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160+ Creative Ideas to Fill Your October Content Calendar

160+ Creative Ideas to Fill Your October Content Calendar

Although it feels like September has just begun, and it’s been not too long since all those back-to-school campaigns, a smart email marketer knows it’s time to think ahead to October content ideas. Successful email marketing relies on quality content that engages, entices and inspires subscribers to go to the website and make a purchase. And it can be difficult to create content for people who are saturated with information. According to the survey, 34% of email marketers consider content creation to be one of the most difficult phases of email production. First, you need to choose an interesting topic that your audience will be curious about. Then you can fill your emails with content based on the chosen topic and your business goals.

We’ve collected more than a hundred interesting ideas for the October marketing campaigns. These include both popular and unusual holidays and events. We have also included email examples highlighting how you can use these occasions in your newsletters. For more inspiration, check out our email collection.

Month Holidays to Look for in October 2023

  • National Work and Family Month;
  • Global Diversity Awareness Month
  • Adopt a Shelter Dog Month;
  • National Bullying Prevention Month;
  • International School Library Month;
  • National Cookie Month;
  • National Book Month;
  • Apple Month.

Week Holidays to Look for in October 2023

  • Walk Your Dog Week — Oct 1-7;
  • Active Aging Week — Oct 2-8;
  • World Space Week — Oct 4-10;
  • Earth Science Week — Oct 8-14;
  • International Magic Week — Oct 25-31.

While you have time, think about how you can take advantage of these newsworthy events. For example, during the Walk Your Dog Week, remind your audience to take their four-legged pals outside and give them a good run. Not all of your subscribers may have a pup, so a list of local shelters offering fostering and adoption might be worth sharing as well. Or you may send an October email featuring recent studies and articles on the benefits the dog ownership brings, or prepare a special infographic sheet based on them.

If the above October marketing ideas hardly resonate with your business and audience, here are day-by-day October ideas to help you design a month-long marketing strategy, with the best marketing content examples attached.

Day Holidays to Look for in October 2023

Oct 1

  • International Music Day;
  • International Raccoon Day;
  • International Coffee Day;
  • International Day of Older Persons;
  • World Vegetarian Day;
  • Teacher's Day (Uzbekistan);
  • Sake Day (Japan);
  • National Black Dog Day (US);
  • National Homemade Cookies Day (US);

Oct 2

  • World Farm Animals Day;
  • World Architecture Day;
  • International Doctor's Day;
  • World Habitat Day (first Monday of October);
  • International Day of Non-Violence;
  • National Grandparents Day (Italy);
  • National Batik Day (Indonesia);
  • Mahatma Gandhi's Birthday (India);

Oct 3

  • World Temperance Day;
  • Day of German Unity;
  • World Alcohol-Free Day;
  • National Foundation Day (South Korea)
  • National Boyfriend Day (US);

Oct 4

Invite customers to pamper their pets

  • World Animal Day;
  • Cinnamon Roll Day (Sweden);
  • National Taco Day (US);
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Oct 5

  • World Teacher's Day;
  • Engineer's Day (Bolivia);
  • National Poetry Day (UK);
  • National Be Nice Day (US);

Oct 6

  • German-American Day;
  • National Noodle Day (US);
  • World Smile Day (first Friday of October);
  • World Cerebral Palsy Day;
  • National Plus Size Appreciation Day (US);

Valuing every person, regardless of weight, and helping them express themselves

  • Children's Day (Singapore);
  • National Badger Day (UK);
  • National Mad Hatter Day (US);

Accessories stores have a good reason to offer hats

Oct 7

  • National Frappe Day (US);
  • National Child Health Day (US);
  • Wine Day (Moldova, first weekend of October);
  • Card Making Day (US);

Oct 8

  • National Octopus Day (US);
  • Grandmothers' Day (Germany);
  • Navy Day (Peru);
  • National Fluffernutter Day (US);
  • Harvest Festival (Armenia, second Sunday of October);
  • National Pierogi Day (US & Canada);
  • Vijayadashami (India);
  • National Salmon Day (US);
  • Artist's Day (Ukraine, second Sunday of October);
  • International Newspaper Carrier Day;

Oct 9

  • World Post Day;
  • National Moldy Cheese Day (US);
  • Health and Sports day (Japan, second Monday of October);
  • National Nanotechnology Day (US);
  • International Beer and Pizza Day;
  • Thanksgiving (Canada, second Monday in October);
  • Columbus Day (USA);

