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35 Best Podcasts for Marketers

35 Best Marketing Podcasts to Listen To in 2021

We like listening to digital marketing podcasts for many reasons. First, we’re all too busy to read long articles. The volume of information covered into audio takes less time to consume. Second, reading requires 100% of your attention while a podcast episode isn’t that demanding. You can take a listen while doing your morning run, having lunch or being stuck in a jam.

Third, audio is a more emotionally appealing format that allows friendly communication with jokes and laughter without fear of being misunderstood. And fourth, marketing podcasts are a great tool for learning from experts, getting new skills, listening to stories of success, and getting inspired for your own strategies and content ideas.

And since they're so awesome, I’ve picked up top 35 marketing podcasts worth your attention. With so much content around, it can be too overwhelming to follow them all on a regular basis. But you can at least give each a try and make your own list of top podcasts you can’t miss.

1. Mixergy

One of the oldest podcasts I know about. Run since 2008 by Andrew Warner, it now makes a kind of a guideline for all entrepreneurs willing to upgrade their marketing.

There are episodes Andrew does on his own, just sharing personal experience; but the majority is interviews with founders of all kinds of businesses, from online education platforms to virtual software. The variety of topics is as diverse as the guest list. How to deal with copycats, Psychological triggers, Making voicemail sexy again – you have stuff to choose from.

By the way, you can give likes to episodes on Mixergy and listen to those most liked.

And if you’re a business owner with an interesting story of success (or failure) to share, you can suggest an interview by filling the form on the site.

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2. How I Built This

How I Built This

The name of the podcast speaks for itself. Guy Raz shares stories of entrepreneurs and startup owners who managed to build their businesses from scratch. His guests tell how they started everything up, what inspired them and what challenges a small business may face at the very beginning. Most speakers represent US-based brands that nonetheless doesn’t steal the podcast's value.

Episodes are released regularly, 2-3 times a week. Most are up to 30 minutes, there are though long series of over 2 hours.

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3. Marketing Over Coffee

Run by John Wall and Christopher Penn, Marketing Over Coffee is one of the longest-running digital marketing podcasts with 12+ years of broadcasting. All episodes – topics of the week and interviews – are stored in Archives starting from the very first back in 2007. This simplifies navigation over seasons and helps find the right track.

You can find Marketing Over Coffee on Apple Podcasts and Stitcher but personally I find it more comfortable to listen to the guys on their site.

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4. Online Marketing Made Easy

Amy Porterfield hosts the podcast, delivering “expert interviews, mini execution plans, intimate behind-the-scenes secrets from the biggest launches, and SO MUCH MORE.” She mostly delivers marketing podcasts for beginners and covers email marketing strategies, contact list building, landing page conversions, and mistakes to avoid.

You can subscribe to weekly newsletters from Amy, and notifications on new episodes will be delivered straight to your Inbox.

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5. Everyone Hates Marketers

Everyone Hates Marketers

Every week, Louis Grenier (aka the host) holds interviews with experts who share practical marketing tips that can be applicable to any business. The podcast is also available on Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

What I like about Louis is that he specifies resources used for or mentioned in the particular episode. Yes, it would have been better if they were attached with the link, but yet I learned many new marketing names thanks to these referrals.

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6. Marketing School

Marketing School is hosted by Neil Patel and Eric Siu, and that’s probably all you need to know about it. These names come among first when talking about marketing, so even if you aren’t a big fan of Neil (and I know many who aren’t), missing on their content marketing podcast would be unprofessional.

With 1,550 episodes so far, Marketing School is probably the most ever-present podcast. iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify, YouTube, Google Play, SoundCloud – you hardly find a platform where it’s not hosted.

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7. Side Hustle Pro

Nicaila Matthews Okome positions the marketing podcast she hosts as “the first and only podcast to spotlight bold, Black women entrepreneurs who have scaled from side hustle to profitable business.”

However, Black females aren’t the only target audience of the series. Numerous stories of trade stockers, boutique and fitness studio owners and game designers can give anyone the inspiration to move forwards.

By far, Side Hustle Pro features 230 episodes which can be filtered by industry (beauty, food, finance, etc.) or keyword.

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8. Today in Digital Marketing

Today in Digital Marketing

Quick episodes hosted by Tod Maffin take up to 12 minutes. That’s enough to get the essentials on the topic and not get too bored. Among other things, Tod likes talking about giants like Google, Amazon and (especially) Facebook. He’s also rather hard-working, so you may expect two episodes in a day.

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9. Marketing O’Clock

Marketing O’Clock is a weekly series that has four hosts: Greg Finn, Jessica Budde, Christine Zirnheld, and Mark Saltarelli. The guys run episodes with a focus on trending SEO, PPC, and social media topics.

Advice and how-to tips, however, aren’t the only content of Marketing O’clock. Get ready for puns, jokes and anecdotes told when you expect them the least.

And by the way, you can download any episode as an mp3 file straight from the site. I do it to avoid freezes when I know I might be at places with poor Wi-Fi.

