Revolution Tea);
  • Thanks for making Litmus Live Boston awesome! (Litmus);
  • Thank You for an Amazing Year (Tinker Watches);
  • Thank you for this incredible year! (Readdle);
  • Last Chance: A 20% Off Thank You (Bombas);
  • Not A Marketing Email. (Brooklinen);
  • July Newsletter: Milestones and More (Issuu);
  • You’re one in a million (TransferWise);
  • We think you’re 1 in 10 million. Here’s some free Trello Gold. (Trello);
  • It's National Small Business Week and we're celebrating you. (GoDaddy);
  • Big News and Bigger Thanks. (MindBody);
  • Bundle Up (Ugmonk);
  • Thanks for a super fly 2016! Our annual report + free tees (Flywheel).

Thank you mail

Automate Your Email Marketing For Free

Thanks for being a loyal customer

  • Fancy a treat on your birthday? (Monica Vinader);
  • Thank you for using LendingTree in 2019! (LendingTree);
  • 1 Million Photos Later (Unsplash);
  • With Gratitude (Artifact Uprising);
  • Postcards From Your Adventurous Lives (Paravel);
  • Fitbit is 10: A note from our founders (Fitbit);
  • A special surprise to say thank you (Sprint);
  • Thank you for six great years (Harry’s);
  • Just a thank you note (and a 30% off coupon) (MacPaw);
  • You’re the best! (DAVIDsTEA);
  • Thank you for being a part of our journey (Masterclass);
  • Tell us what you think! (Clear);
  • Holiday Thanks (Postable);
  • ❤️Featuring YOU: Happy Thanksgiving From Brandless! (Brandless);
  • This gift is to thank you (Prezi).

Thank you customers

Thanks for your interest

  • Thanks for dropping by! (Reebok);
  • Your thank-you code is waiting (GAP);
  • Thanks for staying! (HotelTonight);
  • Thanks for your purchase! (Ales Nesetril);
  • Thanks for your recent review (Google);
  • Your Feet Say Thank You (Allbirds).

Thank you letter to customer

Last post

Subject Line for Thank You Email: A/B Testing

Of course, when writing a thank you note to clients, the first thing to keep in mind is your audience, the established communication pattern, and the occasion. The subject line Thanks, folks! You rock! may be applicable for a teenage apparel retailer but look strange when sent by a five-star hotel or a health insurance.

Another method to detect effective subject for thank you email, aside from common sense and creativity, is split testing. Your own opinion may be subjective but the stats doesn’t lie. So in case your email open rate has been recently falling down, or you feel you need an outside perspective, consider running an A/B test.

The process doesn’t require much effort or technical knowledge. For example, in the our system, you can set unlimited numbers of variants (although we wouldn’t recommend more than two) and check which one your subscriber would like the most.

Subject line A/B testing

The test result with all the necessary metrics is given in the email campaign report, and the winning variant is labeled with a star.

A/B testing

For more information, see our support article How to Test Email Subject Lines.

Top 10 Thank You Email Examples

… and why we like them

A good subject line can generate opens; clicks, however, are generated by good content. Take a look at the below examples to get inspiration for your future thank you letters.

1. Subject line for a Thank You email: Postcards From Your Adventurous Lives.

Personal thank you letter

Why: customer photos give a sense of belonging to a big like-minded community.

2. Subject line: Not A Marketing Email.

Thank you letter for promotion

Why: the message corresponds to the title – not a single CTA inside.

3. Thank you email subject line: Thank you for six great years.

Thank you clients

Why: fun copy.

4. Subject line: You’re the best!

Thank you letter to client for business

Why: eye-friendly graphics hierarchy, no much text, original congrats.

5. Thank You email title: Holiday Thanks?

Professional thank you email

Why: promoted product resonates with the occasion.

6. Subject line: 1.5 Million Donated! Thank you!

Thank you letter to client

Why: cute video with kids (but the copy definitely requires splitting into paragraphs).

7. Thank You email subject line: Langley Printed Rug – Thanks for Taking a Look!

Thank you note to client for selecting our services

Why: they know how to use fonts and white space.

8. Subject line: Our first 50 Million.

Thank you note for promotion

Why: designers from Rothy’s have mastered the gradient – one of 2020 color trends.

9. Thank You email subject line: These reviews give us all the feels.

Thank you email to client

Why: rather original reason to reach out.

10. Subject line: 2019 Year in Review... oh the places we've been.

Thank you letter for business support

Why: report + social proof + customer appreciation in one email.

Tips to Write a Perfect Thank You Email Subject Line

Actually, the list of great thank you email subject lines can go on. But let’s find out how you can create one for your business by following the simple yet effective tips we are going to list below.

Keep it short and personalized

Keeping your email heading concise and personal is the rule of thumb. So, make sure you have added the recipient's name to either header or the body of the letter, plus keep your subject line up to 5 words long.

Mention the reason for saying "Thank You"

When creating a subject line, it's tempting to just say "Thank you" and feel like you are done. However, it can hardly be the right approach. So, instead of just expressing your gratitude, mention the reason why are you doing it and find a way to show your appreciation to your customers. As an option, you can also provide them with a little gift or personalized discount, depending on the reason you are saying "Thank You".

Add a call-to-action to your Thank You email

You may also use a Thank You email  to trigger some additional action. Fortunately, you have two subject lines, where the first is for the header, and the second for a pre-header. So, use the first one to put your main title, plus use the second one to create some intrigue. Here is what it can look like:

Header: Thank You For Subscribing to Our Newsletter!

Pre-header: Find Your Personalized Gift Inside ⏬

Get inspired by Thank You email to client templates

In fact, you shouldn't reinvent the wheel to come up with a winning subject line. Instead, you can use some pre-developed email templates, for example, welcome series email templates our platform has in-built. You can also use these ideas for inspiration and customize your subject lines a in a way you feel is suitable for your target audience.

Test different appreciation email subject lines

Last but not least, test different subject lines to see which ones get the best open rates, and use that knowledge to improve your future email campaigns. For example, with the help of the Yespo email marketing platform, you can create stunning emails, send them automatically in response to the user's action, A/B test them, and track the performance of your campaigns in a single place.

Run your first email marketing campaign with Yespo!


A well-crafted Thank You email can make all the difference in getting your message noticed and appreciated by the customers. We hope that this list of 50 Thank You email subject lines has inspired you to write your own ones and improve your email communication with both new and loyal customers.

And the logical end to the article on Thank You subject lines would be saying thank you for your interest and time. See you around.

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