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15 Awesome Autumn GIF Ideas and How to Use Them for Better Marketing Results

Animated images are one of the most popular tools direct marketers use to draw subscribers' attention to campaigns. According to the survey, 58% of marketers add GIFs in emails, and 43% of respondents note the positive impact of animation on their campaign effectiveness.

A well-chosen animated image in the right communication channel can be very beneficial. For example, Dell used a GIF to demonstrate how its tablet easily transforms into a laptop. The email that featured the animated image as the main point of content achieved a 103% increase in conversion and a 109% increase in revenue compared to the company's regular emails. So, this technology is worthy of marketers' attention. 

In this article, we share the examples of interesting animations that caught our attention. And of course we made a selection of fall GIFs that might give you ideas for creative emails or widgets.

Benefits of Using GIFs in Marketing Campaigns

Here are the key benefits of using animated images in e-commerce email marketing campaigns:

  • improves customer engagement;
  • encourages subscribers to interact with a message; 
  • adds entertainment to campaigns; 
  • makes plain text look more appealing to read; 
  • conveys emotion and mood; 
  • highlights important campaign elements; 
  • compatible with transparent backgrounds 
  • easily embeds into emails and widgets; 
  • no external plugins are required to view; 
  • supported by most email clients.

What truly sets animated GIFs apart is their ability to tell compelling stories. A well-crafted GIF can convey ideas far more effectively than words. It's also exceptionally space-efficient: a single image can dwarf a thousand words. This visual support is invaluable when you want to express emotion and set the tone for your message. For example, Nike has done a great job adding holiday vibes to their campaign with a well-designed animated image.

Animated GIF in the email by Nike

Disadvantages of GIF Use

Tailoring animated formats to your specific audience is essential. What works for one business may not work for another. For example, a toy company or a florist can use adorable and nature-inspired amazing GIFs, but a cancer drug company wouldn't typically choose happy GIFs for its newsletters. Like any other tool, animated pictures in direct marketing should be relevant and meaningful.

If animated GIFs are in line with your campaign goals, there are a few considerations to keep in mind:

  • Size matters: Make sure your GIF doesn't exceed 2MB, as most email editors support this limit. Also, Gmail may cut off emails larger than 102KB, affecting the appearance of the content.
  • Color palette: Keep in mind that GIFs are limited to 256 colors. This is usually enough to create high-quality images.
  • No audio: GIF for email doesn’t support sound.
  • Simplicity is key: Complex or multi-shot animations are not supported.
  • No post-processing: Once an animation is encoded in a GIF file, it cannot be edited.

Most of these considerations are technical. As long as you design your GIF with these requirements in mind, there's no reason you can't use it effectively.

15 Creative GIF Ideas for Ecommerce Marketing Campaigns

Applying GIFs in email campaigns for e-commerce businesses is not limited to a simply decorative approach. Animated images can also serve practical functions. Let's take a look at some of the ways different companies add them to their emails to achieve specific goals.

1. Draw attention to a promotion. Most often, marketers add animation to promotional banners to ensure subscribers don't miss important information.

Animated image draws attention to the discount

2. Add a sense of urgency. You can add a clock to your email to make your subscribers feel like they're missing out. As a common practice, you can use the Countdown element. Or visualize the clock ticking with a GIF.

The image of a clock is a visualization of the fact that the offer is expiring

3. Create a festive atmosphere. E-commerce companies typically add themed products to emails related to a holiday or significant event. You can create a main banner with these items and "bring them to life" by animating their certain elements, for example.

Moving elements catch the eye

4. Show the product in use. Some products take on new meaning when you demonstrate how to use them. For example, the children's game Ribbon Ninja isn't quite as clear if you just add a photo of the set. A GIF immediately demonstrates how to use the items and adds the most important thing — emotion.

Convey emotions with Gif

5. Give ideas for using the product. Instead of long explanations of how to use the new product, the company visualized the options by adding simple icons. This shows that Cheddar Puff can be a movie night snack, a salad ingredient, a side dish, or a snack on the go.