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10. Above the Fold

Above the Fold

Jeff Baker and Francis Ma run fun marketing podcast episodes sharing expert insights, industry news and best practices sprinkled with a bit of laughter. If you check customer reviews you’ll find such characteristics as “great mix of humour and high educational value,” “Francis and Jeff bring their ideas and sense of humors to today’s relevant marketing topics,” “...And finally, a podcast that adds a little humor to (sometimes) boring topics.”

But laughing vibes aren’t the only merit of the podcast. The guys talk about really interesting stuff and don’t simply mimic other marketing podcasts. The only bad thing about Above the Fold is that the episodes are very rare: Jeff and Francis released only 4 series this year (the last was dropped on August 3, 2020). However, if you’re new to their work, browse through archives and you’ll find some nice pieces of entertaining content.

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11. The DigitalMarketer Podcast

Though the name of their episodes won’t win the title for originality, Garrett Holmes and Jenna Snavely happen to interview rather interesting guests with nice stories to share. Invited marketers, designers, business owners, and CEOs tell about successful strategies and epic failures, and you can learn much from their experience.

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12. HBR IdeaCast

The podcast about marketing by Harvard Business Review is hosted by Alison Beard and Curt Nickisch, both senior editors at HBR. Apart from purely marketing topics like lead generation and sales, Alison and Curt talk about work ethics, a perfect workplace, effective hiring, etc. I believe any business owner should take a look at these series as they teach to address issues beyond marketing.

As any other HBR content, some episodes are gated: you might be required to create a free HBR.org account to get full access.

By the way, each episode is provided with a full transcript, making it accessible for everyone.

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13. The Joe Rogan Experience

The Joe Rogan Experience

Kanye West, Matthew McConaughey and Mike Tyson might not be world-famous marketers. But listening to them, as well as to all other Rogan’s guests, is pure pleasure. You enjoy clever language, sharp questions, explosive ideas, and information of all possible kinds. In the USA, this show has long become symbolic of the modern media culture, but I believe entrepreneurs from elsewhere can’t miss it either.

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14. Exposure Ninja

The name may sound unusual, but this is what Tim Cameron-Kitchen does in his sales and marketing podcast – exposes tips and secrets of professionals. SEO, click rate, Facebook ads, digital marketing, GA, lead generation, and web design: if you live marketing every day, you’ll find value in these episodes.

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15. Spectacular Failures

Another podcast with an accurate name. Since 2019, Lauren Ober has been telling about remarkable failures following the motto “Big business gone bad.”

By far, Ober has released only two seasons with 20+ episodes. Compared to other podcasts, it doesn’t sound big, yet she already managed to tell about such giants as Dean Foods and Forever 21. And since we all like stories about someone else's flops, new episodes are expected to be a done deal.

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And there comes the podcasts I’d also recommend paying attention to. I’m subscribed to almost all of them but browse through new releases only once in a while. However, each time I do, I find rather worthy things. So may you.

16. 99% Invisible. Great podcast run since 2010 that discloses the connection between business, marketing and creativity. Features tons of useful content with convenient filtering by categories and producers.

17. The GaryVee Audio Experience. How to be successful nowadays.

18. The Tropical MBA. Inside stories from people who are running businesses while traveling the world.

19. Duct Tape Marketing. Best advice for small businesses.

20. Actionable Marketing Podcast. Eric Piela hosts it “for the marketing professional ready to make sh*t happen.”

21. The Influencer Podcast. Influencer marketing and how to succeed on Instagram.

22. Indie Hackers. How to escape the 9-to-5 grind if you are a business owner.

23. Hack the Entrepreneur. On-site only marketing episodes run by Jon Nastor.

24. Startups For the Rest of Us. Development strategies for startup owners.

25. Entrepreneurs on Fire. Interviews that are promised to guide you to financial, location and lifestyle freedom!

26. The Courtney Sanders Show. Popular marketing terms and strategies easily explained.

27. Ecommerce Influence. Tips that aim to help ecommerces turn prospects into customers.

28. Social Media Marketing Podcast. Expert interviews from leading social media marketing pros brought by Social Media Examiner.

29. The Hustle And Flowchart Podcast. Online traffic is the main focus but other topics like brand awareness, marketing automation, and Facebook ads are also covered.

30. Soft Skills Engineering. Communication and team relationships for software developers.

31. The Goal Digger Podcast. Productivity tips, social media strategies, and business hacks by Jenna Kutcher.

32. Developer Tea. How a developer can become a great developer.

33. Content Lab. As suggested by the name, strategies and hacks for content management.

34. A Bit of Optimism hosted by Simon Sinek. Relatively new podcast with 16 episodes by far. How to move forward with gratitude and optimism.

35. Marketing Scoop Podcast. This season’s last episode was recorded on August 5, 2020, but the host Laura Morelli promises to return after a short break.

Definitely, this isn’t a full list of valuable digital marketing podcasts out there. You probably have your own list of favorite episodes and hosts, and that’s awesome. Keep on listening to them but don’t forget there is always more. Among the below 35 podcasts, there may be one you’ve missed out on and that’s exactly what you’re looking for.

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