Customers expect discounts on Columbus Day

Oct 10

  • World Porridge Day;
  • World Mental Health Day;
  • World Inclusion Day;
  • National Handbag Day (US);

Oct 11

  • World Biryani Day;
  • International Day of the Girl Child;

Oct 12

  • National Day (Spain);
  • World Sight Day (second Thursday of October);
  • National Savings Day (US);
  • Día de la Raza (in Latin American countries);

Oct 13

  • International Day for Natural Disaster Reduction;
  • World Egg Day (second Friday of October);
  • International Day for Failure;
  • No Bra Day;
  • Paramedics' Day (Poland);
  • National Yourkshire Pudding Day (US);

Oct 14

  • World Standards Day;
  • Universal Music Day;
  • National Chess Day (US);
  • National Education Day (Poland);
  • National Dessert Day (US);

Oct 15

  • International Day of Rural Women;
  • Global Handwashing Day;
  • World Students’ Day;
  • Teachers' Day (Brazil);
  • National Cheese Curd Day (US);

Oct 16

  • World Food Day;
  • World Anaesthesia Day;
  • Teachers' Day (Chile);
  • Dictionary Day (US);
  • Boss's Day (US & Canada);

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Oct 17

  • National Pasta Day (US);
  • Digital Society Day (India);
  • Wear Something Gaudy Day (US);

Oct 18

  • Alaska Day;
  • International Necktie Day;
  • Post Day (Poland);
  • Chocolate Cupcake Day (US);

Oct 19

  • International Gin and Tonic Day;
  • Seafood Bisque Day (US);
  • Oxfordshire Day (UK);
  • International ShakeOut Day;
  • Spirit Day (US);

Oct 20

  • World Statistics Day;
  • International Sloth Day;
  • International Chef's Day;
  • World Osteoporosis Day;
  • Arbor Day (Czech Republic);
  • Women's Day (Vietnam);

Oct 21

  • Apple Day (UK);
  • Sweetest Day (US);
  • Aliyah Day (Israel);
  • Nacho Day (US, Mexico);

Offer customers discounts on delicious nachos

Oct 22

  • National Nut Day (US);
  • Caps Lock Day (US);
  • Wombat Day (Australia);
  • International Mother-in-Law Day;

Oct 23

  • International Mole Day;
  • Aviator's Day (Brazil);
  • International Snow Leopard Day;
  • Labor Day (New Zealand);

Oct 24

  • United Nations Day;
  • Bologna Day (US);
  • National Kangaroo Awareness Day (Australia);

Oct 25

  • World Pasta Day;
  • Day of Basque Country (Spain);
  • International Artist Day;
  • World Opera Day;

Oct 26

  • National Day (Austria);
  • National Pumpkin Day (US);

On Pumpkin Day, you can sell pumpkin products or any themed item

Oct 27

  • World Day for Audiovisual Heritage;
  • American Beer Day;
  • National Black Cat Day (UK);
  • Global Champagne Day;
  • Teacher's Day (Australia, last Friday of October);

Oct 28

  • International Animation Day;
  • National Chocolate Day (US);
  • Czech Republic Independence Day;
  • National Immigrants Day (US);

Oct 29

  • National Cat Day (US);
  • National Oatmeal Day (US);
  • Republic Day of Turkey;

Oct 30

  • International Orthopaedic Nurses Day;
  • Checklist Day (US);
  • Mischief Night (US, UK, Canada)

Oct 31

Greet subscribers and offer them creepy and spooky purchases

  • Halloween;
  • World Cities Day;
  • World Savings Day;
  • International Black Sea Day;
  • National Unity Day (India);
  • Caramel Apple Day (US).

Choose events associated with what you’re doing, and come up with an unusual way to present it to your subscribers. Analyze what campaign format worked or didn’t work previously, and bring in some changes. Consider sprucing your newsletter with a GIF, or add a bit of interactive vibes into your event-inspired promo with a rollover effect.

Remember that holidays are all about fun and laughter. So, whatever the marketing campaign, make it positive and festive, and don’t forget to reinforce your verbal congratulations with a little gift: a free shipping code or monthly subscription would definitely set the mood.

If you're just planning to launch email campaigns from scratch and don't know where to start, don't hesitate to contact our agency's marketers for help. Book a meeting, and experienced specialists will be happy to answer all your questions and offer a strategy that fits your business.


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