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30 Twitter Accounts to Learn about Marketing

30 Twitter Accounts to Learn about Marketing

To be a marketer means to be a strategist, copywriter, SEO optimizer, social media specialist, analyst, designer, and researcher all in one. Of course, you can’t be a guru of everything, but keeping an eye on the recent trends in each field is crucial to build the right marketing strategy.

Twitter can help you with it. With direct access to insights and advice from leading experts, it allows to learn from the best on the market, provided you’re following the right pages.

Although everyone has their own definition of “the right,” below I’ve picked up the top 30 Twitter accounts about marketing you may add to your following to get the latest updates on the subject that matters the most particularly to you.

1. Our service

Hope you understand that I couldn’t but put our Twitter first. We have a relatively new account, but it’s worth following for several reasons. First, we don’t tweet for the sake of tweeting, cluttering your already busy timeline. Second, we share only digital marketing-related content and avoid redundant news. Third, following our Twitter you’ll be the first to learn about all our fresh sales and new events.

We also post updates on support articles which will be especially useful if you’re using our system.

Tweet by our service

2. Rand Fishkin

Founder of Moz and co-founder of SparkToro, Rand has some marketing experience to share. What I like about his page is that he often provides a short comment on the content he links to. So you feel like you’re interacting with a live human who does talk to the audience instead of automated retweeting.

Rand Fishkin's tweet

3. HubSpot

HubSpot is one of the most known CRM systems whose service is to help you sell on different platforms. Apart from resources typical of digital marketing learning, HubSpot often runs short one-question surveys like where would you like to invest or what you consider as premium B2B content. Next, they summarize and rank answers in a separate tweet. And since they have a community of 812+ K followers, these answers deserve to at least be considered.

HubSpot's tweet

4. Think with Google

Google is the most popular search engine, with over 90% of the market share. Marketers may have different opinions on its search algorithms and ranking system, but you can’t deny that Google is key to your business success, especially when you run a company in the USA or Europe.

Think with Google is run by the Google team and features latest news about marketing, SEO and analytics, statistics on customer behavior and YouTube trends. They also often invite guest experts to share insights, mainly on Google marketing strategies.

Think with Google's tweet

5. Content Marketing Institute

As you may guess from the name, this Twitter page focuses on content. If you’re engaged with storytelling, email copies, landing pages, value propositions, website content, customer surveys, etc., be sure to follow CMI.

Content Marketing Institute's tweet

All tools for marketing automation within one platform

6. Search Engine Land

Search optimization and PPC are what Search Engine Land mostly covers. 99% of their tweets are related to Google’s algorithms, but occasionally you can come across news on Yahoo ads, Facebook testing, and Webmaster tools.

Search Engine Land's tweet

7. Joanna Wiebe

Joanna is a copywriter and founder of the copywriting platform Copyhackers. From this you can guess that her Twitter is mostly dedicated to writing strategies: customer research, landing pages, blog articles, user audits, etc. Of course, just reading her alone won’t make you a terrific writer, but the content she shares can give you ideas on where to start.

Joanna's tweet

8. Harry's Marketing Examples

Run by Harry Dry, this marketing Twitter account is a great source of case studies, practical examples and effective copywriting. Almost every piece of advice is visualized with a chart or scheme that makes it easier to digest. New writers and marketing beginners should really check this account as it will save you much time and help avoid common mistakes everyone is making as a freshman.

Harry's tweet

9. Ann Handley

Ann Handley is in the list of marketers to be following recommended by many sources. Personally I don’t see anything special about her account. Yes, she is a great expert with huge experience, but she doesn’t share it that much on Twitter. However, Ann’s account is a big source of links to various marketing-related content, like research, infographics and stats, some of which are rather useful.

Ann Handley's tweet

10. Neil Patel

Neil is a marketer known for his extensive experience in conversion strategies and analytics skills. Keep an eye on his posts if you need resources on SEO, research rankings and organic reach. Although putting content on a consistent basis, Neil doesn't clutter your timeline with lots of irrelevant links posted every two hours.

