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15 Best Blogs for Email Marketers

15+ Best Email Marketing Blogs You Need to Be Following

Despite new appearing forms, a good old blog remains the main source of information on industry-specific topics, including email marketing. The first place to look for good digital marketing blogs of this type is on websites of email automation tools and software. Since they sell and promote the related products, their authors, who are often professional marketers and designers, know the inside of the industry and deliver quality articles.

But even the reputable name of the hosting website doesn’t guarantee you’ll find on its blog trustworthy information. The challenge doubles when you’re new to marketing and don’t know yet how to filter out irrelevant facts.

Characteristics of a Good Email Marketing Blog

So what indicators may tell you you’re seeing a good blog for email marketers?

  • Explicit topical content. The blog should cover topics relevant to email marketing: contact list building, segmentation, automation, deliverability, sender reputation, email design, campaign types, etc. However, if the blog range is too wide and covers topics from contactless payment to drone delivery, you might be dealing with a news site or marketplace. They may post good material but the level of the expertise in them will be lower.
  • Diverse formats. Featured article, interview, expert opinion, white paper, infographics, ebook, templates, Q&A – the more diverse the content, the more people are involved in its creation, and the more versatile insights you’ll have.
  • Expert opinion. The articles on the blog shouldn’t be just copywriting of the general information. They should have precise data, applicable examples, current statistics, links to recent studies, etc. and not just rewrite years old material.
  • Benchmarks. It’s a good sign when the company does its own research and shares it publicly. It’s even better when such benchmarks include research methodology: what data is collected, who it’s collected from and how, how it's analyzed, and how the rates are calculated.
  • Marketing news. Aside from featured material, the online marketing blog should tell about the recent news of the digital marketing world. New customer policies (CCPA, LGPD), innovations by email clients (Quieter Permission by Gmail), technological updates (AMP support for mobiles) – blog articles should help a marketer keep up to date with modern changes.
  • Case studies. Case studies not only work as a testimonial of the platform’s credibility, but they also provide valuable data on the practical implementation of this or that marketing practices.
  • Quality guest authors. Since you can’t be an expert in everything, an article by a guest author is a good way to get professional expertise on more topics.
  • Credits. Although this characteristic goes the last but one, I believe it’s one of the most important blog article features. Links to the mentioned reports or articles, images with sources and redirection to profiles of the quoted authors make a blog article a professional piece of writing and help the reader navigate the info more easily.
  • Regular posts. A consistent post schedule tells you that this blog is alive and is updated in real time. If you see that articles are published irregularly and without a distinct schedule, such a blog won't be of much use for your marketing exploration.

15 Best Email Marketing Blogs that Deserve Your Attention

And now let's see what exact blogs meet the above criteria and deserve to be followed and subscribed to.

1. Our Blog

Our Blog

Yes, it may be a bit immodest on my part to put our blog first in my very own list, but this is the article on the best marketing resources, right, and we’re one of them. As an omnichannel automation platform, our service has first-hand access to all innovations and trends of the marketing world and this exclusivity is reflected on its blog.

We publish posts twice a week, and they include featured articles, case studies, interview and expert opinion on various marketing topics: email design, contact base segmentation,AI in email, personalized recommendations, deliverability, sender reputation, campaign frequency, etc. Apart from topics on email, our Blog also covers other communication channels like SMS, Web Push and Mob Push, as well as other topics that can contribute to your marketing success: website recommendations, user-friendly pop-ups, best CRM systems, effective landing pages, etc.

Interesting to read:

2. Litmus

Best internet marketing blogs

Aside from general articles on marketing, from deliverability to customer retention, Litmus Blog features numerous recordings of their original events, like webinars, conferences, Q&A. Each recording is usually supported by a video (for those who have time to spend on a long watch) and the event takeaways (for those who need to quickly scan through main covered issues).

What I like about Litmus Blog is that you can filter articles by contributor, which is essential for the platform with as many in-house and guest writers. I have my personal favorites whose expertise I trust and prefer to watch over their posts rather than to follow the whole blog.

Interesting to read:

3. Campaign Monitor

E marketing blog

Over the last years, Campaign Monitor Blog has turned from a pure email marketing blog into a resource on the marketing culture in general. They cover not only topics on campaigns and design but also speculate on mindfulness, culture appropriation and inclusivity in marketing.

Campaign Monitor also often run their own surveys and share the findings in their blog. The results are typically applicable to the USA and European markets but nonetheless they can give you an idea of what’s going on in the marketing world.

Interesting to read:

4. MailerLite

Email marketing blog post

There are many reasons I believe MailerLite Blog belongs to the best marketing blogs. It regularly posts articles on various topics and has different contributors writing on their own topics. Their articles are well-structured and reader-friendly: text, headlines, highlighted words, tips, images – all work together to create a solid piece of writing that is easy to scan.

What’s also important, the authors at MailerLite always give links and credits to external sources and quoted reports which is really useful when you want to explore for more.

Interesting to read:

5. SendX

SendX is an intuitive, affordable, and feature-rich email marketing tool for marketers and business owners. If you want to deep dive into email marketing and growth, head to SendX blogs. 

