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How to Apply Artificial Intelligence in Email Marketing

64% of marketers worry that artificial intelligence (AI) will replace them and leave without a job. However, AI is not their competitor but rather their assistant.

Oleg Lesov, Chief Data & AI Officer at Yespo, is confident that with the emergence of artificial intelligence, the demand for human workforce will not drop — it will only increase. Nowadays, routine tasks can be shifted to AI, allowing professionals to focus on improving mailings. 

"Currently, tools like Chat GPT simplify content generation, so we can personalize promo campaigns, segment them better, create more variations, and conduct A/B tests.”

Oleg Lesov, Chief Data & AI Officer at Yespo

Other experts from different parts of the world have positively evaluated AI as well. According to a survey conducted by Statista in 2023 among email marketers from the US, the UK, and other European countries:

  • About 51% of respondents believe that AI-supported email marketing is more effective than traditional approaches.
  • Approximately 20% either didn’t notice a significant difference or considered AI-enabled email marketing as effective as traditional approaches.

Indeed, artificial intelligence simplifies content management. But what specific advantages and opportunities does AI offer to email marketing? We'll delve into that further.

Benefits of Using AI in Email Marketing

An email AI assistant is a program integrated with artificial intelligence. Its task is to enhance emails based on user requests. The AI assistant can generate content for emails, create subject lines and preheaders, fix errors, condense text, etc.

There are two main advantages of using artificial intelligence for creating emails:

  • Time-saving: Artificial intelligence can fix errors, translate texts, generate and enhance email subject lines and headers (more details on capabilities to follow). All you need to do is provide the right query and check the results obtained. Even if you don't want AI to do the work for you, you can use it as a source of inspiration for future campaigns.
  • Self-improvement: AI operates on a self-learning principle, so with each interaction, it generates better responses to your queries.

Boost the efficiency of your email marketing with Yespo CDP

How to Use AI for Creating Emails in Yespo

In the adaptive Yespo CDP email editor, you can use a personal smart assistant — artificial intelligence.

Here’s how it works:

  • Click on the specific text block of the email.
  • Click the 'Launch AI' button in the left menu.
  • Enter the required query.
  • Click the 'Send Request' button.

Here's a brief video guide:

How to enter a query for AI

AI can generate new text for your email, rewrite existing content, and analyze its emotional impact. Additionally, you can choose from popular requests such as:

  • Fix grammar
  • Make shorter/longer
  • Translate
  • Change tone of voice
  • Explain as an expert
  • Add emoji

The list of the most common AI queries 

Let's take a closer look at each option.

1. Fix grammar

Not sure whether the text is error-free or wish to double-check yourself? Artificial intelligence will detect and correct grammar errors and double spaces.

Original text

Text after AI

2. Make shorter/longer

Don't know what else to include in the email? Expand the text using the "Make longer" request.

Original text

Text after AI

If you feel the email text is too long, create the "Make it shorter" request.

Text after AI

3. Translate

This function is especially convenient for those who use multilingual communication. Thanks to artificial intelligence, you can quickly translate email content into 10 languages:

  • English
  • Portuguese
  • Czech
  • German
  • Spanish
  • French
  • Italian
  • Turkish
  • Ukrainian
  • Russian

Original text

AI Czech translation 

4. Change the tone of voice

Now, choosing a tone of voice and getting the corresponding text can be done with a single click. AI will adapt the tone of the email to a more suitable one, specifically:

  • formal;
  • informal;
  • optimistic;
  • worried;
  • friendly;
  • curious;
  • assertive;
  • encouraging;
  • surprised;
  • cooperative.

 Original text

 Optimistic tone generated by AI

5. Explain as an expert

Sometimes, it's necessary to add facts and make the text more convincing. If a marketer or copywriter wants to handle this task without extra research on the web, they can ask AI for help.

Use the "Explain as an expert" request to transform a regular sentence into a more expert-sound one. Just remember to check the final result.

Original text

Expert explanation from AI

6. Add emoji

According to the Adobe survey, 73% of respondents believe that using emojis in messages makes the sender cooler, friendlier, and more fun. Add emojis to your email to make communication with subscribers more engaging. AI can help you choose emojis accurately and quickly.

Original text

Text after adding emojis by AI

7. Improve email subject line & preheader

Artificial intelligence doesn't work only with text blocks in emails; it also helps enhance their subject lines and preheaders. To use AI, the text in the respective fields should have a minimum of 4 characters.

 Using AI in the Yespo CDP email editor

To get an improved version of the email subject line or preheader, briefly describe what you want to see there in 2-3 words. The artificial intelligence should recognize which request it has to develop.

 Before AI

AI subject line improvement suggestions

The AI-generated email preheader is optimized in two ways:

  1. Based on the subject
  2. Based on Cialdini’s principles — approaches in the psychology of influence that can motivate a person to take specific action.

  Before AI

After AI implementation

Improved preheaders based on Cialdini’s principles


Artificial intelligence won't replace email marketers; instead, it's a valuable tool for creating and enhancing content within emails (and beyond).

AI allows specialists to delegate routine tasks for improving emails and focus on refining strategies, new idea generation, result tracking, etc.

Using AI has two main advantages:

  • Time-saving capabilities.
  • Self-improvement of the system for better content development.

Explore the vast testing ground for different messages integrated with AI in Yespo CDP. Experiment with multiple tones of voice, expert and more artistic content for different audience segments, gamification ideas, long-form, and short-form content. All of this can be done in just a few clicks.

Leverage AI to automate content creation, select the right phrasing for different audiences, and enhance the effectiveness of your marketing strategy.

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