Neil Patel's tweet

11. Unbounce

Unbounce are experts in landing pages, conversions and leads. Many think landing pages aren't complicated and have a simple formula: explain your value, visualize it, provide social proof, and add a good CTA. But the reality is a bit complicated and there is still much confusion around a good page copy. Checking Unbounce’s tweets can help solve some.

Unbounce's tweet

12. Jay Baer

A Twitter page of Jay Baer is where he announces and reports about his podcasts, audio recordings, webinars, and live and virtual events. He covers numerous topics but his main focus is on social media advertising and marketing tools.

His page is kind of an advertising board of marketing-related activities so use it to be aware of upcoming conferences and webinars.

Jay Baer's tweet

13. AJ Ghergich

AJ shares many marketing insights on Twitter, from video trends to user engagement reports, but you have to learn to filter the incoming info. If you look for field-specific resources, it’ll be hard to navigate through all this info. My advice is to use hashtags. For example, as a copywriter who has a minor interest in the psychology of color or subdomains, I opt to check only content-related tags.

AJ's tweet

14. Everyone Hates Marketers

This page is run by Louis Grenier who is my fave marketer so far. He has an awesome marketing podcast where he interviews different experts on topics from value propositions to a new product launch. His Twitter is where he announces all new episodes alongside other events and activities.

Louis often says, “Everyone explains that standing out is business-critical. But no one wants to share the secret sauce.” So he does share smart insights and resources, and I like his openness and critical thinking.

Everyone Hates Marketers' tweet

15. Fast Company

One of the top marketing Twitter accounts, Fast Company shares content on business in general rather than giving some small actionable marketing tips. But you can’t plan strategies without knowing your market situation and overall picture of what’s going on in the world. This is what FC can help you with.

Think of their Twitter as a big news portal covering topics from job interviews to COVID vaccine testing. Plus, they often give reviews of different products which can help you reconsider approaches to your own launches.

Fast Company's tweet

Last post

15 More Popular Marketing Twitter Accounts to Pay Attention To

It’s hard to know who to follow before you actually start following the page and see whether they provide the content you need. So I’m not telling you to subscribe to the below folks right away but give them a try. These accounts might be really useful for solving some of your marketing tasks.

16. Lee Odden. CEO TopRank shares B2B marketing content, interviews he hosts and some occasional infographics and fun pics.

17. Chris Brogan. Host of the Backpacker Show posts business and success insights as shared by business owners and entrepreneurs.

18. Eric Siu. Founder ClickFlow, Single Grain talks about how to sell anything. His page is a great source of new names in business and marketing.

19. Hootsuite. Social media platform with 7.6M followers focuses on (unsurprisingly) social media strategies and growth.

20. Pam Moore. CEO Marketing Nutz teaches how to create successful brands.

21. Buffer. Social media tools service posts about why having a social media presence is important and how to make it authentic and consistent.

22. Seth Godin. Seth shares only links to his blog articles so following his Twitter is like being subscribed to his blog.

23. Andy Crestodina. Co-founder Orbit Media posts about blogging and content management.

24. Social Media Examiner. Another social media platform offering proven media management techniques for marketers.

25. Econsultancy. Content for eCommerces.

26. Oglivy. Advertising, marketing and creativity agency that helps brands stand out.

27. Sarah Evans. Founder & CEO Sevans Strategy mostly talks about how to speak to your customer the right way.

28. Jason Fried. Founder & CEO at Basecamp can give food for thought if you’re interested in design and business management.

29. Social Media Today. Social media insights, best practices, and tips from best thinkers in social media marketing.

30. Grammarly. Tips on how to write better emails, blogs and social media posts.

Hope you understand that this list doesn’t even get close to how much great marketing information is actually out there but only gives an idea of where to start digging.

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