From the biggest resource on email templates (featuring nearly 1500+templates) to email subject lines, automation, email deliverability, email metrics, SendX blogs has everything that you may want to know. Their content is something you would adore - depth wherever required, quirky as the flow demands, and neat.

Interesting to read:

6. Email on Acid

Best digital marketing blogs to follow

If you need to focus on email marketing content only, go to Email on Acid Blog. It’s regularly updated and features articles on email design, email list growing, deliverability, authentication protocols and much more. The blog is divided into 5 main categories – All, Email Development, Email Marketing, Email on Acid News, and Industry News – but you can also use search by keywords.

Interesting to read:

Email marketing automation for any business

7. Omnisend

Best email marketing blogs

Omnisend is a marketing automation tool with the focus on such channels as email and SMS, and on capture forms. Therefore, most articles on the blog will cover such topics as automated workflows, behavioral targeting, segmentation, contact list building, triggered messages, and SMS marketing. They also often release ebooks and PDF guidelines of related topics which you can download free upon registration or completing your user profile.

Interesting to read:

8. Sendinblue

Email marketing blog topics

Like the six previous blogs about email marketing, Sendinblue Blog also posts articles on various email marketing topics. Their specialty, however, is lists of marketing tools and platforms. If you’re looking for marketing solutions or want to switch to another platform, consider browsing through their blog and checking the articles like 18 of the Best Cheap Email Marketing Services, 31 of the Best Free Marketing Tools for Small Businesses, etc.

Interesting to read:

9. AWeber

Good marketing blogs

AWeber is an email marketing automation blog with many articles for small businesses. However, the topics they cover can be applicable to middle-size companies, enterprises as well, as practices of email list building, A/B testing and email authentication are common for all businesses.

And although the overall blog design and layout need a bit of refreshing, the content inside is rather good and informative.

Interesting to read:

10. Moosend

Best blogs for email marketing

I like Moosend Blog for their language and article structure. It’s always reader-friendly, without sophisticated terms (that need extra articles to be digested) and long sentences.

However, there is one thing that really annoys me when reading – numerous pop-ups or a registration form that jump right in front of you when you’re in the middle of something interesting. But the content is nice, and so I bother to make several extra close clicks to get to the necessary material.

Interesting to read:

11. Stripo

Best blogs to follow for email marketing

Stripo is an online email editor, so their blog’s main focus is more on how to create an email and how to test them. It’s a very valuable resource in terms of technical tips and details as they always test their emails on multiple devices and email clients and provide the result.

Moreover, Stripo is among the first to implement new design trends, so on their blog you can find articles on AMP for email, dynamic emails, unsubscribe form, email signature design, countdown timers, etc. Plus, they always give explicit answers to comments, so if you’re new to email design or need some particular technical info, feel free to ask.

Interesting to read:

Last post

12. EmailDesign

Best email marketing blogs to follow

EmailDesign is an email marketing blog by BeeFree email editor,and so it covers topics on template design and layout, email best practices and copywriting advice. Among others, on EmailDesign Blog you can find how to craft a topical email (July 4th, Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc.), how to optimize emails for Dark Mode, how to use emoji, how to create an engaging header, etc.

All articles are supported with email campaign examples by various brands, from Columbia to National Geographic, to make it easier to perceive information and also get extra expiration.

Interesting to read:

13. ActiveCampaign

Email marketing best practices blog

ActiveCampaign Blog posts about 10-15 articles per month, meaning it has plenty of information on numerous topics. Apart from featured materials on marketing and sales, the blog has the Support section where you can find instructions on how to use the platform. All articles are well supplied with images which makes it easier to digest sometimes complicated info.

Interesting to read:

14. HubSpot

Blogs for email marketing

HubSpot Blog is a multi-tasking resource with four main categories: marketing, sales, service, website. You can both filter articles by these topics and subscribe to one of them (or to all four).

A guide is one of the most popular formats on the blog: How to write a blog post: a step-by-step guide, How to use Instagram: a beginner’s guide, The marketer’s guide to using Pinterest to grow a business are among the recent. The instructions are often given using Hubspot tools, but you can use much info working with other platforms as well.

Interesting to read:

15. OptinMonster

Best blogs for digital marketing

OptinMonster is a conversion optimization tool, and the content of their blog lives to this definition. There, you can see many articles dedicated to pop-ups, lead magnets and website optimization. However, email marketers will find materials to their taste as well: how to create a transactional email, newsletters ideas to keep subscribers engaged, A/B testing practices, etc.

Interesting to read:

16. TemplateMonster

Top digital marketing blogs

Aside from email templates, Template Monster offers website templates, Drupal templates, Magento themes and other digital products, meaning their blog coverage goes way beyond email marketing. However, they often feature guest authors with the relevant expertise, so you can be sure the info there is trustworthy. For example, our authors often contribute their blog with email design and copywriting tips.

Interesting to read:

Of course, this list isn’t ultimate: you can find on the web lists with 40 and 50+ best digital marketing blogs to follow. However, I’ve included only the resources that meet at least 95% of the criteria defined atthe beginning of the article, and this is what we end up with. The above blogs have been around for a while, their authors deserve trust, and articles are published regularly. You may not like all of them, but I’m sure you’ll find materials up to your taste.

And in case you think I’ve missed on some good blogs or gave some undeserved credits, the comment section below is at your service.

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