Visualization is the best explanation

6. Show the product in detail. Some things are best shown from multiple angles to catch the eye of a potential buyer. For example, suitcases can look the same on the outside but be different on the inside. A marketing GIF will help show this difference.

Showcase your products from different angles

7. Visualize the terms of the promotion. Your offer can be more attractive if you clearly show the consumer what they will get. For example, if they buy 3 bracelets, the third one is half price. And if they choose 4 bracelets, the fourth one will be a gift. Visualizing such a deal will help the customer make a quicker purchase decision.

Clarify the finer points of the promotion

8. Draw attention to new products. If your goal is to inform customers about the arrival of a new product, use an animated file that shows it in all its glory.

Show new products in the range

9. Focus on exclusivity. The subscriber may ignore a special item among the assortment of goods added to the email. To avoid placing it in a separate banner, add a GIF. That way, the subscriber won't miss the customizable socks, for example.

Focus on a specific product

10. Help put together a set. Sellers of decor or apparel can help subscribers assemble a complete look. For example, the Decor Steals brand has an awesome animated GIF that shows how to decorate a porch for Halloween. It also shows what it will look like at night.

Add ideas for multiple product combinations

11. Show assortment variety. Marketing GIFs help save space in emails. Instead of including three product cards, make one animated image.

Show multiple items in one animation

12. Draw attention to a video. Include a GIF with a link to your video on a blog, YouTube or other platform. This will encourage subscribers to click through to watch the video. 

Make your video invites more lively

13. Share some work moments. Makers can show the process of creating products, especially if it's as magical as making glass pumpkins.

Share some interesting creative moments

14. Leverage User-Generated content. If your customers share photos or videos of themselves using your products, include them in GIF format.

Add customer content to your emails

15. Make the footer unique. You can draw attention to important messages and your company's values by placing creative GIFs at the bottom of the email. It will not distract from the main content and will be noticed.

An example of a creative footer

Create dynamic emails in our drag-n-drop editor

How to Add a GIF to Emails and Widgets in Yespo CDP

You can use existing GIFs or create your own animated content. You don't need a designer or extra funds; numerous free online makers like Giphy's GIF Maker, Instagiffer, and Filmora Meme Maker allow you to create unique GIF without any technical expertise.

Once you've chosen an animated picture, the next step is to embed it in your email. Procedures vary from platform to platform, but it's a simple process in the Yespo omnichannel CDP. You can either upload a GIF from your computer, add a previously saved unit (as shown below), or paste the HTML code into the appropriate section.


How to add a GIF to an email in Yespo`s CDP editor

Consider adding a cool GIF to your call to action (CTA). An animated button can give even a simple email a lively and festive feel. Just remember to choose a file with a transparent background to maintain a professional and distortion-free look.

GIF in eSputnik

Adding an animated image to widgets is just as easy. In our editor, you can create different types of widgets, such as subscription forms, informers, and age gate.

Adding animation to a widget in Yespos' CDP editor

Please note that the uploaded file size should not exceed 3 MB.

Last post

15 Autumn GIF Examples for Inspiration

Now, we present our selected collection. For inspiration, we have searched Giphy for the best autumn GIFs. We're excited to share them with you. Feel free to incorporate any of these animated images into your fall campaigns (assuming they're not copyrighted), or let them spark your creativity to create your own unique designs.


Autumn walk


Heart of leaves


Hooray for fall!


Windy day


Hello Autumn


Fall-ing for you


Welcome Fall


Dog stealing


Chestnut on a swing


Cozy Fall


Falling pug


Pumpkin time




Windy weather


Fall is here

The use of animated images has become an essential tool for engaging consumers. Many marketers are already using GIFs in their work and seeing the positive impact on their campaigns. These live images increase subscriber engagement, add entertainment to your campaigns, and more.

In this article, we've highlighted some interesting GIF ideas that caught our eye, and we've also selected a few fall-themed animated GIF examples to inspire your creativity. So don't hesitate and start creating unforgettable email designs, widgets, and messages. Moreover, with the Yespo omnichannel CDP, you can do it by yourself without needing developers' help.

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